Hidden Palms

Hidden Palms

Hidden Palms - Season 1 Episodes

Hidden Palms S1E1
Episode 1


Having spent a portion of the previous year in rehab after the suicide of his father, Johnny Miller moves to Palm Springs with his mother and new stepfather. Here, he meets enigmatic Greta, creepy Cliff, mayor's daughter Michelle, and brainy Liza.

Hidden Palms S1E2
Episode 2


The arrival of Johnny's friend from his rehab days, Nikki, makes Greta completely jealous. Meanwhile, Johnny receives disturbing instant messages from an unidentified sender and learns a shocking fact about Eddie's death.

Hidden Palms S1E3
Episode 3

Party Hardy

Johnny leaves Nikki alone at his house for an hour, and she promptly falls off the wagon when some friends show up. Meanwhile, Greta confronts Cliff about harassing Johnny, and Cliff's mom invites her new boyfriend to move in, much to Cliff's dismay.

Hidden Palms S1E4
Episode 4

What Liza Beneath

Greta reveals disturbing information about the night Eddie died. Johnny learns that Eddie's mother lives in the area, so he pays her a visit. Cliff plots to get his mom to dump her gold-digger boyfriend, and Nikki goes on a wild car ride with Cliff.

Hidden Palms S1E5
Episode 5


Liza makes a shocking discovery when she breaks into Cliff's room to find evidence that Eddie was murdered. Meanwhile, Johnny reluctantly plays in a charity golf tournament with Bob. Greta's dad returns unexpectedly and starts wooing Tess.

Hidden Palms S1E6
Episode 6

Dangerous Liasons

Johnny confronts Cliff about Greta's bloody Halloween dress. Nikki discovers a surprising secret about Cliff. Meanwhile, the Hardys host Tess's birthday party. Bob gets jealous when Skip flirts with Karen because it reminds him of how he met her.

Hidden Palms S1E7
Episode 7

Stand By Your Woman

When Johnny spreads news of Cliff's affair with Mrs. Nolan to Liza and Greta, the group concludes that this may have been the reason behind Eddie's murder. However, Johnny is soon brought back to doubt when he finds a video of Liza and Eddie kissing.

Hidden Palms S1E8
Episode 8

Second Chances

In the series finale of Hidden Palms, Johnny goes to Cliff in hopes of having him retrieve evidence from Eddie's old laptop. However, in order for this to be done, Cliff has to befriend Maria once again. Evidence that Liza finds leaves her stunned.

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