Ikki tousen

Ikki tousen

Ikki tousen - Season 1 Episodes

Ikki tousen S1E1
Episode 1

The Champions

Beautiful 17-year-old Hakufu Sonsaku transfers to Nanyo High School, aiming to conquer the entire province. But first she must defeat the "Big Four" fighters at Nanyo school.

Ikki tousen S1E2
Episode 2

A Confrontation at Nanyou

Nanyo High-School's "Big Four" fears that the legendary conqueror would revive soon.

Ikki tousen S1E3
Episode 3

My Chastity is in Danger

First fight that really turned bad for Hakufu.

Ikki tousen S1E4
Episode 4

A Duel! Taishiji Vs Sonsaku

One of the fighters who Hakufu meets on the street shows how to enjoy the battles.

Ikki tousen S1E5
Episode 5

An Angry Hafuku and a School Wide Counterattack

The grand "Tournament of Fighters" open to all schools in the Kanto region.

Ikki tousen S1E6
Episode 6

The Great Tournament Begins

Ryomo wants revenge after having been humiliated She will need to battle through to the final of Great Tournament.

Ikki tousen S1E7
Episode 7

A Confrontation With Destiny

Girls are up for fight! Goal being to reach next round.

Ikki tousen S1E8
Episode 8

Why! The Betrayal Of Gouei!

Is it Ryofu's destiny to repeat history and betray Totaku?

Ikki tousen S1E9
Episode 9

Viva Hot Springs!

A spa in the mountains is not a so bad place to relax..

Ikki tousen S1E10
Episode 10

An Encounter Between the Ruler and the Devil

Summer and swimming in a pool aren't always that relaxing.

Ikki tousen S1E11
Episode 11

Ryofu -- Love and Death

Ukitsu understands now who is Hakufu, really.

Ikki tousen S1E12
Episode 12

Summer Comes to the Watermelon Patch

Battles to death. Things are getting tougher now for Hakufu and Kokin.

Ikki tousen S1E13
Episode 13

Farewell to Hafuku and the Days of Fighting

1800 years after the original battle, Hakufu faces the ultimate showdown with Ukitsu.

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