Human Target

Human Target

Human Target - Season 1 Episodes

Human Target - Season 1

Human Target - Season 1

Using the popular DC Comics title as a springboard, this action-packed drama stars Mark Valley as Christopher Chance, a mysterious agent for hire who assumes different identities, at times literally becoming a human target on behalf of his clients.

Human Target S1E1
Episode 1


Christopher Chance is a unique private contractor/security expert/bodyguard hired when an unusual or imminent threat cannot be solved through normal means of protection. Chance works with his business partner and trusted friend, Winston, and hired gun, Guerrero, to integrate himself completely into his clients' lives and eliminate the threat by becoming the human target. In the series preview, Chance is hired to protect the beautiful engineer of California's first bullet train as it makes its maiden voyage from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Human Target S1E2
Episode 2


Chance and Winston encounter severe turbulence when they work together aboard a passenger plane. They must identify and then protect an anonymous hacker client from an assassin. However, they've never met their client.

Human Target S1E3
Episode 3

Embassy Row

Chance races against time and crashes a black-tie affair at the Russian Embassy to find a friend's killer. As he becomes embroiled in an international arms deal, he meets his match in a beautiful female counterpart.

Human Target S1E4
Episode 4


Chance needs a miracle when he is hired to find and help protect a reformed antiquities thief-turned-monk. His former accomplices, whom he once betrayed, have been released from prison and are out for vengeance. The team races to recover priceless religious artifacts hidden in a remote mountaintop Canadian monastery.

Human Target S1E5
Episode 5


Chance is hired to protect a district attorney who is running from her family's past and marked for murder because of her investigation into an organized crime family.

Human Target S1E6
Episode 6


Chance must break in, then break out of a maximum-security high-rise headquarters of a defense-contracted weapons manufacturer when he is hired to rescue a genius engineer who is held prisoner by his murderous employers.

Human Target S1E7
Episode 7

Salvage & Reclamation

A National Geographic photographer accidentally discovers a lost, stolen treasure. Chance tries to rescue the man who is now the target of a South American army and a deadly bounty hunter. In the process, Chance reunites with a fiery former flame.

Human Target S1E8
Episode 8


Chance's past comes into focus when he recruits FBI Agent Emma Barnes to help him stop his former partner from assassinating a visiting foreign dignitary. Meanwhile, Guerrero tests out a familiar face as a new recruit to the team.

Human Target S1E9
Episode 9

Corner Man

Chance enters the fight of his life.

Human Target S1E10
Episode 10


Chance enters the ring as a prize fighter.

Human Target S1E11
Episode 11


Chance is hired to protect British royalty.

Human Target S1E12
Episode 12

Christopher Chance

When Chance’s (Mark Valley) former boss makes a move to bring him back into the fold, flashbacks reveal the events that lead to Chance, Winston (Chi McBride) and Guerrero’s (Jackie Earle Haley) unlikely partnership.

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