Highway Patrol

Highway Patrol

Highway Patrol - Season 1 Episodes

Highway Patrol S1E1
Episode 1

Prison Break / Road Block

Ralph Neal is a hardened criminal. He's smart, ruthless, and brutal. His outward personality belies his vicious character. He escapes from a state penitentiary.

Highway Patrol S1E2
Episode 2

Machine Story Copter / Machine Napping Copter

Charlie Gray and Ross, two criminals, ingeniously "kidnap" an expensive machine owned by the Ferris Electronic Co.

Highway Patrol S1E3
Episode 3

Reckless Driving

Systematic traffic checks and increased patrols begin on a high accident freeway. Hoping to determine causes and cures, Dan questions drivers who get too many citations there. One man refuses to accept Dan's safety philosophy. When his license is suspended, his wife drives him to an important business meeting. En route, her eyeglasses break and he takes over at the wheel. Encountering a traffic check, he panics and flees, resulting in a severe accident in which his wife is critically injured. He learns the hard way - and too late - what Dan had earlier tried to impress upon him.

Highway Patrol S1E4
Episode 4


Though innocent of involvement, Joe Bradshaw happens to be in the company of the Fowler Brothers when they hold up a diner and murder its proprietor.

Highway Patrol S1E5
Episode 5


The Club Bahamas, an illegal gambling house, has defied all efforts to close it by the local sheriff, so he makes an appeal to Dan for help.

Highway Patrol S1E6
Episode 6


An unidentified man picks up a hitchhiker, a migrant worker, kills him with a tire iron, plants false identification on his body, and hen wrecks the car to make the hitchhiker's death appear to be accidental.

Highway Patrol S1E7
Episode 7

Desert Town

While on an inspection tour of outlying patrol station, Dan Mathews stops off for breakfast in the tiny, isolated community of Larchmont. Dan's curiosity changes to suspicion when he comes across and out-of-state car which checks out to be stolen.

Highway Patrol S1E8
Episode 8


A thief steals a piece of oil research equipment which contains radio- active elements.

Highway Patrol S1E9
Episode 9

Reformed Criminal

Frank Wood, a Farmer's Cooperative, is reported missing while trans-porting a large sum of the firm's money.

Highway Patrol S1E10
Episode 10

Father Thief

Young Grant Elliot, stopped for speeding, panics and accidentally runs down the patrolman when the latter grows suspicious of a lot of automobile accessories in the car.

Highway Patrol S1E11
Episode 11

Retired Gangster

Jack McCall, retired gangster, former head of crime operation in state now a successful rancher, is to be called to testify before a grand jury, investigating crime in the state.

Highway Patrol S1E12
Episode 12

Phony Insurance

Masterson, an intelligent, business-like protection man, is running what seems to be a legitimate maintenance service. His organization causes the breakdown of trucks on the highway, then he moves in to offer his servicing.

Highway Patrol S1E13
Episode 13


Dan Mathews receives an anonymous phone call to the effect that Johnny Barr, crime syndicate head, is planning to carry out the murder of an important man.

Highway Patrol S1E14
Episode 14


The Highway Patrol, working with the State Narcotics Bureau, learns that heroin is being transported into the local area by a unique method: concealed under the hubcaps of cars belonging to innocent people.

Highway Patrol S1E15
Episode 15

Girl Bandit

A bank messenger, Frank Douglas, at his wife Louise's instigation, absconds with a large sum of money, brings it home, where he arrives earlier than expected and overhears the wife planning to double-cross him and run off with the money and another man.

Highway Patrol S1E16
Episode 16

Mountain Copter

In their remote, isolated mountain cabin, Walt and Freda Hollis find an injured man --fever-ridden, hungry, armed with a gun.

Highway Patrol S1E17
Episode 17

Lie Detector

The Highway Patrol is called in to arrest Roger Taylor, who was identified as the man who beat Mrs. Ethel Carey, to find out the holding place of her fortune.

