Jake and the Fatman

Jake and the Fatman

Jake and the Fatman - Season 5 Episodes

Jake and the Fatman S5E1
Episode 1

Where or When (1)

PI Ed Delaney sees a man die and calls the police, but when they come for the body it is gone. He identifies the man as millionaire Richard Rose, who as it turns out, is still alive...

Jake and the Fatman S5E2
Episode 2

Where or When (2)

Jake goes undercover as a middle man between Rose and a rebel army wanting to buy Rose's hi-tech rifles, while Delaney finds proof that Rose isn't who he claims to be.

Jake and the Fatman S5E3
Episode 3

Street of Dreams

A young graffiti painter witnesses a murder and takes the victim's wallet. Jake finds him, but he refuses to talk, figuring that if he could solve the case himself he'd get a reward.

Jake and the Fatman S5E4
Episode 4

I'll Never Be the Same

Jake kills a 14-year-old boy. He claims the boy had a gun and fired upon him, but no gun is found and the neighbors didn't hear anything.

Jake and the Fatman S5E5
Episode 5

I Could Write a Book

A writer is just about to publish an incriminating book about his ex-wife, when he is found dead in his bathtub.

Jake and the Fatman S5E6
Episode 6

Two Different Worlds

A woman follows a client of her sister's law firm, and sees him rob a store and kill the attendants. She confronts the man, and threatens to tell the police unless he kills her sister.

Jake and the Fatman S5E7
Episode 7

Every Time We Say Goodbye

A friend of Neely's is killed by a heroin overdose, just as she was about to quit modeling. Neely goes undercover as a model to find out why.

Jake and the Fatman S5E8
Episode 8

Come Along with Me

Neely and Jake investigates a case where dead bodies are found with their livers surgically removed.

Jake and the Fatman S5E9
Episode 9

Last Dance

McCabe is prosecuting Mitchell Lazarus for murder and has just placed him at the scene, when another man steps forward claiming to be the murderer.

Jake and the Fatman S5E10
Episode 10

Come Closer to Me

A trio of high-class pickpockets gets in trouble when they pick a mafia hitman's pocket and get a piece of paper with his next target on it.

Jake and the Fatman S5E11
Episode 11

Since I Fell for You

Derek is shocked when he finds out that a woman he loved didn't die in a plane crash 6 years ago.

Jake and the Fatman S5E12
Episode 12

Just You, Just Me

Jake helps out a shop owner who refuses to obey a local gang's order to close 3 hours early.

Jake and the Fatman S5E13
Episode 13

Stormy Weather (1)

A porn producer is killed in a way quite similar to a murder 5 years ago for witch McCabe got a young boxer convicted. Jake investigates, and gets involved with a reporter who seems to know things before the police do.

Jake and the Fatman S5E14
Episode 14

Stormy Weather (2)

Jake continues investigating the murders of Strobach and Blore, and evidence starts to point at Warren's old corner man Doug McKeown. But whom is he working for?

Jake and the Fatman S5E15
Episode 15

You'll Never Know

A doctor is murdered, and is discovered to have been making child pornography. The prime suspect is Elliot Edwards, a city council member with a spotless record.

Jake and the Fatman S5E16
Episode 16

There'll Be Some Changes Made

A singer is planing to make a comeback after a year in drug rehab, when a stalker tries to kill her.

Jake and the Fatman S5E17
Episode 17

Pennies from Heaven

Someone is giving out money to poor people or those who have done good deeds, using the name "the good fairy". But it turns out the faire's money is from a bank robbery.

Jake and the Fatman S5E18
Episode 18

I Can't Believe I'm Losing You

Jake's girlfriend Sherry is badly hurt by a car bomb, after Jake received a letter threatening to kill her for revenge against him. Devastated, he looks trough previous cases to see who the bomber could be.

Jake and the Fatman S5E19
Episode 19

All Through the Night

A psychiatrist who Neely helped put away 5 years ago stars harassing her after getting out of prison.

Jake and the Fatman S5E20
Episode 20

Ain't Misbehavin'

Bondswoman Ethel Mae Haven has to track down a client who she posted a $1 million bail for.

Jake and the Fatman S5E21
Episode 21


Jake teams up with top homicide cop Hank Goldman to catch a serial killer who strangles women from escort services.

Jake and the Fatman S5E22
Episode 22

Beautiful Dreamer (a.k.a. Mickey Daytona)

Notorious New York cop Mickey Daytona pursues the legal counsel Thomas Chetwin suspecting him of rape. Jake, who is a friend of Mickey and his old father, reluctantly teams up with Mickey. Chetwin is trapped and commits suicide.

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