Inuyasha - Season 2 Episodes

Inuyasha S2E1
Episode 1

Miroku Falls Into a Dangerous Trap

After Miroku sucks a mantis demon into his Wind Tunnel, the demon manages to rip the tunnel. Panicked, Miroku returns to the home of his mentor, Mushin, to repair it. Haunted with memories of his father's death, Miroku must come to terms with his Wind Tunnel as demons attack Mushin's temple.

Inuyasha S2E28
Episode 28

Miroku Falls Into a Dangerous Trap

A demon injures Miroku's Wind Tunnel. Miroku visits the temple of Mushin, the man who raised him, for help treating the injury. Mushin is possessed by an Urn Grub and attacks Miroku. Furthermore, Miroku is paralyzed and is surrounded by many demons.

Inuyasha S2E29
Episode 29

Sango?s Suffering and Kohaku?s Life

Sango's younger brother, Kohaku, who's supposed to be dead, is alive. Naraku reveals that Kohaku is living because of a sacred jewel shard that is planted in his back.

Inuyasha S2E30
Episode 30

Tetsusaiga Is Stolen! Showdown at Naraku's Castle!

Sango steals the Tetsusaiga and is led to Naraku's castle. Sango tries to use the opportunity to kill Naraku, but she is seriously injured by an attack from Kohaku. Inuyasha and the gang catch up to her, but they are in danger from Naraku's miasma.

Inuyasha S2E31
Episode 31

Jinenji, Kind Yet Sad

Kirara has been weakened by Naraku's poison. Inuyasha and Kagome go looking for an antidotal herb. Jinenji, a demon who is protecting an herb field, is actually a half demon and is picked on by the villagers because of his weakness.

Inuyasha S2E32
Episode 32

Kikyo and Inuyasha, Into the Miasma

Inuyasha and Miroku come across a cave when they go looking for the source of a strong evil presence. The Fuko no Jutsu has been placed on the cave. Hundreds of demons will fight to the death and are absorbed by the victors.

Inuyasha S2E33
Episode 33

Kikyo, Captured by Naraku

Inuyasha and the gang go to save Kikyo. They are struck with Death by Illusion, a demon technique. Kagome is not affected by the technique. Kikyo takes away her Shikon Jewel shards and tries to kill her?

Inuyasha S2E34
Episode 34

Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga

The Tenseiga and the Tetsusaiga, two great swords that were forged by swordsmith Totosai, have been left to Sesshomaru and Inuyasha by their father. Sesshomaru wants a sword to fight with and is unsatisfied with the Tenseiga, a healing sword.

Inuyasha S2E35
Episode 35

The True Owner of the Great Sword!

Inuyasha's eye is closed by poison from Sesshomaru's claws. He relies on the smell of demon energies clashing to find the wind scar. He releases his sword's true power and forces Sesshomaru to withdraw. Totosai accepts Inuyasha as Tetsusaiga's owner.

Inuyasha S2E36
Episode 36

Kagome Kidnapped by Koga, the Wolf Demon!

Koga is the young leader of the demon wolf tribe, whose wolf minions were killed by Inuyasha. He places Shikon Jewel shards in his arms and legs, which he uses as weapons, making him an even match with Inuyasha. But it's Kagome who intrigues him?

Inuyasha S2E37
Episode 37

The Man Who Fell in Love with Kagome!

Koga and the demon wolf tribe begin their attack on the Birds of Paradise. Kagome senses that the sacred jewel shard and tells Koga it's in the mouth of the brothers who lead the Birds of Paradise.

Inuyasha S2E38
Episode 38

Two Hearts, One Mind

Kagome is angry that Inuyasha is suspicious of her relationship with Koga and returns to the present day. She goes back to school for the first time in a while, where she has to deal with the advances of yet another suitor.

Inuyasha S2E39
Episode 39

Trapped in a Duel to the Death!

Kagura, a wind-using demon, used rumors of Shikon Jewel shards to draw out demon wolf tribe members and kill them. She lures Inuyasha and the gang out and attacks them with the corpses of the demon wolf tribe members.

Inuyasha S2E40
Episode 40

The Deadly Trap of Kagura the Wind Sorceress!

