How to Make It in America

How to Make It in America

How to Make It in America - Season 2 Episodes

How to Make It in America - Season 2

How to Make It in America - Season 2

Who will you become to get what you want? That's the question facing Ben and Cam in Season 2 of this HBO comedy series that follows the 20-something friends as they continue their pursuit of success in the world of big-time New York City fashion. This season, as they keep working to get their CRISP line of t-shirts and hoodies off the ground following a potentially lucrative trip to Japan.

How to Make It in America S2E1
Episode 1

I'm Good

Ben (Bryan Greenberg) and Cam (Victor Rasuk) return to NYC from a successful trip to Tokyo full of optimism - and with duffle bags of hoodies for a CRISP pop-up store event. Back from her soul-searching globe-trot, Rachel (Lake Bell) realizes she still has feelings for Ben, but discovers he's seeing Julie (Margarita Levieva). Rene (Luis Guzman) puts up a head-turning Rasta Monsta billboard that incenses his girlfriend; Domingo (Scott Mescudi aka Kid Cudi) expands his business beyond dog-walking.

How to Make It in America S2E2
Episode 2

In or Out

Ben and Cam find themselves stuck between their new sales rep and a hard place when they have the opportunity to crash a brunch hosted by the well-connected Nancy Frankenburg (Gina Gershon). On the personal front, Cam is determined to move out of his grandmother's place, and Ben makes an indifferent step toward commitment by giving Julie his spare key. Rene leans on an indebted client to pay up, but not with money; Rachel lands a new job at Biscuit magazine, and lights up with Domingo.

How to Make It in America S2E3
Episode 3

Money, Power, Private School

Fashion rep Nancy lands CRISP a promising gig, though not for the money or clientele Ben and Cam had hoped for. Rachel bestows a lavish gift on Ben after learning that he and Julie may be parting ways. Cam goes into the dealing business with Domingo to help raise money for a river view apartment. Rene shoots a Rasta Monsta viral video with Wilfredo Gomez (Javier Nunez), and gets closer to his girlfriend Debbie (Andrea Navedo).

How to Make It in America S2E4
Episode 4

It's Not Even Like That

At an upstate wedding, Ben's platonic friendship with Rachel is tested by nostalgia - and a revelation about the new guy she's been seeing. Meanwhile, Kapo (Eddie Kay Thomas) stresses about speaking from the heart in his best-man speech. Cam charms Lulu's (Nicole Laliberte) dad (Joe Pantoliano) to secure the perfect location (and an unlikely model) for CRISP's new ÒlookbookÓ photo shoot. Rene seeks to collect on a debt to cover the costs of Rasta Monsta's expanding business (and to buy bling for Debbie).

How to Make It in America S2E5
Episode 5


After Nancy puts the kibosh on getting CRISP into a large midwestern retailer, Ben and Cam take matters into their own hands to charm its young out-of-town buyers. Rene tries to make amends with Debbie and prove he can be a stable family man; Rachel goes from feeling lost at Biscuit to alive in Bushwick, all in a single day.

How to Make It in America S2E6
Episode 6

I'm Sorry, Who's Yosi?

Ben (Bryan Greenberg) senses a conflict of interest when Nancy (Gina Gershon) sets CRISP up with a manufacturer named Yosi (Nick Chinlund). Determined to bring some spice to Biscuit, Rachel (Lake Bell) disregards her boss and pursues an edgy lead. The feds catch up with Kapo (Eddie Kaye Thomas); Lulu (Nicole Laliberte) warns Cam (Victor Rasuk) against selling out; and Rasta Monsta incites the ire of the East Flatbush Caribbean League.

How to Make It in America S2E7
Episode 7

The Friction

Ben and Cam debate the future of CRISP. Rene (Luis Guzmán) hunts down the culprit behind the Rasta Monsta tincture spray, and gives Kapo some advice on how to survive medium security. Rachel commemorates a job setback with ‘shrooms and a shvitz.

How to Make It in America S2E8
Episode 8

What's In A Name?

Questioning his faith in Nancy and Yosi, Ben tries to find a way to stitch CRISP – and his friendship with Cam – back together. Domingo (Scott Mescudi aka Kid Cudi) and Cam try to clear Rasta Monsta’s name with the East Flatbush Caribbean League. Rachel seeks Edie’s (Martha Plimpton) advice; Kapo has the best prison send-off party ever.

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