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Inside Comedy - Season 1 Episodes

Inside Comedy - Season 1

Inside Comedy - Season 1

From executive producers David Steinberg, Steve Carell, Vance DeGeneres and Charlie Hartsock comes INSIDE COMEDY, a new comedy documentary series featuring one-on-one, uncensored interviews with some of the world's biggest comedians. Chris Rock, Ellen Degeneres and Jerry Seinfeld, to comedians of the past few decades such as Mel Brooks, Don Rickles and Jonathan Winters, to name just a few, share career-defining moments, personal struggles and the idols who inspired them.

Inside Comedy S1E1
Episode 1

Jerry Seinfeld / Don Rickles

In the Season 1 premiere, series host David Steinberg sits down with superstar comedian and sitcom icon Jerry Seinfeld to discuss his standup career and the self-named TV series that made him one of the medium's most recognized, highest paid performers; then Steinberg sits down with legendary show man and the world's greatest master of "insult comedy," Don Rickles.

Inside Comedy S1E2
Episode 2

Chris Rock

Host David Steinberg interviews comedian and actor Chris Rock, who talks about his influences including his minister grandfather and Eddie Murphy, the type of material that plays across all cultural boundaries, his respect for Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor, and his struggle for fame and success in the years after he left "Saturday Night Live."

Inside Comedy S1E3
Episode 3

Steve Carrell / Jane Lynch

Host David Steinberg interviews comedy actors Steve Carell, who charts the rise of his career from improvisation training to TV and movie stardom; and talks to Carell's "40-Year-Old Virgin" costar Jane Lynch, who recalls that her passion for performing and comedy began early, and praises one of her key influences, Carol Burnett.

Inside Comedy S1E4
Episode 4

Billy Crystal / Martin Short / Brad Garrett

Host David Steinberg interviews a trio of comedy greats about their early encounters with show business legends: Billy Crystal talks about his memories of opening for Sammy Davis Jr., Martin Short recalls meeting Jerry Lewis, whom he has often imitated, and Brad Garrett reveals the innocent joke that got him exiled from opening for Frank Sinatra.

Inside Comedy S1E5
Episode 5

Larry David

Host David Steinberg interviews "Curb Your Enthusiasm" creator Larry David about his formative years and his choice of comedy over his family's career preference of mailman, the creative struggles of his "Saturday Night Live" and "Seinfeld" years, and the influence of Woody Allen on his work.

Inside Comedy S1E6
Episode 6

Sarah Silverman / Garry Shandling

Host David Steinberg talks to a pair of television stars who got their starts in standup comedy but became known for shows that hilariously blended reality and fantasy, pushing the limits of the sitcom format.

Inside Comedy S1E7
Episode 7

Mel Brooks / Carl Reiner

Host David Steinberg interviews the show business legends, lifelong friends who got their start writing for television variety shows and became comedy motion picture directors, each with a string of classic box office blockbusters to his name.

Inside Comedy S1E8
Episode 8

Ellen Degeneres / Tim Conway

Host David Steinberg interviews a pair of TV comedy superstars with a gift for entertaining live audiences, standup comedienne and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, and former Carol Burnett Show star Tim Conway.

Inside Comedy S1E9
Episode 9

Kathy Griffin / Steven Wright

Host David Steinberg interviews the dryly funny comics whose wickedly smart, subversive observations and twisted takes on the absurdities of everyday life and popular culture have made them household names.

Inside Comedy S1E10
Episode 10

Robin Williams / Jonathan Winters

In the Season 1 finale, series host David Steinberg interviews icons of improvisation. Robin Williams, whose wildly manic standup comedy style was greatly influenced by his mentor Jonathan Winters, off-the-cuff creator of delightfully eccentric characters.

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