At the end of a desperate struggle, Koga corners Inuyasha, but he is extremely weakened by the poisonous shard in his arm. Kagura appears and controls the wind in the battlefield. Inuyasha stands up, but she tosses him about.

Inuyasha S2E41
Episode 41

Kagura?s Dance and Kanna?s Mirror

Miroku is reunited with Koharu, a girl he once made advances on. He leaves her in a certain village, where Kanna, the older sister of Kagura, appears.

Inuyasha S2E42
Episode 42

The Wind Scar Fails

Kanna's mirror fails to absorb Kagome's soul, probably because of its size, but it reflects Inuyasha's Wind Scar, the Tetsusaiga's special technique. Inuyasha is injured by the blast of wind blasted back at him. Then Naraku appears.

Inuyasha S2E43
Episode 43

Tetsusaiga Breaks

Kikyo gave the sacred jewel shards she had stolen from Kagome to Naraku. She appears before Inuyasha and tells him not to kill her until she is wiped out along with the Shikon Jewel and Naraku.

Inuyasha S2E44
Episode 44

Kaijinbo?s Evil Sword

Totosai repairs the Tetsusaiga using one of Inuyasha's fangs. Meanwhile, Sessomaru takes the fangs of the deceased Goshinki to swordsmith Kaijinbo. He brings the fangs back to life with the Tenseiga.

Inuyasha S2E45
Episode 45

Sesshomaru Wields Tokijin

Kaijinbo the swordsmith, manipulated by the sword Tokijin, charges at Inuyasha. In the end, he is wiped out by the force of the Tetsusaiga. All that is left is the Tokijin, which is untouchable because of the evil energy it emits.

Inuyasha S2E46
Episode 46

Juromaru and Kageromaru

Naraku's new minions, Juromaru and Kageromaru, attack Inuyasha and the gang. Koga comes to save Kagome from danger. He fights the two demons as he bickers with Inuyasha, but he struggles against Kageromaru, who digs underground.

Inuyasha S2E47
Episode 47

Onigumo?s Heart Still Beats Within Naraku

Because of the incident with Koga, Kagome has a fight with Inuyasha and goes back to the present day. Meanwhile, Naraku wants to get rid of Onigumo's feelings for Kikyo by sending a giant Shinidamachu to kill Kikyo.

Inuyasha S2E48
Episode 48

Return to the Place Where We First Met

Kagome returns to the present day. She senses that Inuyasha has chosen Kikyo and wonders if she can ever go back to the past, but she still has the Shikon Jewel shards.

Inuyasha S2E49
Episode 49

Kohaku?s Lost Memory

Sango finds the bodies of her father and the other slayers at the ruins of Naraku's castle. Her brother Kohaku is nearby but can only remember that he escaped the castle.

Inuyasha S2E50
Episode 50

That Unforgettable Face!

Sango's brother Kohaku is being manipulated by Naraku and is after Kagome's life. Inuyasha and the gang have been separated from Kagome, but Kohaku doesn't take Kagome's life.

Inuyasha S2E51
Episode 51

Inuyasha?s Soul, Devoured

Just as Inuyasha and the gang overcome Naraku's trap involving Kohaku, Sesshomaru investigates the secrets of Inuyasha's transformation by visiting Bokusenno, a demon tree whose wood was used to make the sheaths for the Tetsusaiga and the Tenseiga.

Inuyasha S2E52
Episode 52

The Demon?s True Nature

Inuyasha transforms into a demon when his life is in danger. He quickly destorys Gatenmaru, who has become a giant moth. He attacks the escaping bandits with his claws, and he cannot hear Kagome trying to stop him.

Inuyasha S2E53
Episode 53

Father?s Old Enemy: Ryukotsusei

Inuyasha visits Totosai's workplace by himself. The Tetsusaiga was broken by Goshinki, and Inuyasha's own fang was used to repair it. Inuyasha's fang isn't compatible with that of his great demon father, so the Tetsusaiga has become heavier.

Inuyasha S2E54
Episode 54

The Backlash Wave: Tetsusaiga?s Ultimate Technique

Ryukotsusei knocks away the Tetsusaiga, and Inuyasha transforms into a demon. Totosai tells everyone to retreat because they are in danger, but Kagome decides to stay behind.

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