How to Make It in America


How to Make It in America - Season 1 Episodes

How to Make It in America - Season 1

How to Make It in America - Season 1

In the bohemian subculture of downtown NYC, two friends plot to achieve the American Dream...on their own terms. Bryan Greenberg and Victor Rasuk star in Season One of this HBO comedy series.

How to Make It in America S1E1
Episode 1


In the series premiere, Brooklynites Ben and Cam, decide to use their entrepreneurial skills to get a hold of some quick cash to pay back a loan. Also, Ben's ex-girlfriend decides to finally move on from Ben.

How to Make It in America S1E2
Episode 2


Ben and Cam find themselves in debt again to Rene and search for investors to get their jean line off and running. Later, Ben meets with Rachel to discuss their latest encounter.

How to Make It in America S1E3
Episode 3

Paper, Denim & Dollars

Rene tries to buy out his marketing partners. Rachel rethinks her future when she sees Ben. Ben and Cam work on finding a tailor for their denim business.

How to Make It in America S1E4
Episode 4

Unhappy Birthday

Ben is upset on the day of Rachel's birthday and is even more upset to find out Darren is throwing her a dinner party. Ben tries to occupy his time by hanging out with Kaplan, Cam and Domingo.

How to Make It in America S1E5
Episode 5

Big in Japan

Ben and Cam meet with a Japanese buyer but their jeans don't turn out the way they wanted them to. Rene has trouble locating a huge pile of cash and Rachel and Darren experiment with Ecstasy.

How to Make It in America S1E6
Episode 6

Good Vintage

Ben and Cam worry about filling their quota for Hidemi but a retail employee helps them out. Rachel meets Darren's mother and he questions her about their commitment to each other. Also, Rene wants to confront the man who stole his money.

How to Make It in America S1E7
Episode 7

Keep on Truck'n

Rachel is uncomfortable when Ben and Julie get closer. Ben and Cam agree to help Rene out with handing out the Rasta Monsta drink and Rene works on getting more distributing rights for the drink.

How to Make It in America S1E8
Episode 8

Never Say Die

Rene has to deal with all kinds of problems when the Rasta Monsta truck is stolen. Ben and Cam are able to make a business deal for their t-shirts with Japanese businessmen at the airport.

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