Inside the Actors Studio


Inside the Actors Studio - Season 13 Episodes

Inside the Actors Studio S13E1
Episode 1

Forest Whitaker

Forest Whitaker is profiled and interviewed about his career.

Inside the Actors Studio S13E2
Episode 2

Eddie Murphy

The comedic actor discusses his huge successes, his big break and his ever-aspirational outlook on life.

Inside the Actors Studio S13E3
Episode 3

Matt Damon

The writer/actor and all-around nice guy discusses how he slowly but surely rose to fame with persistance and support from friends and family, becoming one of the best-paid and most admired performers in the business.

Inside the Actors Studio S13E4
Episode 4

Diana Ross

Singer and actress Diana Ross is interviewed about her career.

Inside the Actors Studio S13E5
Episode 5

Chris Rock

Robert Lipton interviews comedian/actor Chris Rock about his career and background.

Inside the Actors Studio S13E6
Episode 6

Mark Ruffalo

Host Robert Linton talks to Mark Ruffalo about his various roles.

Inside the Actors Studio S13E7
Episode 7

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

James Lipton interviews Julia-Louis Dreyfus about her various acting roles.

Inside the Actors Studio S13E8
Episode 8

Kyra Sedgwick

Actress Kyra Sedgwick is interviewed about her career and movie & TV roles.

Inside the Actors Studio S13E9
Episode 9

Michelle Pfeiffer

James Lipton looks back at Pfeiffer's career. She returns to the screen after a 5 year absence with a role in the remake of Hairspray, and delves into the execution of her other well-loved characters.

Inside the Actors Studio S13E10
Episode 10

Charlie Sheen

James Lipton talks to Charlie Sheen about his various film and TV roles.

Inside the Actors Studio S13E11
Episode 11

Billy Crystal (II)

Actor/comedian Billy Crystal makes a second visit to the show to talk with James Lipton about his work in films.

Inside the Actors Studio S13E12
Episode 12

Sir Anthony Hopkins (II)

Acclaimed actor and proud owner of a knighthood, Sir Anthony Hopkins returns to talk to James Lipton about his continually successful career on screen and stage.

Inside the Actors Studio S13E13
Episode 13

Alec Baldwin (II)

James Lipton talks to Alec Baldwin about his career since his original 1994 appearance on the show, and his recent foray into television.

Inside the Actors Studio S13E14
Episode 14

Halle Berry

This actress, often voted high on "most beautiful people" lists, discusses her difficult upbringing and her perserverance to get into showbizness despite opposition.

Inside the Actors Studio S13E15
Episode 15

John Cusack

The coolly charismatic actor recounts events from his interesting 25-year career, including his penchant for delivering soulful monologues in the rain.

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