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House - Season 7

House - Season 7

In the Season Six finale, House, driven by the loss of a patient and confronted with the unexpected news of Cuddy's engagement, spiraled into despair and considered treating his anguish with Vicodin. In a surprising turn, Cuddy called off her engagement and admitted to House she loves him. Also, Thirteen submitted her leave of absence from the hospital, prompting questions about the status of her health. As Season Seven begins, House and Cuddy attempt to make a real relationship work and face the question as to whether their new relationship will affect their ability to diagnose patients.

House S7E1
Episode 1

Now What?

In the aftermath of last season’s emotional finale in which House (Hugh Laurie) and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) admitted they had feelings for each other, as Season Seven begins, they are exploring the ramifications of those feelings and attempting to make a real relationship work. Meanwhile, due to a colleague’s illness, Princeton Plainsboro is left without a neurosurgeon on site, threatening the hospital’s accreditation as a Level 1 Trauma Center. As the team attempts treatment to get their sick colleague back to work, they discover there is more to the illness than they originally suspected and turn to House for direction. Instead, House remains elusive, leaving the team on its own.

House S7E2
Episode 2


When Della (guest star Stoner), a seemingly healthy and active 14-year-old, suddenly collapses during a skateboarding exhibition, House (Hugh Laurie) and his team struggle to diagnose her condition and reassure her parents who already have to cope with their son’s terminal illness. After her body rejects a donor lung, and with time running out to save her life, Della’s family is left with little hope of securing a new donor and faced with a seemingly impossible decision regarding the fate of both children. Meanwhile, House tries to appease an elderly father and his son at the clinic, and House and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) begin to face the challenges of taking their romantic relationship into the workplace.

House S7E3
Episode 3


When Alice (guest star Amy Irving), the author of a popular children’s book series, inexplicably suffers from a seizure moments before an attempt to take her own life, the Princeton Plansboro team faces the challenges of evaluating both her underlying medical con.ditions and her unstable psychological state. House (Hugh Laurie) is particularly motivated, as he’s a fan of her books, and becomes convinced that the key to unlocking the mysteries of Alice’s condition lies in the pages of her most recent novel. Meanwhile, House takes Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) on a double date with Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) and his girlfriend, Sam (guest star Cynthia Watros)

House S7E4
Episode 4

Massage Therapy

When a patient is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro after suffering severe and uncontrollable vomiting, House (Hugh Laurie) and the team make unexpected discoveries about her identity as they assess her symptoms. When the symptoms don’t improve, the team looks to the patient’s medical history to unearth more about her past. Meanwhile, House gives Chase’s (Jesse Spencer) new hire a cold welcome, and a visit from House’s massage therapist forces House and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) to confront the reservations in their relationship.

House S7E5
Episode 5

Unplanned Parenthood

Jennifer Grey guest-stars in an encore episode. After a newborn experiences inexplicable breathing problems and liver failure, House and the team look at the medical history of the baby’s mother, Abbey (guest star Grey). Meanwhile, following Cuddy’s directive, House challenges Foreman and Taub to hire a female doctor to join the team. And when Cuddy asks House to babysit her daughter, both House and Wilson learn a few hard lessons in parenting.

House S7E6
Episode 6

Office Politics

Amber Tamblyn joins HOUSE for a multi-episode arc as Martha Masters, a brilliant but inexperienced third-year medical student whom Cuddy forces House to hire as a female team member in Thirteen’s absence. In the midst of a tight senatorial re-election race, the New Jersey incumbent’s campaign manager (guest star Jack Coleman) mysteriously falls ill with liver failure and temporary paralysis. After a surprising campaign announcement is made by the incumbent (guest star Pat Finn), House and the team look to the candidate to find clues about the patient’s condition. Meanwhile, Foreman (Omar Epps) learns that Taub (Peter Jacobson) has a past connection to Masters, and in an effort to save his patient’s life, House must make a critical decision that may compromise his relationship with Cuddy.

House S7E7
Episode 7

A Pox on Our House

After a 200-year-old medicine jar found on an off-shore shipwreck shatters in a teenage girl’s palm, she is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro for symptoms closely linked to smallpox. When the Center for Disease Control’s Dr. Dave Broda (guest star Dylan Baker) institutes a lockdown on the hospital and suspends House’s team’s ability to diagnose, Masters (guest star Tamblyn) grows suspicious of Broda’s motives and becomes convinced that the patient is suffering from a different disease. The girl’s father soon experiences similar symptoms, and House is forced to make a precarious decision that puts his own life in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) and Sam (guest star Cynthia Watros) comfort a 6-year-old chemotherapy patient (guest star Devon Woods) who prompts them to examine their relationship.