Highway Patrol S1E18
Episode 18

Scared Cop

Patrolman Mark Reynolds comes face to face on a highway with his brother, Bill Reynolds, an escaped criminal. Reynolds. The Highway Patrol retains one of its better men

Highway Patrol S1E19
Episode 19

Harbor Story

When three bandits rob a bank in a small coastal town and shoot a bystander, Dan orders roadblocks that seem certain to cut off every avenue of escape. Their car is found empty.

Highway Patrol S1E20
Episode 20

Hit and Run

Mrs. Helen Barton, a woman of emotional and somewhat weak personality, has a serious argument with her husband because of the way in which her mother, Irene, tries to run her and her husband Joe's lives.

Highway Patrol S1E21
Episode 21

Car Theft

Dan Mathews receives a phone call from an employee of a wrecking yard.

Highway Patrol S1E22
Episode 22

Human Bomb

Jay Dederick, an unemployed electrical engineer, has brooded over losing his job at Roget Chemical Corporation until it has become an obsession.

Highway Patrol S1E23
Episode 23

Plane Crash

A Forest Ranger, patrolling a desolate section of heavy forestland, sees a small plane starting to land about a mile away. He notifies the Highway Patrol that it seems to be trying to make a forced landing.

Highway Patrol S1E24
Episode 24

Desert Copter

Stan Warren, a smooth, dapper con-man, wanted for murder, speeds toward the desert area in a borrowed car.

Highway Patrol S1E25
Episode 25

Plant Robbery

A duplicate armored truck is used to stage one of the most daring robberies on record. Dan throws all the technical resources of the Highway Patrol into action to track down the truck.

Highway Patrol S1E26
Episode 26

Released Convict

Nailor had served his time for a half a million dollars armored car robbery. The money had never been found.

Highway Patrol S1E27
Episode 27

Motorcycle A

Eight months ago, the tiny town of Sunland Park was raided and ran-sacked by a renegade motorcycle club.

Highway Patrol S1E28
Episode 28

Mental Patient

A farmer is found dead, badly beaten.

Highway Patrol S1E29
Episode 29

License Plates

Seth Roberts, a very unpredictable bank robber was having things pretty much his own way.

Highway Patrol S1E30
Episode 30

Hitchhiker Dies

With inside help, a bandit robs a plant payroll office of $28,000. He makes his escape in a grey sedan.

Highway Patrol S1E31
Episode 31

Blast Area Copter

Jim Barnaby, a fugitive gunman, has taken Marge Willis captive for the use of her car.

Highway Patrol S1E32
Episode 32


While on an inspection tour of outlying patrol stations, Dan Mathews is thrown headlong into a terrifying situation - and a race against the clock.

Highway Patrol S1E33
Episode 33

Dead Patrolman

The patrol car of a traffic officer is found abandoned on a country road. Investigation by Dan develops that the officer had been killed by two criminals who were engaged in a stolen car racket.

Highway Patrol S1E34
Episode 34

Art Robbery

George Mills, business manager for art collector Carter Giles, engineers a plan to "kidnap" some valuable paintings and hold them for "ransom". Plans go awry, forcing Mills and his men to commit murder in order to escape the Highway Patrol's web.

Highway Patrol S1E35
Episode 35

Runaway Boy

A twelve-year-old boy , Jimmy West, runs away from home because of his unreasoning fear of an operation on his eyes. The boy's physician informs Dan that an immediate operation is necessary to preserve Jimmy's sight.

Highway Patrol S1E36
Episode 36


Steve Stankey, a gun-man about thirty, holds up a gas station, and while making his get-away in a taxi, shoots and kills a Highway Patrolman.

Highway Patrol S1E37
Episode 37

Missing Witness

George Crenshaw has been sentenced to death for the Sunrise Park Murders. On the day his sentence is announced, Molly Weems appears at HP headquarters to state that Crenshaw is innocent, that she can identify the real Sunrise Park killer.

Highway Patrol S1E38
Episode 38


Asa McQueen, old prospector, discovers a large sum of money hidden on his mining claim. His resulting spending spree brings him to the attention of both the police and the criminal who hid the money there, the loot from a large-scale robbery.

Highway Patrol S1E39
Episode 39

Christmas Story

Ted Spaeth's career as a successful architect has caused him to neglect his wife Laura and their six-year old daughter Julie.

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