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Home Improvement - Season 6 Episodes

Home Improvement S6E1
Episode 1

At Sea

Jill finds Brad making out with his girlfriend in his room. When Jill asks Tim to have a man-to-man talk with Brad, Tim is a little reluctant to do it. Not because he doesn't feel Brad needs it, but because it's something he's never done before with a kid. Tool Time goes to sea in another on-location shoot, with Tim, Al and Heidi boarding the USS Constellation aircraft carrier as part of their salute to engines.

Home Improvement S6E2
Episode 2

Future Shock

Tim and Jill both reminisce about their senior years.

Home Improvement S6E3
Episode 3

Workshop 'Til You Drop

When Bud gets divorced, Tim and Jill go to a couples therapy workshop.

Home Improvement S6E4
Episode 4

Burnin' Love

Tim tells Randy to go for Lauren, who likes cars, but he finds out she is dating Jason, Brad's friend.

Home Improvement S6E5
Episode 5

Al's Video

When Al is the producer of a video, he selects Tim to direct, until Tim gets too bossy. Jill gets a computer.

Home Improvement S6E6
Episode 6

Whose Car Is It Anyway?

Jill buys a foreign sports car with money from an inheritance and forbids Tim to drive it.

Home Improvement S6E7
Episode 7

I Was a Teenage Taylor

It's a battle of Halloween pranks. First Tim scares Al, then Brad and Randy scare Jill, then a strange man shows up at the door asking to see the basement. Jill, Tim and Wilson tell the boys that years ago a man named Clifford Warren was accused of killing his brother, but because of his mental problems he was put in an insane hospital. Little do the boys know that it's a Halloween prank. They invite Al to help them pull a prank on their own, but Al and Wilson pull a prank on the Taylors.

Home Improvement S6E8
Episode 8

Jill and Her Sisters

Jill's wild sisters visit to plan their parents' 50th anniversary.

Home Improvement S6E9
Episode 9

The Tool Man Delivers

Heidi goes into labor at the Classic Car Man of the Year awards and Tim and Jill help deliver the baby, while receiving instructions from Wilson on the phone.

Home Improvement S6E10
Episode 10

The Wood, the Bad and the Hungry

Benny isn't allowed on the guest list fo the Thanksgiving dinner party at the Taylor house and Tim gets into the spirit of giving.

Home Improvement S6E11
Episode 11

Workin' Man Blues

Brad gets a part-time job at a sporting goods store and work soon becomes his top priority.

Home Improvement S6E12
Episode 12

No Place Like Home

Tim's brothers help move their mother out of the family home, but Tim takes an immediate dislike to the new owners' plans for the place.

Home Improvement S6E13
Episode 13

The Flirting Game

Jill wonders if flirting with a possible boss will get her employed.

Home Improvement S6E14
Episode 14

The Karate Kid Returns

Everything goes well when Mark uses karate to save Randy from a bully, until the school newspaper gets hold of it. Wilson's cousins, the Beach Boys, come to visit.

Home Improvement S6E15
Episode 15

Totally Tool Time

Swedish buyers consider buying Tool Time for Europe.

Home Improvement S6E16
Episode 16

A Funny Valentine

Tim forgets where he hid Jill's Valentine's Day present. A singer talks about her relationship with Tim's father.

Home Improvement S6E17
Episode 17

Wilson's World

Wilson decides to act more like others after a newspaper critic gives his performance a bad review, saying that he's "out of touch with reality".

Home Improvement S6E18
Episode 18

Something Old, Something Blue

Before Al and Ilene's wedding, Al tells the guys a secret.

Home Improvement S6E19
Episode 19

Communication Breakdown

When the boys are using the phone too much, Tim has Dennis, Harry's son, install a second line.

Home Improvement S6E20
Episode 20

My Son, the Driver

Jill's worst fears come true when she predicts something bad will happen on the night Brad is first driving. He gets into a small accident but little do they know the accident is a lot more serious than he admits.

Home Improvement S6E21
Episode 21

Insult to Injury

Tim ignores his separated shoulder to break a Bob Vila record on Tool Time with a steamroller.

Home Improvement S6E22
Episode 22

Family Un-Ties

Jill wants to spend quality time with the family, but the guys take her to the hardware expo.

Home Improvement S6E23
Episode 23

The Feminine Mistake

Jill makes Tim act like an equal partner once she finds that Brad's girlfriend does whatever he tell her to. Tool Time does a 3D show.

Home Improvement S6E24
Episode 24


To keep her father away because of the pressure she's under, Jill fakes an illness only to find out that he died shortly after she lied to him.

Home Improvement S6E25
Episode 25

The Kiss and the Kiss-Off

Lisa, the old Tool Time girl, returns and Tim gives her back her old job without consulting Heidi, the current Tool Time girl. Meanwhile Randy and Lauren take their relationship to a new level when they finally go on their first official date.

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