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In Treatment

In Treatment - Season 2 Episodes

In Treatment - Season 2

In Treatment - Season 2

Set within the confines of individual psychotherapy sessions, this HBO drama series stars Gabriel Byrne as a therapist who exhibits an insightful, reserved demeanor while treating his patients, but displays a crippling insecurity to his own therapist.

In Treatment S2E1
Episode 1

Mia - Week One

Paul answers the door at his new Brooklyn apartment to find Alex Sr., the father of the patient who died during a flight exercise last year, serving him with a law suit — he blames Paul for his son's death.

In Treatment S2E2
Episode 2

April - Week One

A 23-year-old architecture student, April spends much of her first session with Paul avoiding what it is she came to talk about. She discusses her recent break-up with a fellow student named Kyle, and his new socialite girlfriend.

In Treatment S2E3
Episode 3

Oliver - Week One

Sixth-grader Oliver sits with Paul in his office while they wait for Oliver's mother Bess to return from the deli and for his father Luke to arrive.

In Treatment S2E4
Episode 4

Walter - Week One

CEO Walter Barnett comes to see Paul at his wife Connie's insistence, complaining of insomnia.

In Treatment S2E5
Episode 5

Gina - Week One

Paul commutes down from New York to Maryland via Amtrak to see his kids for the weekend and pays a visit to Gina to suss out what she might say in a deposition for the malpractice suit against Paul.

In Treatment S2E6
Episode 6

Mia - Week Two

Mia has a session with Paul to apologize for her unprofessional behavior from the week before, acknowledging she intercepted his file when his attorney couldn't be there, in order to surprise and needle him.

In Treatment S2E7
Episode 7

April - Week Two

April arrives at her session, furious. Her iPhone has died in the middle of a call and she asks Paul if she can use his phone.

In Treatment S2E8
Episode 8

Oliver - Week Two

Oliver and Paul talk while Bess and Luke wait to be invited in. Oliver says he doesn't want to talk about school because all of his teachers hate him because he falls asleep all of the time.

In Treatment S2E9
Episode 9

Walter - Week Two

Paul's daughter Rosie visits him in Brooklyn, concerned about his law suit and that he’s lonely living in New York.

In Treatment S2E10
Episode 10

Gina - Week Two

Kate is waiting for Paul at Gina's to get him to fill out a financial aid form for Rosie's college applications.

In Treatment S2E11
Episode 11

Mia - Week Three

Mia meets Paul outside his office as he arrives (late) from a few days in Maryland. Irritated, she wants to know what happened and then explains that she spent the weekend working, which was good because she was supposed to go away with Bennett.

In Treatment S2E12
Episode 12

April - Week Three

April calls Paul, asking to come to his office immediately. She was on her way to school to turn in a project — the architectural model for a World Trade Center memorial — and has been having trouble sleeping.

In Treatment S2E13
Episode 13

Oliver - Week Three

Bess swings by Paul's office to pick up the turtle that Oliver left behind. She explains that her son has been staying with Luke for the week, giving her some time to herself. Before leaving, she hands Paul some homemade cookies, thanking him for going "above and beyond" with the turtle.

In Treatment S2E14
Episode 14

Walter - Week Three

Walter arrives late for his session, having already postponed it by two hours.

In Treatment S2E15
Episode 15

Gina - Week Three

Paul lays out breakfast for his overnight guest, and Tammy emerges, showered and marveling at how she doesn't feel guilty cheating on her husband because Paul feels "comfortable."

In Treatment S2E16
Episode 16

Mia - Week Four

Mia arrives late and barges into Paul's personal living space, explaining that she grabbed breakfast on the way and wants to eat it.

In Treatment S2E17
Episode 17

April - Week Four

April arrives early and somewhat agitated, explaining that she may have to leave abruptly if her brother Daniel calls.

In Treatment S2E18
Episode 18

Oliver - Week Four

Bess and Oliver show up at Paul's door with suitcases, announcing that they've been thrown out of their apartment and have no place to go — then collapse in laughter over the joke they've played on him.

In Treatment S2E19
Episode 19

Walter - Week Four

Paul fields a call from his brother, who is upset about their father's recent turn for the worse; he promises to visit the nursing home on Saturday.

In Treatment S2E20
Episode 20

Gina - Week Four

Paul gives his deposition in the malpractice suit, getting worked up as he realizes the opposition is suggesting that Alex and Laura's affair affected his treatment of Alex.

In Treatment S2E21
Episode 21

Mia - Week Five

Paul sifts through a pile of unopened sympathy cards and then opens a cigar box filled with his dead father's possessions.

In Treatment S2E22
Episode 22

April - Week Five

April arrives, looking a bit tired but in good spirits. She reveals that she's been having conversations with Paul in her head; that the two of them discuss whether life is worth living.

In Treatment S2E23
Episode 23

Oliver - Week Five

Oliver shows up unexpectedly at Paul's office, interrupting one of his sessions: He's run away from school.

In Treatment S2E24
Episode 24

Walter - Week Five

Paul is greeted by Walter's daughter Natalie when he arrives at the hospital to visit. When Walter missed his session, Paul phoned and Connie told him Walter had food poisoning.

In Treatment S2E25
Episode 25

Gina - Week Five

Kate meets Paul at the train station to pick up Rosie's things and gives her condolences, again, for his father.

In Treatment S2E26
Episode 26

Mia - Week Six

Paul finds Mia in his waiting room, depressed. "It's over," she says. "I'm not pregnant." She says she started bleeding on Friday, and ever since, her new sense of purpose—and feeling "normal for once"—has disappeared.

In Treatment S2E27
Episode 27

April - Week Six

April, furious that Paul called her mother and told her about the cancer, says their relationship is over.

In Treatment S2E28
Episode 28

Oliver - Week Six

Bess and Luke ask to speak to Paul alone before their session with Oliver and immediately begin arguing over Bess's "big news": she's accepted an assistant professorship at Bard College and has to move upstate in two weeks. Luke accuses her of using it as an excuse to take Oliver away, and Paul is concerned about the impact of uprooting Oliver from his school and home.

In Treatment S2E29
Episode 29

Walter - Week Six

Walter is humiliated to have his daughter Natalie accompany him to his session with Paul—they won't let him out of the "looney bin" without an escort.

In Treatment S2E30
Episode 30

Gina - Week Six

Enraged by being put on repeated hold while trying to deal with his father's estate, Paul heaves his cell phone in the trash just as Gina opens the door to her waiting room to invite him in.

In Treatment S2E31
Episode 31

Mia - Week Seven

Paul, worried that he hasn't heard from Mia, tells her as much when she arrives for their session.

In Treatment S2E32
Episode 32

April - Week Seven

Paul, in his kitchen, can't get to the ringing phone, and when the answering machine picks up, it's April.

In Treatment S2E33
Episode 33

Oliver - Week Seven

Bess has insisted Oliver come to their last visit with Paul before they move up to Bard, but Oliver refuses to talk to him, opting to remain in the waiting room while Bess and Paul talk in his office.

In Treatment S2E34
Episode 34

Walter - Week Seven

Walter arrives early for his session with Paul, barging in on other patients. Later, he apologizes but begins his session with small talk about what he's done since he was released from the hospital last week.

In Treatment S2E35
Episode 35

Gina - Week Seven

Paul is late to his session and Gina waits impatiently, annoyed he hasn't checked in. He finally arrives and comments on her attire—she looks like she's got a date.

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