Juliet Bravo

Juliet Bravo

Juliet Bravo - Season 6 Episodes

Juliet Bravo S6E1
Episode 1

Hostage to Fortune

A gang, disguised as a shooting party, take the wife of a bank manager hostage.

Juliet Bravo S6E2
Episode 2


Two brothers-in-law, on opposite sides during the miners' strike, are at loggerheads.

Juliet Bravo S6E3
Episode 3

Chasing the Dragon

Insp. Longton informs a woman of the death of her daughter from a drug overdose, but the mother seems to be hiding something.

Juliet Bravo S6E4
Episode 4

Talk to Me

Sgt Beck and PC Sparks respond to a call to a break-in, but the suspect makes good his escape. Beck suspects a courting couple near the scene of involvement.

Juliet Bravo S6E5
Episode 5

Friends and Neighbours

Insp. Longton finds that the demands of the job take their toll on her personal life, when responding to a report that an intruder has entered her friend's house.

Juliet Bravo S6E6
Episode 6

The Cut

A series of video thefts leads to an investigation of a rather more serious crime.

Juliet Bravo S6E7
Episode 7


Insp. Longton discovers that one of her colleagues is a thief.

Juliet Bravo S6E8
Episode 8

Flesh and Blood

Insp. Longton suspects the involvement of animal rights activists when a butcher and a pathologist are subjected to harassment.

Juliet Bravo S6E9
Episode 9

Unlawful Arrest

The police have to contend with a hymn-singing religious fanatic and a sleepless lay preacher. Insp. Longton has a heart-to-heart with D.C.I. Perrin.

Juliet Bravo S6E10
Episode 10


Hartley Police Station prepares for a visit from the Chief Constable.

Juliet Bravo S6E11
Episode 11

We Are the People

A man detained overnight for being drunk and disorderly reports seing a young girl in chains.

Juliet Bravo S6E12
Episode 12


An army major asks Insp Longton to help him find a deserting corporal.

Juliet Bravo S6E13
Episode 13

Girl Talk

Insp. Longton investigates an alleged affair between a teacher and one of his pupils.

Juliet Bravo S6E14
Episode 14

Jobs for the Boys

Local residents complain about a gang of youngsters asking for work.

Juliet Bravo S6E15
Episode 15

In a Man's World

Insp. Longton is held up on her way to an interview for the post of Chief Inspector of the Juvenile Board, as she has to deal with a deranged woman threatening to harm her own children.

Juliet Bravo S6E16
Episode 16

Reasons for Leaving

The police deal with a spate of thefts of Christmas trees, while Insp. Longton considers her career options in light of her failed bid for promotion.

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