In Case of Emergency

In Case of Emergency

In Case of Emergency - Season 1 Episodes

In Case of Emergency S1E1
Episode 1


The opening episode of this new series explores the concept that who you were in high school is not what you will become. Harry, Jason, Sherman and Kelly discovered this fact on a day when they each had a personal emergency. This series of emergencies reunites the group and they find that, at the end of the day, that they've got each other in case of emergency.

In Case of Emergency S1E2
Episode 2

It's Got to Be the Morning After

Kelly's cop boyfriend catches Harry helping her move her things out of his place and he isn't happy about it. Jason is still trying to have something going on with Dr. Joanna while Sherman's staff refuses to help him to restore his professional reputation.

In Case of Emergency S1E3
Episode 3

Let Go, Let Golf

Sherman and Harry sneak into an ashram to extract Sherman's ex-wife. Kelly confesses to Harry what really happened to her husband, while Jason tries to convince Dr. Joanna's grandmother to accept medical treatment to save her life.

In Case of Emergency S1E4
Episode 4

Stuck in Amber

Harry quits his job because his boss chastises him, and Sherman tries to avoid hostile fellow shoppers at a supermarket while Jason dodges a process server.

In Case of Emergency S1E5
Episode 5

Denial for a While

While Harry begs Kelly not to tell Sherman and Jason that she's a hooker, Sherman discovers that Jason's investment company has lost all of his money, and Dr. Joanna rejects Jason's advances.

In Case of Emergency S1E6
Episode 6

Oh, Henry

While Jason is jail bound and considers ratting out his uncle Henry to get a better deal, Jason's mother flirts with Harry. In the meantime, hoping to get him over his wife, Kelly takes Sherman to a strip club.

In Case of Emergency S1E7
Episode 7

Forbidden Love

Jason finds out that his mom is sleeping with Harry. Sherman is having a hard time trying to stay on his diet. And Dylan gets a crush on Kelly.

In Case of Emergency S1E8
Episode 8

Proof of Love

While Sherman convinces Kelly to help him kidnap his wife, Harry reveals to Jason that he has sex with his mother and Jason tries to prove that Joanna kissed him.

In Case of Emergency S1E9
Episode 9

Your Goose Is Cooked

After the surprise visit of Kelly to her strict parents, she decides to create a new life for herself and to start from scratch. She decide that the best way of doing it is by getting married, but things are getting complicated when she decides to choose Jason and not Harry and her parents demand that she have a traditional Korean wedding.

In Case of Emergency S1E10
Episode 10

The Good, the Bad, and the Mob

When Harry's son, Dylan, is repeatedly harassed by a school bully, Kelly decides to hire two goons from the massage parlor to protect him. Meanwhile, Jason finally gets Dr. Joanna to go out with him but, while they were going out, he finds himself mortified as all his possessions get repossessed right in front of her.

In Case of Emergency S1E11
Episode 11

Happy Endings

Harry and Sherman decides to go to a spa to escape women, but when they arrive Sherman begins the vacation by looking for women. Meanwhile, joanna is having problems with her neck. Each time Jason's name is mentioned, she gets a pain in her neck. she then decide to go for a massage but Kelly will be the masseuse.

In Case of Emergency S1E12
Episode 12

Disorder in the Court

Harry tries to get his ex-wife and her boyfriend to marry so he can stop paying the alimony and finally use his money to get back on track but he then learn that his son prefer his ex-wife new boyfriend more than him. During the meantime, Jason learns that his lawyer his Joanna's fiancé, while Sherman goes to rehab to help his public image.

In Case of Emergency S1E13
Episode 13

The Picture

While Harry and Maureen try to get back together, Joanna learns about her hidden attachment to Jason. Meanwhile, Shermans book goes #1 in Japan.

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