Hill Street Blues

Hill Street Blues

Hill Street Blues - Season 5 Episodes

Hill Street Blues S5E1
Episode 1

Mayo, Hold the Pickle

A new, no-nonsense roll call sergeant takes over the podium at the Hill Street Station. Sgt. Stan Jablonski is a by-the-book, 29-year veteran who immediately sets out to clear the air about a dubious skirmish with another cop at his previous post.

Hill Street Blues S5E2
Episode 2

Watt a Way to Go

An enraged Goldblume takes the law into his own hands when his ex-wife is sexually assaulted and refuses to testify against the suspect.

Hill Street Blues S5E3
Episode 3

Rookie Nookie

After his ex-wife is assaulted by a rape suspect, Lt. Goldblume roughs up the would-be attacker, only to have him walk away and commit murder.

Hill Street Blues S5E4
Episode 4

Fowl Play

A rookie officer – who was the victim of some sexual hi-jinks at an off-duty cop party the night before – hangs himself.

Hill Street Blues S5E5
Episode 5

Bangladesh Slowly

A love-struck LaRue is still treading water as he wonders how an attractive woman implicated him in her husband’s murder.

Hill Street Blues S5E6
Episode 6

Ewe and Me, Babe

A respected community leader is slain, and Furillo is under pressure to find the killer; he strikes a deal that may coincidentally deliver the marauding Colombians who are responsible for a wave of murders in an ongoing drug war.

Hill Street Blues S5E7
Episode 7

Blues for Mr. Green

The Blues maintain a special alert for Floyd Green, a callous teen-aged murderer who’s just been released and creates more mayhem.

Hill Street Blues S5E8
Episode 8

Fuched Again

Davenport’s life is endangered when she learns from a would-be assassin about a Byzantine plot to kill the mayor, which involves some high ranking cops.

Hill Street Blues S5E9
Episode 9

Low Blow

Furillo puts pressure on a preppy business associate to set up a pair of contractors who conspired to have the mayor assassinated.

Hill Street Blues S5E10
Episode 10

The Rise and Fall of Paul the Wall

Furillo bucks public opinion when he arrests a crafty old woman who set a trap for a Hispanic thief – and then shot him to death.

Hill Street Blues S5E11
Episode 11

Last Chance Salon

Darwin’s survival theory is tested as an old and weakened gang vows to make one final desperate stand when a stronger tribe invades its turf.

Hill Street Blues S5E12
Episode 12

Intestinal Fortitude

Detective Belker, Washington and LaRue get down and dirty when they pose as independent garbage men to lay waste to another disposal company which is muscling out rivals.

Hill Street Blues S5E13
Episode 13

Of Human Garbage

An officer formerly under media scrutiny is lionized when he rescues a family from a burning house, but Furillo senses something fishy in the story.

Hill Street Blues S5E14
Episode 14

Dr. Hoof and Mouth

The agony grows for a distraught man who just lost his family in a hit-and-run car accident when he’s arrested for outstanding warrants.

Hill Street Blues S5E15
Episode 15

Davenport in a Storm

New Assistant District Attorney Joyce Davenport must decide whether to pursue a case with flimsy evidence involving a star black athlete crippled by white youths.

Hill Street Blues S5E16
Episode 16

Washington Deceased

The Blues are in search of “Melon Man,” a maniac who’s killing prostitutes. Meanwhile, the diplomatic Furillo intercedes between a spurned Daniels and Mayo in a nasty public scene that could cost Mayo her badge.

Hill Street Blues S5E17
Episode 17

Passage to Libya

Lt. Goldblume is the unlikely heartthrob hero of an attractive young woman when he saves her life during an undercover investigation into international weapons sales.

Hill Street Blues S5E18
Episode 18

El Capitan

When Captain Furillo attends a one-day encounter session for police brass, an eager Lt. Calletano assumes command and immediately faces unusual problems, such as what substance is suddenly turning some of the cops a lighter shade of blue.

Hill Street Blues S5E19
Episode 19

The Life and Time of Dominic Florio Jr.

The irony of a delicate moral issue slams home when a militant pro-life advocate accidentally injures a pregnant woman, and a black family moves into an otherwise white housing project, instigating a riot.

Hill Street Blues S5E20
Episode 20


Davenport angers her bosses when she ruins her case against a ghetto youth who was framed by housing authority cops. Bates and Coffey have to transform a stench-ridden bum into a stunning fashion plate to testify against a cop killer.

Hill Street Blues S5E21
Episode 21

Queen for a Day

A reassigned Renko works undercover with a resentful Belker to infiltrate a heavily fortified house and set up a drug buy; and a Pattonesque Hunter sends a modified tank with a battering ram to break into the “rock house” where drugs are being sold.

Hill Street Blues S5E22
Episode 22

You're in Alice's

A department regulation requiring urine samples for drug-testing makes Coffey, Washington and Garibaldi nervous. Renko and Hill take an interest in a man they arrested whose family lives in a cardboard box.

Hill Street Blues S5E23
Episode 23

Grin and Bear It

Hill and Renko are assigned to the department’s goodwill ambassador, a senile bear with a fondness for hand-to-paw combat.

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