Hyperdrive - Season 2 Episodes

Hyperdrive - Season 2

Hyperdrive - Season 2

The crew of the HMS Camden Lock return for another series of the critically acclaimed and international award winning sci-fi comedy. It's 2152 and Commander Henderson and his team are powering their way through the galaxy once again, still promoting the tourist wonders and business opportunities of the UK. No matter the mission, the crew of the Camden Lock can jump to action at a moment's notice - as long as they are not celebrating Shoegiving Day or making reverse polarity cheese sandwiches.

Hyperdrive S2E1
Episode 1

Green Javelins

The Camden Lock is assigned to fly with the renowned spaceobatics team, The Green Javelins, but Officer Teal's history with squadron leader Jeremy Mason may stop the assignment before it starts. Meanwhile, York tests an unusual scheme for increasing crew productivity.

Hyperdrive S2E2
Episode 2


Henderson tries to return a mysterious object to its owners, who seem very familiar and appear to have become more technologically advanced.

Hyperdrive S2E3
Episode 3

Admiral's Daughter

Henderson has been ordered to find the Space Admiral's daughter who has run away from home.

Hyperdrive S2E4
Episode 4


York is fired and Teal is promoted to first officer in his place. On her first assignment, the Shiny Robots of Vortis attack to harvest the minds of the crew. Will York redeem himself and rescue them?

Hyperdrive S2E5
Episode 5


The crew discover the Dreamgate, a device that can give its owner the ability to walk in others dreams without their knowledge. Henderson and York get trapped in Vine's dream of owning the pub in the 1990s. Can the crew rescue them?

Hyperdrive S2E6
Episode 6


The Camden Lock's position is betrayed when it leads the convoy guarding Britain's new superweapon. There appears to be a traitor on board. Who is it?

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