House S7E8
Episode 8

Small Sacrifices

Science and faith are called into question when a patient (guest star Kuno Becker) is admitted to the hospital following his reenactment of the Crucifixion. Meanwhile, Taub questions his wife, Rachel (guest star Jennifer Crystal Foley), about her relationship with an infidelity support group member, and the team attends a co-worker’s wedding where Wilson’s relationship with Sam (guest star Watros) takes an unexpected turn.

House S7E9
Episode 9

Larger Than Life

When a man (guest star Matthew Lillard) puts his life on the line to save a stranger who fell onto the subway tracks, he emerges from the dramatic scene miraculously unscathed but then suddenly collapses. Both the hospital and the town become captivated by the man’s selfless deed, but as the team works to diagnose his symptoms, they discover that the hero’s seemingly life-changing deed failed to break old habits. Meanwhile, House (Hugh Laurie) tries to avoid Cuddy’s (Lisa Edelstein) birthday dinner with her opinionated mother Arlene (guest star CandiceBergen), and Taub (Peter Jacobson) draws unexpected attention when his face graces billboards advertising the hospital. As Taub and his wife reignite a physical relationship, Masters’ (guest star Amber Tamblyn) outside perspective helps him realize that it’s time to take action on his crumbling marriage.

House S7E10
Episode 10

Carrot or Stick

A teenage military trainee at a juvenile offender training camp suffers peculiar symptoms after enduring an intense training course, and mysteriously, his drill sergeant is soon admitted for similar symptoms. Unable to track down the cause of the shared illness, the team searches for clues in the trainee's family medical history, and Masters and House reveal a unique bond between the sergeant and trainee. Meanwhile, when an indecent photo of Chase is posted on a social-networking site following three different romantic encounters, Chase is determined to find out which girl is trying to publicly disgrace him. Also, sensing Cuddy's stress over her daughter Rachel's enrollment at a prestigious preschool, House secretly prepares Rachel for observations and reveals a soft spot for the toddler.

House S7E11
Episode 11

Family Practice

When Cuddy’s (Lisa Edelstein) stubborn mother, Arlene (guest star Candice Bergen), is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro after complaining about unusual symptoms, she insists that House (Hugh Laurie) be removed from her case, forcing him to come up with unconventional – and illegal – means to treat her. House instructs his team – including Masters (guest star Amber Tamblyn) who is forced to re-evaluate her responsibility to practice within a code of ethics – to follow his lead, and they discover secret details about Arlene’s personal life.

House S7E12
Episode 12

You Must Remember This

When a waitress (guest star Tina Holmes) with a perfect memory suffers temporary paralysis, her older sister (guest star Claire Rankin) visits her in the hospital, which triggers high stress levels and even more health complications. The patient’s sharp memory proves detrimental when a grudge she’s been holding against her sibling gets in the way of receiving proper medical treatment, and Masters discovers that patching a broken sisterhood may prove to be more complex than diagnosing the patient. Meanwhile, Foreman (Omar Epps) volunteers to help Taub (Peter Jacobson) prepare for a medical examination, while House, determined to help Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) get back in the dating scene, discovers Wilson’s secret new companion.

House S7E13
Episode 13

Two Stories

House participates in a school’s Career Day and breaks a few rules by sharing explicit medical stories. Waiting outside the principal’s office, he meets two fifth-grade students (guest stars Austin Michael Coleman and Haley Pullos) who assess House’s relationship woes and try to help him understand how his selfish antics get in the way of showing Cuddy how he really feels.

House S7E14
Episode 14

Recession Proof

A patient (guest star Adrian LaTourelle) is admitted after breaking out in a severe rash triggered by caustic chemical exposure at his blue-collar job. As the team treats him, they discover that he has led his wife (guest star Ashley Jones) to believe that he is still maintaining his once-lucrative real estate career. Meanwhile, Cuddy is honored with an award and needs House to be at the charity event for support, but his attendance is threatened when his patient’s battle to survive forces him to question his practice and his own happiness, and Chase (Jesse Spencer) and Masters teach each other a lesson in forging meaningful personal and professional relationships.

