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Hell's Kitchen - Season 1 Episodes

Hell's Kitchen - Season 1

Hell's Kitchen - Season 1

This article contains contestant information and episode summaries from Season 1 of the American competitive reality television series Hell's Kitchen. Season 1 aired starting on May 30, 2005 and concluded on August 1, 2005.

The show was taped in Los Angeles at KCOP, in a converted former television broadcast facility that previously hosted shows such as The Joker's Wild and Tic-Tac-Dough in the late '70s to the mid '80s.

Hell's Kitchen S1E1
Episode 1

Day 1

The 12 contestants gather in the Hell's Kitchen restaurant for the first time. Jean Philippe, Gordon's maitre d', gathers them around and introduces Mary Ann and Scott, the two sous chefs that will oversee each team. They tell the contestants they have 45 minutes to make their signature dish for Chef Ramsay. The contestants rush to the kitchen and begin cooking.

Hell's Kitchen S1E2
Episode 2

Day 2

After barely surviving the opening night of the Hell's Kitchen restaurant, the heat is on as the contestants prepare for their second dinner service. To prepare for the service both teams have a squid cleaning competition as Ramsay overlooks with his watchful eye.

Hell's Kitchen S1E3
Episode 3

Day 3

After another brutal dinner service, the teams retreat to the dorms. The Red team tries to make sense of consecutive losses and Dewberry's abandoning them. In the bathroom, Jeff finally passes the kidney stone he's been struggling with. The next morning, the teams are summoned back to the kitchen. Chef Ramsay announces that Michael will be joining the Red team to balance out the sides.

Hell's Kitchen S1E4
Episode 4

Day 4

After a rough night, the teams make their way back to the dorms. Jessica is still tearful over Wendy's departure. Whereas the Red team actually seems pretty pleased that Jeff quit on them. Elsewhere, Ralph helpfully advises Andrew to start keeping his mouth shut and just focus on work.

Hell's Kitchen S1E5
Episode 5

Day 5

Back to the dorms after another emotional elimination. Jessica can't believe Chef Ramsay got rid of Mary Ellen. Meanwhile, Andrew is shocked he's survived the chopping block twice now. The next morning, the teams are called back to the dining room. Chef Ramsay asks Ralph who his team's strongest and weakest links are. He names himself and Andrew, respectively.

Hell's Kitchen S1E6
Episode 6

Day 6

First Half of Two Hour Special. As the Hell's Kitchen contestants prepare for their sixth dinner service, Chef Ramsay reveals the latest twist – each team will create its own menu consisting of three appetizers, entrees and desserts. Egos and tempers reach a boiling point as the wannabe chefs hustle to get their signature dishes up to Ramsay’s impeccable standard and out to the hungry guests in a timely manner.

Hell's Kitchen S1E7
Episode 7

Day 7

Second half of Two Hour Special. The five remaining contestants learn they are no longer competing as teams, but as individuals who must work together (and against one another) to complete an entire dinner service. The theme of the dinner is “tableside service,” with both the appetizers and dessert prepared tableside. To further complicate matters, there is a power failure, and the filet mignon mysteriously disappears.

Hell's Kitchen S1E8
Episode 8

Day 8

Hell's Kitchen opens its eighth night with not only the four contestants left over from the previous night's service, but also the ingredients. The four remaining chefs are given 15 minutes and a tray of leftovers to create a meal that Chef Ramsay considers servable. The winner of the challenge is rewarded with a chance to cook on a live national TV show alongside Ramsay. Jealousy and desperation are eating away at the wannabe chefs and with all of them fighting for themselves, the kitchen feels like a pressure cooker. Who can handle the heat and who gets kicked out of the kitchen?

Hell's Kitchen S1E9
Episode 9

Day 9

Three contestants remain and Gordon’s order that they serve an entire dining room becomes too much for one contestant who succumbs to fatigue. The contestants serve their signature dishes, but the teammates suffer from one disastrous performance. Who will create the best dish and who will be sent home without his or her just desserts?

Hell's Kitchen S1E10
Episode 10

Day 10 (1)

After a recap of the entire season leaves us with only Michael and Ralph, the men are given some time with their families. The next morning, Michael and Ralph relax outside for a bit before stepping back into the fire. Chef Ramsay calls and orders them to the dining room. He sits them down and offers some personal advice. Michael needs to be more assertive, to release the beast. Ralph is assertive, but sometimes he moves too fast for his brain to keep up.

Hell's Kitchen S1E11
Episode 11

Day 10 (2)

In part 2 of the two-hour finale, Hell's Kitchen is divided in half, and each of the two finalists completes a dinner service with the concept and menu they designed.

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