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King of the Hill

King of the Hill - Season 12 Episodes

King of the Hill - Season 12

King of the Hill - Season 12

The twelfth season of King of the Hill originally aired Sundays at 8:30-9:00 pm on FOX from September 23, 2007 to May 18, 2008.

King of the Hill S12E1
Episode 1

Suite Smells of Excess

Bobby gets mesmerized by football on the season premiere of "King Of The Hill"

King of the Hill S12E2
Episode 2

Bobby Rae

Bobby fights for everyones right to impress a girl

King of the Hill S12E3
Episode 3

The Powder Puff Boys

Bobby becomes a cheerleader

King of the Hill S12E4
Episode 4

Four Wave Intersection

King of the Hill S12E5
Episode 5

Death Picks Cotton

Cotton is dying, but both he and Hank are having trouble coming to terms with it--and each other.

King of the Hill S12E6
Episode 6

Raise the Steaks

After buying tough, unsavory steaks at the Mega-Lo-Mart, Hank visits the town co-op in search of better meat.

King of the Hill S12E7
Episode 7

Tears of an Inflatable Clown

Bobby is in charge of putting together a carnival at Tom Landry Middle School, but a school-appointed diversity counselor takes all of the fun out of it.

King of the Hill S12E8
Episode 8

The Minh Who Knew Too Much

Kahn and Minh finally decide to ditch their hillbilly neighbors after Dale runs into their rose bushes.

King of the Hill S12E9
Episode 9

Dream Weaver

When the Gribbles experience financial trouble due to Dale's slow extermination business, Peggy suggests he participate in a "Vocation Vacation."

King of the Hill S12E10
Episode 10

Doggone Crazy

Hank turns to a "dog spiritualist" when Ladybird begins to act up around loud noises.

King of the Hill S12E11
Episode 11


When the Arlen City Council bans the sale of foods containing trans fats, Sugarfoot's Restaurant closes.

King of the Hill S12E12
Episode 12

Three Men and a Bastard

Bill becomes involved with a single mother, Charlene, who once had an affair with John Redcorn, and, like Nancy Gribble, has a half-Native American child who, like Joseph Gribble, is oblivious to her biological father's identity.

King of the Hill S12E13
Episode 13

The Accidental Terrorist

Hank finds out his car salesman has been tricking him into paying more than he should when purchasing a car, and gets tangled in a botched plan cooked up by two college-aged activists.

King of the Hill S12E14
Episode 14

Lady and Gentrification

Peggy inadvertently ruins Enrique's life when she sells a house in Enrique's neighborhood to a hipster (voiced by Dax Shepard) who invites his hipster friends over to live in the same neighborhood. Meanwhile, Hank is asked to speak at Enrique's daughter Inez's Quinceaños celebration.

King of the Hill S12E15
Episode 15

Behind Closed Doors

Tom Landry Middle School holds an emergency community meeting when a child (Dooley) goes missing in Arlen. Relationship expert Stephens Davies is invited to speak at the meeting and makes an example of Peggy by questioning her parenting skills, prompting Peggy to become stricter in her parenting.

King of the Hill S12E16
Episode 16

Pour Some Sugar on Kahn

Kahn's father-in-law, General Gum, visits the Souphanousinphone family. The General gives Kahn a hard time and makes him feel like a failure. Kahn becomes depressed until he stumbles upon a Laotian karaoke bar where he becomes a star singing "The Morning After".

King of the Hill S12E17
Episode 17

Six Characters in Search of a House

Peggy, a passionate realtor, finds a great home listing that she must sell within two weeks. One catch, though, the home is currently occupied by the strangest family in Arlen. Peggy does not feel they are visually appealing enough to get the home sold in time, so she decides to bring in a "Hollywood" family to sell the home.

King of the Hill S12E18
Episode 18

The Courtship of Joseph's Father

Joseph becomes the star quarterback at Tom Landry Middle School, and gives the school hope that they'll actually win this year. A wealthy prep school offers Joseph to play for their school instead. Joseph wants to stay at Landry, but Dale wants him to take the cash offering. Dale realizes that his family does not fit in the upper-class lifestyle and tries to raise money to pay back the school's exclusive contract.

King of the Hill S12E19
Episode 19

Strangeness on a Train

Depressed over her botched birthday parties, Peggy schedules a 1970s-style murder mystery party on a train, but when Dale ruins the surprise, thanks to Luanne's discovery of what her role is, a new mystery crops up—after Hank and Peg have sex in the train bathroom.

King of the Hill S12E20
Episode 20

Cops and Robert

When Hank accidentally steals another man's wallet (thinking that the man pickpocketed him), the man begins exacting his revenge on Hank. Meanwhile, Bobby gets sentenced to spend the day with the school security guard after being framed for throwing a soda can at him and Dale attempts to get a job at a Hooters-esque restaurant called "Bazooms" by citing sexual discrimination if he is not hired. Paul Sorvino guest stars.

King of the Hill S12E21
Episode 21

It Came from the Garage

Hank and Bobby get in some father/son bonding time when Hank dumps the old team of Dale, Bill and Boomhauer to help Bobby in a boat-building competition. During the building process, Hank gets spooked by bats that invade the construction garage, forcing Bobby to do the building all alone.

King of the Hill S12E22
Episode 22

Life: A Loser's Manual

Luanne's father/Peggy's brother Hoyt (voiced by Johnny Knoxville) returns to Arlen to stay with the family. Once he arrives, Peggy reveals to Hank that Hoyt (previously mentioned as being an oil rig worker) is in truth a no-good ex-con and that she created the lie of him being an oil rig worker to allow Luanne to believe that she has at least one law abiding parent. Hoyt attempts to corrupt Lucky (who has recruited Hank in order to get him his driver's license and other forms of ID after he confesses to Luanne that he has none) and forces him to take the fall when Hoyt is arrested for possessing drugs. Peggy and Hank must then unite to save the day, by getting Hoyt arrested and getting Lucky to recant his confession.

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