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How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother - Season 2 Episodes

How I Met Your Mother - Season 2

How I Met Your Mother - Season 2

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is a comedy about Ted and how he fell in love. It all started when Ted's best friend, Marshall, drops the bombshell that he's going to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Lily, a kindergarten teacher. At that moment, Ted realizes that he had better get a move on if he hopes to find true love, too. Helping him in his quest is Barney, a friend with endless, sometimes outrageous, opinions, a penchant for suits and a fool-proof way to meet women.

How I Met Your Mother S2E1
Episode 1

Where Were We?

While Ted and Robin's romance blossoms, the newly-single Marshall is having trouble getting over his break up with Lily, in spite of the gang's best efforts to cheer him.

How I Met Your Mother S2E2
Episode 2

The Scorpion and the Toad

While Marshall adjusts to bachelorhood, Lily is back in town after an amazing summer in San Francisco, but what really brought her back?

How I Met Your Mother S2E3
Episode 3


Robin is worried about meeting Ted's parents, who have a big surprise in store.

How I Met Your Mother S2E4
Episode 4

Ted Mosby: Architect

After Ted and Robin's first big fight, Ted goes out on the town with a great new pick-up line and a jealous Robin hot on his heels.

How I Met Your Mother S2E5
Episode 5

World's Greatest Couple

Needing a place to stay, Lily moves in with Barney, and it's only a matter of time before they're sleeping together.

How I Met Your Mother S2E6
Episode 6

Aldrin Justice

Hoping that she'll lighten up a bit, Barney takes it upon himself to satisfy Marshall's recently divorced law professor.

How I Met Your Mother S2E7
Episode 7


Marshall goes on his first real date since breaking up with Lily, but his buddies warn him about the inherent dangers of dating a girl with crazy eyes.

How I Met Your Mother S2E8
Episode 8

Atlantic City

The whole gang is off to Atlantic City when Marshall and Lily finally decide to get married, but eloping just isn't as easy as it used to be!

How I Met Your Mother S2E9
Episode 9

Slap Bet

Robin tries to hide her secret past, and the guys discuss opposing viewpoints on getting to know women: while Ted prefers to know everything up front, Barney wants to know as little as possible.

How I Met Your Mother S2E10
Episode 10

Single Stamina

Barney may be losing a wingman when his brother James arrives in town with some surprising news.

How I Met Your Mother S2E11
Episode 11

How Lily Stole Christmas

Ted must find a way to make amends when a fight between him and Lily threatens to ruin everyone's holiday.

How I Met Your Mother S2E12
Episode 12

First Time in New York

Robin wants to talk her younger sister out of losing her virginity, and the gang regales one another with the wild stories of their first sexual experiences.

How I Met Your Mother S2E13
Episode 13


A nude painting of Marshall gives Barney an idea for a portrait of his own, and Ted can't quite bring himself to fire his former boss in spite of the man's obnoxiousness.

How I Met Your Mother S2E14
Episode 14

Monday Night Football

When a funeral preempts the gang's Super Bowl plans, they agree to watch the game on Monday night, trying desperately not to find out the score ahead of time.

How I Met Your Mother S2E15
Episode 15

Lucky Penny

Ted contemplates the mysterious ways of destiny after a string of bad luck that might just turn out for the best.

How I Met Your Mother S2E16
Episode 16


While Ted and Robin purge themselves of mementos from past relationships, Lily's performance in an awful play prompts Barney to star in a play of his own.

How I Met Your Mother S2E17
Episode 17

Arrivederci, Fiero

With Marshall's beloved Fiero in the shop for repairs, the gang reminisces about good times spent in the old car, and Marshall realizes that it may finally be time to let it go.

How I Met Your Mother S2E18
Episode 18

Moving Day

Before he considers moving into Ted's old room himself, Barney does everything he can to prevent Ted from moving in with Robin.

How I Met Your Mother S2E19
Episode 19

Bachelor Party

Barney ruins Marshall's bachelor party by hiring a stripper, and Lily reveals a secret that causes Marshall to rethink his choice of best man.

How I Met Your Mother S2E20
Episode 20


Barney is thrilled by the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream: to appear on The Price is Right and actually meet Bob Barker.

How I Met Your Mother S2E21
Episode 21

Something Borrowed

Surprisingly, it's up to Barney, the consummate bachelor, to set things right when they go wrong on Marshall and Lily's wedding day.

How I Met Your Mother S2E22
Episode 22

Something Blue

At Marshall and Lily's wedding reception, Barney is desperate to discover the big secret that Ted and Robin are hiding.

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