In the House

In the House

In the House - Season 3 Episodes

In the House S3E1
Episode 1

The Real World

After Jackie moves back East with her son Austin, sidelined pro-football player Marion Hill revels, at least temporarily, in having his house back to himself. Plus, he is supposed to find out soon from a medical diagnosis if he can play football again. But a trip to the sports clinic immediately changes his outlook - with comedic reverberations. When Marion finds out he'll never play football again from the insensitive new doctor at the sports clinic, Maxwell Stanton, he doesn't know what to do, until his next door neighbor and physical therapist Tonia convinces him to buy the clinic, which is about to be closed in corporate downsizing. With partner Tonia in tow, they head off to meet with a loan officer. But it seems they weren't the only ones with this good idea. Dr. Stanton is looking to buy the place as well. When both parties learn that neither can make the deal on their own, they're left with only one option... a three way split.

In the House S3E2
Episode 2

Mother of Invention

Tonia and Maxwell come up with a get rich quick scheme - the ""Butt Ball"" - to help fund their sports clinic. All they need is a celebrity endorser to get the ball rolling. When Olympic Gold-Medalist Jackie Joyner-Kersee drops out, they turn to their partner, ex-pro football star Marion, to step in and save the day.

In the House S3E3
Episode 3

I Only Have You for Eyes

Overwhelmed by Tonia's demands on their time, Marion and Maxwell conspire to get themselves off her daily social calendar by fixing her up with Gary, the water delivery man. But when the first date lands him in the emergency room, the guys have trouble convincing Gary to go out with Tonia a second time. With the promise to 100 free gym hours sweetening the pot, Gary agrees to see Tonia again, and Marion and Maxwell decide to go along to make sure things go smoothly. But Tonia is on to their plan and has one of her own.

In the House S3E4
Episode 4

Bury the Hatchet

Marion helps an obnoxious football player facing a career-ending injury. Meanwhile, Tiffany convinces Tonia to flirt with a client.

In the House S3E5
Episode 5

Maxwell Said Knock You Out

Heated competition between Marion and Maxwell results in L.A. Lakers, Eddie Jones, a prospective client, being knocked out cold.

In the House S3E6
Episode 6

Record Breaking Time

A hotshot college football star poised to break one of Marion's last standing records catches Tiffany's eye. But Tonia has a bad feeling about the young man's intentions - feelings Marion initially discounts. Meanwhile, Maxwell scrutinizes a parade of would-be receptionists.

In the House S3E7
Episode 7

Kindergarten Doc

Rodney reconsiders Maxwell as his career role model for school. Meanwhile, Marion coaches Tonia for a charity boxing match.

In the House S3E8
Episode 8

The Curse of Hill House

Maxwell insults a self-proclaimed witch, who casts a spell on him.

In the House S3E9
Episode 9

One Love

In the House S3E10
Episode 10

Pledge Allegiance

When Tiffany's social life causes truancy trouble, Marion plots to make her party until she can party no more.

In the House S3E11
Episode 11

This is a Test

Maxwell's girlfriend Shanna is more interested in her dog than in him. Marion crams for a physical therapist certification exam.

In the House S3E12
Episode 12

The Max Who Came to Dinner

It appears that in the eye of Marion's grandma, he can do nothing right...whereas Maxwell can do nothing wrong.

In the House S3E13
Episode 13

Saint Marion

While volunteering at a soup kitchen, Marion is believed to be destitute. Tonia teaches her friend Henry how to be cool to impress his girlfriend, but he becomes attracted to Tonia.

In the House S3E15
Episode 15

You're the One

Marion welcomes Evander Holyfield into his home as the two prepare for a banquet honoring Marion at which they hope to get a big donation for a children's charity. Unfortunately, eternal trouble makers Tonia and Max manage to get invited to the event as well. Meanwhile, Tiffany learns that she may lose her bid for homecoming queen because she scored high on here advanced placement test.

In the House S3E16
Episode 16

Love Wars

Amber, the property manager who's responsible for rent increases in the office building, once had a affair with Marion. Tonia has a secret admirer.

In the House S3E17
Episode 17

Marion Strikes Back

Marion shows that he's free of his attraction to Amber by dating a woman from a company making a commercial for the clinic.

In the House S3E18
Episode 18

Return of the Stiletto

Marion's effort to avoid the ""I love you"" land mine with Amber blows up in his face. Meanwhile, Max believes that Tonia's boyfriend Henry may be giving secret information about their clinic to another rival clinic.

In the House S3E19
Episode 19

Fore Armed

Marion and Maxwell organize a celebrity miniature-golf tournament.

In the House S3E20
Episode 20

Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Marion vows to abstain from romantic liaisons as a mode of spiritual cleansing.

In the House S3E21
Episode 21

The Retreat Story

Marion weighs an offer to endorse orthopedic shoes for seniors while on his annual spiritual retreat.

In the House S3E22
Episode 22


Tonia and Maxwell challenge Marion to tackle his acrophobia by rock climbing. Meanwhile, Carl escorts Tiffany to her senior prom after a major conflict occurs.

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