It's Garry Shandling's Show. (1986)

It's Garry Shandling's Show. - Season 4 Episodes

Episode 1

“First Show of the Fourth Season”

Garry invites his boss to dinner to meet Pheobe.

Episode 2

“Take My Wife, for Example”

Garry jokes about Phoebe on TV.

Episode 3

“Nathan's Sheer Madness”

Grant's friend Ross tries to hack his parents after watching the Sheer Madness show.

Episode 4


Gary suspects Grant is taking steroids.

Episode 5

“Dinner at Eddy King's House”

Garry meets 1950s stand-up comic Eddie King.

Episode 6

“The Proposal”

Garry proposes and then meets Pheobe's family including half brother Chester.

Episode 7


Garry must convince a sponsor he didn't appear in an X-rated film.

Episode 8

“The Day Howard Moved In”

Howard Sprague of Mayberry moves in.

Episode 9

“The Wedding Show”

Production numbers enliven Garry and Phoebe's wedding.

Episode 10

“The Honeymoon Show”

Weird deaths make the Shandling's think their marriage is cursed.

Episode 11

“Shandling vs. Mull”

Phoebe's bill upsets client Martin Mull.

Episode 12

“Leonard Gets Metaphysical”

Garry goes out tour with Guns and Roses and leaves the show in Grant's hands.

Episode 13

“Chester Gets a Show”

Phoebe's brother get a TV show.

Episode 14

“My Mother the Wife”

It's Garry's anniversary and everytime he wants to make love with his wife he sees mom.

Episode 15

“Family Man”

Are Phoebe and Garry pregnant? Garry uses his time clock to fast forward and meets his son and daughter.

Episode 16

“Mad at Brad”

Garry feels neglected when his manager takes on a new client.

Episode 17

“The Last Show”

Mr. Death moves into the condo complex and Garry dies.

Episode 18

“The Talent Show”

The cast parodies "Phantom of the Opera".

Episode 19

“Driving Miss Garry”

Guests Dan Aykroyd and Paul Winfield finish off the series.