Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers - Season 2 Episodes

Ice Road Truckers - Season 2

Ice Road Truckers - Season 2

This season, Ice Road Truckers is in the remote communities of Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk, over 100 north of the Arctic Circle. Two clients, the Mallik Gas Hydrate Research Project and MGM Energy, rely on the short ice road season as the sole supply for their energy ventures. In about two months, or until the ice roads melt, these clients collaborate with three competitive trucking companies who must work together to move hundreds of heavy and oversized loads over frozen river and ocean water through fatally cold and often dangerous storm conditions.

Ice Road Truckers S2E0
Episode 0

Road to Season 2

Ice Road Truckers S2E0
Episode 0

Road to the Finale

Ice Road Truckers S2E1
Episode 1

Edge of the Earth

It is a job only a few would dare. This year, four ice road truckers return from last season to join Arctic veterans as they venture 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle to drive the most isolated and dangerous ice roads in North America.

Ice Road Truckers S2E2
Episode 2

Mechanical Mayhem

After just two days in the Arctic, the critical demands of the oil exploration sites are testing the limits of the truckers and their machines.

Ice Road Truckers S2E3
Episode 3

The Big Blizzard

Just five days into the Arctic adventure, Mother Nature is about to strike and wreak havoc on the ice roads.

Ice Road Truckers S2E4
Episode 4

Arctic Whiteout

It's week two on the frozen tundra and the name of the game is Rig Move.

Ice Road Truckers S2E5
Episode 5

Lost on the Ice

After the storm clears, most of the truckers are ready to roll - all except Rick, who is on the verge of quitting and looks to Hugh for advice.

Ice Road Truckers S2E6
Episode 6

Hundred Ton Haul

For the past several decades, two months out of every year, truckers in the Canadian tundra carry vital equipment to remote outposts located hundreds of miles north. The mission is to transport thousands of loads before the road disappears.

Ice Road Truckers S2E7
Episode 7

Man Down

Bear and Eric must haul a boiler and a flare stack - two critical pieces of equipment - to Langley at the same time that a polar bear is spotted in the area.

Ice Road Truckers S2E8
Episode 8

A Trucker's Farewell

After being Med-Evaced to Yellowknife hospital, Alex receives a grim diagnosis that could mean the end of his season. Rick is also complaining of health issues, and again threatens to quit if his boss won't let him take time off to see a doctor.

Ice Road Truckers S2E9
Episode 9

A Rookie Fumbles

It's a race against time to dismantle the Mallik Research site before the ice road melts, but while scientists are on the verge of an historic breakthrough, the truckers are starting to haul away equipment piece-by-piece.

Ice Road Truckers S2E10
Episode 10

Highway Maggots

With the sun beating down on the ice, the road is melting at an accelerating rate. This means that it's all hands on deck for the demobilization of the drilling sites at Langley and Mallik.

Ice Road Truckers S2E11
Episode 11

Man vs. Ice

Rising temperatures are melting away the ice road, making it a dash to the finish line for the crew breaking down the Langely site. Every last piece of equipment must be transported down the ice to Inuvik before the Arctic waters reclaim the road.

Ice Road Truckers S2E12
Episode 12

The Big Thaw

Warming temperatures are causing overflows all over the ice road, and with water rushing through cracks in the ice, hauling loads just got a lot more dangerous.

Ice Road Truckers S2E13
Episode 13

The World Crumbles

Hugh and Eric are neck-in-neck in their race to claim dominance over the ice road, but with only days before the end of the season, time is running out and the ocean waters are closing in.

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