Higher Ground

Higher Ground

Higher Ground - Season 1 Episodes

Higher Ground S1E1
Episode 1

Scott Free

Troubled Scott is brought to the school against his will, as Peter learns that the bank is foreclosing on the school property.

Higher Ground S1E2
Episode 2

Babe in Arms

As the students are recruited to help search for a six-year-old girl lost in the woods, Auggie tries to learn the reasons behind Shelby'a apparent unconcern for the child.

Higher Ground S1E3
Episode 3

Walking the Line

Peter visits his father while in New York trying to get a loan, and back at the school the students dread taking their PSATs.

Higher Ground S1E4
Episode 4

Our Strongest Link

To teach the kids to work as a team, they are entered in the Junior Eco-Challenge competition.

Higher Ground S1E5
Episode 5

What Remains

A search-and-rescue mission is mounted to find Juliette, who has fallen into an uncharted cave containing ancient Indian bones.

Higher Ground S1E6
Episode 6


Sophie gives the group a parenting assignment, and Katherine's behavior with her boyfriend threatens her impending graduation.

Higher Ground S1E7
Episode 7

Worlds Apart

Auggie's older brother tries to talk him into selling drugs to the rich kids at Horizon, while potential investors visit the school, and Sophie and Peter try to figure out their relationship.

Higher Ground S1E8
Episode 8


As a thunderstorm causes the school to flood, Shelby's attempt to seduce Scott brings him unpleasant memories.

Higher Ground S1E9
Episode 9

Hope Falls

After a student commits suicide, Hannah resigns and the school's founder decides to take the group on a trek to the site of his son's death 22 years earlier.

Higher Ground S1E10
Episode 10

Close Encounters

Scott travels down a treacherous river, trying to run away after an encounter with his abusive stepmother. Meanwhile, Shelby falls in love with a horse that's been abused and abandoned.

Higher Ground S1E11
Episode 11

Best Behavior

Juliette is devastated when she isn't invited to her mother's wedding; Ezra is devastated when he learns that his parents' apparent reconciliation is a sham.

Higher Ground S1E12
Episode 12

Wherefore Art Thou

After Auggie and Juliette run away, Auggie is arrested for stealing food, and Peter must try to obtain his release at a probation hearing.

Higher Ground S1E13
Episode 13

Attention Deficit

When a tough father brings his troubled son to the school, the kid soon antagonizes the other students as the father treks through bear country with Peter.

Higher Ground S1E14
Episode 14

The Kids Stay In The Picture

Horizon's new boss wants to make a promotional film that uses actors instead of the actual students, and Scott's real mother shows up seeking to regain custody of him.

Higher Ground S1E15
Episode 15


When an undercover reporter shows up to do an expose on the school, the students feed her the wild stories that she wants to hear.

Higher Ground S1E16
Episode 16


As a winter storm moves in, the kids' solo treks are ruined, Shelby becomes lost, and Peter's visiting father has a heart attack.

Higher Ground S1E17
Episode 17

Daised and Confused

Daisy returns home with Sophie and Shelby for her mother's funeral and must face her abusive, drunken father. Meanwhile, the Cliffhangers read and identify with Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein".

Higher Ground S1E18
Episode 18

One of Those Days

Peter's brother arrives to contest their father's will; Sophie undergoes a medical procedure; Shelby's mother pulls her out of school to take care of her ailing, formerly abusive stepfather; Ezra steals the plot of Romeo & Juliet for his new play.

Higher Ground S1E19
Episode 19

Because It's There

Scott tries to get Peter to get Shelby back to Horizon. Shelby finds out her stepfather abused her little sister Jess.

Higher Ground S1E20
Episode 20

Falling Up

Peter gets hooked on pain killers. Scotts mother comes to vist. Shelby comes back to horizion.

Higher Ground S1E21
Episode 21

Mended Fences

PARENTS WEEK! Scott and Shelby get into a fight. Juliette meets Auggies parents. Shelby's sister runs away from home and to Horizon. Scott lies and tells his father his step mother never abused him (but she really did). When Juliette goes to make herself throw up she ends up talking to Shelby and they sort-of become friends. After Jess gets to Horizon and tells Scott & Shelby her awful story, Scott begins to understand what Shelby went through.

Higher Ground S1E22
Episode 22

Because I Love You

Scott's dad comes to take him back home. Scott tries to convince Shelby they can stay togeather even if he dosen't stay at Horizion. Kat talks Peter & Sopie in to having a MORP. David is back and Ezra is upset because Daisy like David and not him. Scott get into a fight with his dad on their way home an makes him take him take him back to Horizion, and when he gets back Shelby asked him why he came back and he said "because I love you." Sopie asks Peter to marry her.

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