After several nuclear explosions occur across the United States, the residents of the small town of Jericho, Kansas are isolated from the outside world and must come to terms with a new and different reality.

‘Jericho’ Looking for a New Home

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‘Jericho’ Has Been Cancelled

On Friday, President Nina Tassler said that "Jericho" will not be returning for a third season.

"The March 25th episode of Jericho will be the series finale," said Tassler.

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New Videos from ‘Jericho’ Season 2!

CBS has just posted a bunch of new videos for their post-apocalyptic drama Jericho on their website. They have four TV spots, three behind-the-scenes clips and the first five minutes of this upcoming second season! Click below to watch these new videos.

CLICK HERE to watch the first 5 miniutes.

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Sci Fi Channel Lands Rerun Rights for ‘Jericho’

Jericho stars Skeet Ulrich and revolves around survivors of a nuclear attack in a small Kansas town. The show started off to hopeful ratings, but failed to continue the success after a three month long hiatus and a schedule facing Fox's powerhouse American Idol.

Jericho is set to make its Sci Fi debut with a four-episode marathon from 7-11 p.m. EST on February 11th.

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Esai Morales Joins the Cast of ‘Jericho’

The NYPD Blue alumnus Esai Morales has joined the resurrected CBS series Jericho as a recurring, appearing in six of the seven episodes of the show ordered for midseason, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

On Jericho, from CBS Paramount Network TV, Morales will play Col. Hoffman, a career military officer and Iraq War veteran who has not heard from his wife since the day of the attacks.

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‘Jericho’ Resurrected

Skeet Ulrich: You know, I won't speak for everybody else, but when we're working, I think you're so concentrated on this little word you're in and creating and the hours are so long, you don't really get a sense that really the show even comes on TV necessarily. You're really making these stories and working on the next one before it gets there, and so I certainly wasn't aware that it was to the extent that it would affect the decision-making process of a network. So it was new to me.

Lennie James: Also because the reaction to your show is on one level what the critics say and on the other level reducing your whole audience down to some figures. So everything becomes about the figures, and I think the one thing that happened over the fight to save Jericho was that our audience became faces and people and lives, and it became real. It wasn't just a number that appears in the fast nationals or whatever it is the next morning. These are real people kind of going, "Hold on a minute. This is my show. I enjoyed watching it. Stop treating me like I'm just kind of a part of a number. This is a show that I tuned in for." And one of the things I think was really exciting about the campaign is all those - for all those people to whom it kind of matters that are fans of our show kind of identified themselves. They showed what their demographic was. They showed the range of people who are watching "Jericho" and why they enjoyed it. It was a rare insight for the networks and the advertisers, and I hope they use it sensibly.

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CBS Bringing Back ‘Jericho’ on July 6

Jericho, CBS's drama about how residents of a small, peaceful, Kansas town band together to survive in the wake of a nuclear explosion, will return to the Network beginning Friday, July 6 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT). Rebroadcasts of episodes from the first season will air in the Friday, 9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT time period for the remainder of the summer.

Jericho, which last week received a seven episode mid-season order following an impassioned display of fan support, will return on July 6 with a rebroadcast of the pilot episode.

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‘Jericho: The Complete First Season’ Comes to DVD September 25

This is has been a good couple of weeks for Jericho fans.

In a story from The Digital Bits, not only has CBS confirmed that the show will return next season for 7 more episodes, but the First Season of Jericho will come to DVD on September 25 from Paramount Home Entertainment.

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