Jeeves and Wooster

Jeeves and Wooster

Jeeves and Wooster - Season 4 Episodes

Jeeves and Wooster S4E1
Episode 1

Return to New York

Back in New York, Bertie comissions the artist with whom he's fallen in love to paint a portrait of Aunt Agatha, and Tuppy's there trying to sell his recipe for Cock-A-Leekie soup to Slingsby of Slingsby's Soups. When there's a car accident involving the nasty Lucious Pim, and Claude and Eustace show up, things become of the sort in which one finds Jeeves' intervention invaluable.

Jeeves and Wooster S4E2
Episode 2

The Once And Future Ex

Bertie spends much time putting the old Wooster brain to use in devising schemes to arrange the meeting of two tycoons. However, A more immediate concern is Stilton Cheesewright and Lady Florence Craye, both of whom hold vastly differing yet equally unpleasant opinions of Bertie - the former takes offense at his drinking and time spent with the later, while Florence thinks that he has possibilities. The final scene involving Abraham Lincoln climbing up the spire of the Empire State Building, amongst other things.

Jeeves and Wooster S4E3
Episode 3

Bridegroom Wanted

Bingo's in love with another waitress, and the old Rosie M. Banks gag comes up again, this time with an unfortunate twist. Unfortunately New York does not seem to be the haven it once was, and the Glossops are in town looking to marry off Honoria. Luckily, Blaire Egleston is in love with her and Bertie has just the plan to push him to propose. But he may have pushed too hard.

Jeeves and Wooster S4E4
Episode 4

The Delayed Arrival

Once more, Stilton Cheesewright and Lady Florence Craye loom large on the horizon, with differing opinions this time, not only with regard to Bertram Wooster, but his moustache as well. While Stilton works out in how many places he will break Bertie's spine, and how he's going to do it without altering the Wooster dart skills (for he's drawn his name for the annual Drones Darts Tournament) Jeeves must help Aunt Dahlia with her pearl-troubles, Percy Gorringe with his love troubles, and Bertie with his upper-lip troubles.

Jeeves and Wooster S4E5
Episode 5

Trouble At Totleigh Towers

Certain members of the household believe there is a curse held over Totleigh Towers by a small African totem. So Bertie gets involved in another retrieval project while the Gussie-Madeline romance has developed it's final difficulties.

Jeeves and Wooster S4E6
Episode 6

The Ties That Bind

The Ganymede Club book has turned up missing, and Jeeves must return it at all costs. Madeline Bassett's wedding doesn't procede as smoothly as planned.

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