Herman's Head

Herman's Head

Herman's Head - Season 3 Episodes

Herman's Head S3E1
Episode 1


To get a story, Herman goes undercover as a woman and discovers a few things about Heddy and what she goes through.

Herman's Head S3E2
Episode 2

There's a Fly Girl in My Soup

Herman encourages Bracken's niece Rene to become a Fly Girl (i.e., a dancer on "In Living Color") - Mr. Bracken isn't particularly happy about Rene's career choice or Herman's involvement.

Herman's Head S3E3
Episode 3

When Hermy Met Crawford's Daughter

Herman wants to break up with his new girlfriend Ellen, who convinces him to meet her father - things take a turn for the worse when he discovers her father is none other then his boss at Waterton, Mr. Crawford.

Herman's Head S3E4
Episode 4

When Hairy Met Hermy

In his eternal quest for the perfect girlfriend, Herman dates Heather, but it turns out she's a tad too hairy for his tastes. Meanwhile, Jay and Louise begin to wonder if they're attracted to each other.

Herman's Head S3E5
Episode 5

Over Herman's Head

Herman's neighbor in the upstairs apartment drops dead - after the two of them had a shouting match. Compounding Herman's problems, Heddy decides to take the apartment after her current boyfriend kicks her out of the apartment he's paying for.

Herman's Head S3E6
Episode 6

Jaybo and Weesie: A Love Story

When Jay decides to turn a new leaf and give up his old womanizing ways, Herman tries to get Louise to go on a date with him, but Jay just can't help himself and reverts to type.

Herman's Head S3E7
Episode 7


Motivational speaker Dick Van Adams inspires Herman...to become a success while stepping on his friends.

Herman's Head S3E8
Episode 8

Jay is for Jealous

Herman's sister Suzie comes back to town and manages to aggravate both Herman (she plans to become a writer) and Louise (since she previously dated Jay). Appropriately, the "brain" characters get a new and annoying addition when Jealousy joins their group.

Herman's Head S3E9
Episode 9

Trouble in Paradise

While taking a vacation Herman becomes involved with Aurora, a beautiful model. Nothing ever works out for him as usual, though, when Jay and Louise show up with their own rocky relationship and both looking to friend Herman for help and support.

Herman's Head S3E10
Episode 10

When Hermy Met Maureen McCormick

Herman gets to work with Maureen McCormick as she writes a book of Brady Bunch memoirs, getting to fulfill his long-time crush on the actress. Unfortunately, he and Jay almost come to blows when a jealous Jay confesses to a similar crush.

Herman's Head S3E11
Episode 11

An Actor Prepares

A movie star, who's playing the role of an adventuresome fact-checker in his next film, researches his part by tagging along with Herman.

Herman's Head S3E12
Episode 12

A Decent Proposal

When Heddy's old rival Heather arrives in town, Heddy asks Herman to pose as her husband to impress the woman. Meanwhile, Mr. Bracken works on his musical, "Deuteronomy."

Herman's Head S3E13
Episode 13

When Hermy Met Crawford's Girlfriend

Crawford's girlfriend Stephanie dumps him and goes after..Herman, who finds himself in a bind.

Herman's Head S3E14
Episode 14

Three on a Match

After getting refused for an important writing job, Herman goes up to the roof and ends up trapped with a suicidal nutjob, Bob, when a fire breaks out.

Herman's Head S3E15
Episode 15

You Say Tomato

Herman's new girlfriend Lauren is everything he could want, personality-wise, but as always Herman isn't happy as he obsesses over playmate Miss February.

Herman's Head S3E16
Episode 16

Once More with Feeling

Herman and Heddy decided to give into their feelings and start dating, but a series of interruptions keep them from consummating their relationship.

Herman's Head S3E17
Episode 17

The Herm from Ipanema

Herman decides to give it all up during a tropical vacation and buy a local bar on the island.

Herman's Head S3E18
Episode 18

Bedtime for Hermo

The "head" characters go into overdrive when Herman tries to get a good night's sleep the night before a high-pressure meeting.

Herman's Head S3E19
Episode 19

Herm In the Time of Cholera

Herman finds himself attracted to Lil the copy girl, but she doesn't return his feelings.

Herman's Head S3E20
Episode 20

Absence Makes the Head Grow Fonder

Herman breaks up with his newest girlfriend Sarah, but sees her a little later and tries to get back together with her.

Herman's Head S3E21
Episode 21

A Head in the Polls

Herman becomes involved with Sandra Clayton, who is running for the Senate, but when the tabloids get hold of their relationship Sandra has second thoughts.

Herman's Head S3E22
Episode 22

First Impressions

Herman is hit by a taxi in an accident and as he lies in a coma his staff friends each remember Herman as they first met him...with each brain character filling in for the emotion the friend first saw Herman acting out.

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