Hope - Season 2 Episodes

Hope S2E1
Episode 1

Escape from Albuquerque

A whole new Faith returns from her "adventures" in a country that even she can't find on a map. She convinces Charley to give her one more chance at staying, but no good deed goes unpunished. She crashes Charley's car, is responsible for her Sydney's navel piercing and ends up fully dressed in a freezing bathroom shower with both Hope and Sydney. When Charley wants Faith out, Hope is torn between her family and her sister.

Hope S2E2
Episode 2

Mall in the Family

After getting kicked out of the house, Faith moves into a furnature display at a local mall. When she and Hope try to hide from the mall guards, they're locked in an armoire scheduled for an overseas delivery. Meanwhile, Hope and Sydney help Hayley purchase her first bra.

Hope S2E3
Episode 3

Queer as Hope

When Justin is caught smoking and Hayley steals frogs that are ready to be dissected, Hope starts to worry that everyone will think she's a bad mother. This fear comes to life when Faith tries to rent an apartment from a lesbian landlord by passing herself and Hope as lovers. When their picture ends up in the newspaper with the headline "local lesbians," Hope's bid for three time mother of the year is in jeopardy.

Hope S2E4
Episode 4

Hold the Phone

Charley's life becomes a living hell when Faith starts working as the receptionist in his orthodontics practice. When tensions mount, they make a bet for their most prized possessions and manage to ruin Hayley's science fair.

Hope S2E5
Episode 5

Faith Scare-Field

Hope and Faith receive an invitation to a Halloween party from their crazy next door neighbor, whom they terrorized as girls. Halloween turns out to be scary when the woman gets her revenge- by trapping the women in a torture chamber.

Hope S2E6
Episode 6

Natal Attraction

Hope S2E7
Episode 7

Stand By Your Mandi

Hope S2E8
Episode 8

The Dolly Mama

To prove to Hope that she can be responsible, Faith practices motherhood on an electronic baby. It's all going well until she accidentaly exchanges the doll for a real infant.

Hope S2E9
Episode 9

Just-In Time

Hope S2E10
Episode 10


Thanksgiving day brings up memories of ten years ago, when Faith hosts a holiday dinner at her Hollywood apartment. She goes to great lengths to impress her parents, Jack and Mary Jo, including posing as Brian Austin Green's girlfriend. Happiness turns to sadness, however, when the family learns of Mary Jo's secret: she is dying.

Hope S2E11
Episode 11

Do I Look Frat in This?

Faith and Sydney get jobs at a clothing store. The young Shanowski decides to lose her virginy to the college-age manager, leading Hope and Fath to crash a frat party to keep Syd from making a big mistake.

Hope S2E12
Episode 12

Aru-bah Humbug

Faith accidentally says that "Santa" is not real, and Justin overhears it. So Faith wants Justin to believe in him by climbing in the chimney, but those plans go sour when Faith gets stuck in the chimney.

Hope S2E13
Episode 13

The Gooch

Faith is attracted to her new neighbor, Gary "the Gooch" Gucharaze, a former baseball player. The notorious ladies' man, however, has no interest in her, leading Faith to go to great lengths to spy on him. The episode brings together Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, who, noy only played a married couple on All My Children, but are married in real life.

Hope S2E14
Episode 14

Another Car Commercial

Auto dealer Handsome Hal refuses to exchange Faith's lemon of a car unless she can get former baseball star, Gary "The Gooch" Gucharez, to do a commercial. Faith tricks the reluctant Gooch, but later regrets it.

Hope S2E15
Episode 15

Carmen Get It

Faith feuds with The Gooch's ex-girlfriend, Carmen, for his affection. And, after overhearing a life-altering message for The Gooch, Hope helps Faith scale a mountain to deliver the news to the man she loves.

Hope S2E16
Episode 16


Wanting an an investor for her screenplay, Faith talks Hope in to starting there own Catering Business. So for there first gig the gals cater a party honoring Glen Falls' richest resident. When the singer is delayed, Faith pulls double duty to provide the entertainment, as she and nephew Justin perform a duet. So at the end Faith comes to her senses and gives up on acting.

Hope S2E17
Episode 17

O' Sister, Where Art Thou?

Hope & Faith cater a party at a retirement home And Faith inadvertently helps a resident escape. Hope must work through trust issues with her capricious sibling and, in the meantime, help an escapee mend fences with her sister.

Hope S2E18
Episode 18

Hope Couture

When Faith and Sydney enter a mother-daughter fashion show, Hope and Hayley's competitive spirits are stirred and they decide to seize the opportunity to strut their own fashion savvy. But soon the fashion race gets down and dirty when dresses are slashed, the designers get covered with spray paint and a fight ensues.

Hope S2E19
Episode 19

Wife Swap (1)

Part 1

Hope's life goes out of control when Faith submits Hope as a ""Wife Swap"" candidate. Hope gets switched with Cynthia (special guest-star Wynonna Judd.) Cynthia is a rich, spoiled, self-indulgent, Manhattanite. When Hope gets used to the fabulous life, Cynthia finds housework abhorrent -- but not nearly as abhorrent as living with Hope's sister, Faith.

Hope S2E20
Episode 20

Wife Swap (2)

Part 2

Hope finds it difficult living in an upscale Manhattan apartment with spoiled children, a work-alcoholic ""husband"". Also Faith finds it difficult that, Cynthia's live-in sister who does ALL the housework and won't let Hope life a finger. Meanwhile Faith's world is turned upside-down when she's ordered to do mundane, household chores by Cynthia.

Hope S2E21
Episode 21

21 Lunch Street

Hope and Faith start to work at Sydney's school as lunch ladies, which causes Sydney to freak out. Things go from bad to worse when Hope and Faith begin to spy on Sydney, thinking that Sydney is involved in a romantic relationship with a teacher. Also Hope begings to change the household by eating healthy.

Hope S2E22
Episode 22

A Room of One's Own

Hope is discouraged when her mother-in-law, Joyce takes over the household and also she starts to bond with Faith. And then things start to go more bad when Joyce decides to leave her husband. Making Joyce to move in permanently, displacing Faith in the process.

Hope S2E23
Episode 23

Faith Affair-field

Some lies lead Faith to believe that Charley is having an extra-marital affair, so she enlists a reluctant Hope to help catch him in the act.

Hope S2E24
Episode 24

Weather or Not

Faith finds a new career as a weather woman at a local TV station. Faith enjoys to be pushed around by a hunky newscaster. That causes Hope to feel that Faith is abandoning their new catering business, so then Faith feels equally neglected when Hope replaces her with a new, highly motivated assistant.

Hope S2E25
Episode 25

Of Rice and Anchor Men

Just as Faith's relationship with newscaster Larry begins to move into high gear, her old flame, "The Gooch" (Mark Consuelos, Ripa's real-life husband), suddenly shows up to complicate matters.

Hope S2E26
Episode 26

Season Finale

When both men want an exclusive commitment from Faith, she resorts to everything from "Bachelorette" competition rules to a psychic's advise to help her choose between Larry, a handsome newscaster (Dean Cain), and charming former baseball star "The Gooch" (Mark Consuelos, Ripa's real-life husband)

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