Kate and Allie

Kate and Allie

Kate and Allie - Season 2 Episodes

Kate and Allie S2E1
Episode 1


Excited about a co-worker's pregnancy, Kate seriously considers having another baby.

Kate and Allie S2E2
Episode 2


Kate and Allie face a rent increase when their landlady realizes that there are two families occupying a one-family dwelling.

Kate and Allie S2E3
Episode 3


Allie finally has someone who wants to buy her house... but, is she willing to sell?

Kate and Allie S2E4
Episode 4

Lottsa Luck

Kate's elderly aunt Ofelia dies, leaving behind a cryptic will

Kate and Allie S2E5
Episode 5


Allie offers to be a campaign volunteer to a would-be congressman

Kate and Allie S2E6
Episode 6

Kate and the Plumber

Kate's relationship with plumber Ted runs hot and cold -- the only thing they can agree on is a mutual attraction.

Kate and Allie S2E7
Episode 7

The Safe Caper

After finding a 55-year-old love letter hidden in the wall, Kate and Allie try to rekindle the romance by mailing the letter.

Kate and Allie S2E8
Episode 8


When Jennie and Emma vie for the same part in the school production of ""Pirates of Penzance,"" their friendship is tested along with their acting skills.

Kate and Allie S2E9
Episode 9

Country Dog

Chip's birthday causes problems when Charles goes overboard on presents.

Kate and Allie S2E10
Episode 10

Piano Lesson

When Max leaves for L.A., Emma inherits the piano, complete with a handsome piano teacher who soon has the whole family interested in ""music"" — but who strikes a note of discord when he becomes more interested in Kate than in his pupil.

Kate and Allie S2E11
Episode 11

New Year's Eve

Dateless, Kate and Allie spend New Year's Eve at home together.

Kate and Allie S2E12
Episode 12

Back to School

Kate and Allie S2E13
Episode 13

Charles Marries Claire

Allie has new hope of a reconciliation after ex-husband Charles becomes suddenly attentive because he has broken up with girlfriend Clare.

Kate and Allie S2E14
Episode 14

If She Goes, I Go

Despite Kate's doubts about working with her friend, Allie gets a job at Sloan Travel and quickly fouls up so completely that she is fired—whereupon Kate threatens to quit.

Kate and Allie S2E15
Episode 15

Rear Window

Chip's imagination could get him into trouble when he ""witnesses"" a murder from his bedroom window.

Kate and Allie S2E16
Episode 16

Lovely Rita

Guess who's coming to dinner? Kate's potential step-mom. But when Kate takes an instant dislike to her father's fiancée, he calls the engagement off.

Kate and Allie S2E17
Episode 17

Sons and Lovers

Allie begins dating Steven, a cute graduate student, but resists getting serious. Her doubts about age-differences are confirmed when she accidentally meets Steven's mom at his apartment and finds she has more in common with her that with her son.

Kate and Allie S2E18
Episode 18

Author, Author

Kate and Allie's crush on an old college professor is rekindled when each imagines she is the inspiration for his recently published romantic novel.

Kate and Allie S2E19
Episode 19

Dead Cat

Kate brings a stray kitten home.

Kate and Allie S2E20
Episode 20

The Bad Seed

Jenny falls into bad company but finds herself all alone at the police station.

Kate and Allie S2E21
Episode 21

Goodbye, Plumber

Ted proposes to Kate.

Kate and Allie S2E22
Episode 22

My Dinner with Kate and Allie

After Allie's ex Charles remarries and Kate breaks up with Ted, they try to cheer themselves up with a lobster dinner.

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