House S7E15
Episode 15


Tension reaches new heights when Cuddy faces sobering news that propels her to reevaluate her priorities. While House is distracted by his concern for Cuddy's well-being, the team treats a teenage patient whose worsening symptoms and suspicious body scars indicate more than just physical illness. Sensing the teen's troubled emotional and mental state, Taub turns to the patient's personal life for clues and uncovers disturbing home videos that could put the lives of his peers in danger. Meanwhile, Cuddy remains hopeful that House will be fully present when she needs him most, and a series of dreams, including a musical scene choreographed by Mia Michaels, provide glimpses into her life and her relationship with House.

House S7E16
Episode 16

Out of the Chute

A young champion bullfighter is admitted for treatment after being attacked by a bull. After conducting multiple inconclusive tests, the team enlists House’s (Hugh Laurie) advice outside of the hospital while he attends to a few issues away from the case. Back in the hospital, the bullfighter’s condition continues to worsen, but with disappearing symptoms and the patient’s more frequent mini-seizures, the team’s last option is risky open-heart surgery. Meanwhile, Masters (Amber Tamblyn) develops a crush on the patient much to Taub’s surprise.

House S7E17
Episode 17

Fall From Grace

A young homeless man who is a former drug addict is found in a park showing signs of olfactory impairment and horrific scars and burn marks on his chest. With an uncertain identity and the patient's severely worsening conditions, the team looks to the patient's personal records and family history in order to understand his detachment. Meanwhile, Cuddy confides in Wilson and expresses her guilt for ending her relationship with House, and just as the team warms up to the patient, they discover a disturbing secret about the man whose life they saved.

House S7E18
Episode 18

The Dig

Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) has been in prison for the pastsix months, but the real mystery for House (Hugh Laurie) is what she did to get there. As she exits the prison, she is taken aback to find him waiting for her, and unaware he’s got plans for the two of them. House probes Thirteen for more information about her crime, intent on solving the puzzle of her mysterious incarceration. They travel to an annual spud-gun competition and join forces to compete against House’s much younger, overconfident rival, and along the journey uncover secrets and truths about each other. At the hospital, the team treats a science teacher suffering from severe respiratory illness, and when the team inspects the patient’s house for clues to his illness, they immediately learn he’s a hoarder. But upon a second visit to obtain more information, they uncover something in the piles that shocks them.

House S7E19
Episode 19

Last Temptation

Masters faces a career crossroads on her last day as a medical student and struggles with the choice to continue on the path to become a surgeon or to accept the rare opportunity to join House's team officially. Meanwhile, the team treats a 16-year-old girl who inexplicably collapsed days before embarking on an ambitious sailing tour around the globe. Despite the patient's life-changing diagnosis, the patient's family insists on getting her back on the seas in time for her potentially record-breaking launch. But to the team's surprise, including House, Masters makes a bold decision regarding the patient's treatment.

House S7E20
Episode 20


After suffering partial paralysis while searching for a long-lost love, lottery winner Cyrus Harry (guest star Donal Logue) is brought to Princeton Plainsboro for treatment by House (Hugh Laurie) and the team. Cuddy’s (Lisa Edelstein) mother (guest star Candice Bergen) threatens to sue the hospital for malpractice, jeopardizing both Cuddy and House’s medical licenses. Chase (Jesse Spencer) and Foreman (Omar Epps) make a bet that tests each one in different ways.

House S7E21
Episode 21

The Fix

When House and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) bet on a boxing match and disagree over the outcome, Wilson gives him exactly one day to pay up or prove him wrong. House presses the boxer (guest star Kevin Phillips) for more information to help prove his case and ends up attempting to breathe new life into the losing fighter’s career. Meanwhile, the team begins to suspect House may have another type of drug problem.

House S7E22
Episode 22

After Hours

Thirteen’s friend and former ex-con (guest star Amy Landecker) arrives at Thirteen’s apartment unannounced and in need of urgent medical attention. When she finds out that her friend has relapsed into drug use, Thirteen promises not to take her to the hospital where the cops could find her and instead turns to Chase in desperation. Meanwhile, House deals with devastating information, and Taub (Peter Jacobson) begins to come to terms with surprising news.

House S7E23
Episode 23

Moving On

Well-known performance artist Afsoun Hamidi (guest star Shohreh Aghdashloo) is admitted to the hospital, but when the team learns that her symptoms may have been self-inflicted as part of a documentary for her latest performance piece, they begin to question whether treatments are necessary and if they are unwittingly participating in the creation of a piece of her art. Meanwhile, a situation prompts House to do something very unexpected, a move that could change his relationship with Cuddy and Wilson permanently.

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