House of Saddam

House of Saddam

House of Saddam - Season 1 Episodes

House of Saddam S1E1
Episode 1

Part I

1979: Summer sees Deputy President Saddam Hussein gather his inner circle for his daughter Hala’s 7th birthday party. Amongst the group are Ba'athist Party members.

House of Saddam S1E2
Episode 2

Part II

1988: Lt General Hussein Kamel witnesses (via CCTV) Uday losing control in a Baghdad nightclub in 1988. His behaviour includes brandishing a gun under the influence of alcohol and firing it recklessly, before ordering the clubbers to be happy as they have 'just won the war'.

House of Saddam S1E3
Episode 3

Part III

1995: Iraq has survived the Gulf War but is crippled economically, with the UN refusing to lift sanctions unless the government co-operate with their weapons inspectors. Saddam states he has nothing to hide resulting in a stand-off between him and chief UN inspector, Rolf Ekeus.

House of Saddam S1E4
Episode 4

Part IV

2003: Saddam and Tariq Aziz watch television reports of the Western coalition forces invasion of Iraq.

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