King of the Hill

King of the Hill

King of the Hill - Season 9 Episodes

King of the Hill - Season 9

King of the Hill - Season 9

From deep in the heart of Texas comes the 9th season of the half-hour animated comedy King of the Hill, depicting the life and times of Hank Hill (Mike Judge), his family and their neighbors in the fictional suburb of Arlen, Texas -- the heartland of America. Hank's Rock of Gibraltar is his wife, Peggy (Kathy Najimy), who sees herself as a true renaissance woman: substitute Spanish teacher, journalist, fast-pitch softball hurler, local Boggle champion and notary public.

King of the Hill S9E1
Episode 1

A Rover Runs Through It

Peggy tries to save her family's Montana ranch after actor Henry Winkler refuses to allow cattle on a trail that runs through his property.

King of the Hill S9E2
Episode 2

Ms. Wakefield

As Christmas approaches... an old woman tries to tries to spend her last days inside the Hill home as Hank and Peggy try to figure out a way to get rid of her.

King of the Hill S9E3
Episode 3

Death Buys a Timeshare

Hank accompanies Cotton and Bill to Mexico to keep them from buying into a timeshare; and Peggy, Dale, and Bobby sneak into swimming pools during a heat wave.

King of the Hill S9E4
Episode 4

Yard, She Blows!

Peggy tries to spruce up the front yard by purchasing a lawn gnome, much to Hank's horror.

King of the Hill S9E5
Episode 5

Dale To the Chief

Hank is embarrassed when his new driver's license lists him as female; and after reviewing the Warren Commission Report, Dale turns pro-America.

King of the Hill S9E6
Episode 6

The Petriot Act

Hank excitedly joins a new military program that allows civilians to adopt pets while G.I.s serve their tour of duty... but the dog, Duke, turns out to be a mean-spirited cat.

King of the Hill S9E7
Episode 7

Enrique-cilable Differences

Hank finds himself trapped in the middle when Enrique breaks up with his wife; and Bobby and Joseph find a way to override Hank's channel block so they can watch the Daytona 500 on FOX.

King of the Hill S9E8
Episode 8

Mutual of OmAbwah

Hank realizes he doesn't have any home-owner's insurance; Dale realizes people are willing to pay money to be stung by bees; Bill and Boomhauer discover the pleasures of a deep fryer; and Peggy and Luanne get stuck at a highway rest stop with nothing to eat.

King of the Hill S9E9
Episode 9

Care-Takin' Care of Business

Hank and his friends tend to the grass on a football field to keep the groundskeeper from being fired; and Luanne falls for Lucky's new rims.

King of the Hill S9E10
Episode 10

Arlen City Bomber

When Luanne runs up a large credit-card debt, Peggy vows to help her pay it off... but ends up buying a roller-derby team in the process.

King of the Hill S9E11
Episode 11

Redcorn Gambles With His Future

John Redcorn opens his own tribal gaming casino so his rock band has somewhere to perform.

King of the Hill S9E12
Episode 12

Smoking and the Bandit

Dale becomes a celebrity outlaw when he refuses to obey a new no-smoking ordinance; and Peggy tries to locate the mysterious "Smoking Bandit."

King of the Hill S9E13
Episode 13

Gone With the Windstorm

When the station manager hires a new weatherman to replace Nancy after she blows an important forecast, Peggy convinces Nancy that covering a dangerous wildfire is the only way to win back her job; and Hank helps Bobby deter a bully who's obsessed with scaring people.

King of the Hill S9E14
Episode 14

Bobby On Track

A track coach uses Bobby to shame good athletes when they get out of line.

King of the Hill S9E15
Episode 15

It Ain't Over Till The Fat Neighbor Sings

Hank reacts with horror when Bill joins a men's chorus; and Peggy challenges Bobby to a game of video pong.

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