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Knight Rider

Knight Rider - Season 1 Episodes

Knight Rider S1E0
Episode 0


Knight Rider S1E1
Episode 1

A Knight in Shining Armor

Dressed to the nines, Mike Traceur attends an elegant cocktail party at a foreign consulate with a beautiful woman on his arm. Spying a bald man with a briefcase, he ditches the woman and whispers that he has the package in sight, but there's no response from his partner Sarah. KITT locates her in the vault room, where Mike is supposed to be already.

Knight Rider S1E2
Episode 2

Journey to the End of the Knight

Mike and KITT speed through the desert, as Torres lectures them not to underestimate their targets, Johnny and Ian Chang. Mike is to use his old friend from Iraq, bartender Sean Owens, to get close to the brothers, and then figure out how they're smuggling U.S. military technology overseas.

Knight Rider S1E3
Episode 3

Knight of the Iguana

Sarah scolds Billy and Mike when she catches them playing with super soakers through KITT's open windows. KITT is waterproof, but only as long as his windows are rolled up. Torres interrupts with news of a mission.

Knight Rider S1E4
Episode 4

A Hard Day's Knight

While driving through the desert at night, KITT wakes up Mike, sensing that he's still exhausted from his last mission. KITT has uploaded files for another mission, so Mike pulls over so he can access them from KITT's hood. KITT is worried that Mike will miss a big event with Sarah if he takes the mission.

Knight Rider S1E5
Episode 5

Knight of the Hunter

Michael and Zoe go undercover as a couple to take down a terrorist cell in BajaMike watches football as KITT zooms through the Arizona desert. KITT urges Mike to review the cover ID for his next assignment; Mike reminds KITT that he doesn't have to do everything he's told. Sarah dials in to run a new algorithm on KITT's transformation system. When she admits to having no plans for her birthday this weekend, Mike promises to take her out after completing his mission.

Knight Rider S1E6
Episode 6

Knight of the Living Dead

It's a dark and stormy Halloween night. Billy is dressed as omnisexual Dr. Jack Harness of Dr. Who fame, but nobody recognizes him. Zoe is costumed as a cheerleader. Rivai receives a strange encrypted message, and the team scrambles to identify the sender. When a scary zombie flashes across their screens, everyone laughs at Mike's Halloween prank.

Knight Rider S1E7
Episode 7

I Wanna Rock & Roll All Knight

Billy and Zoe sit in KITT munching popcorn, while watching Sarah and Mike spar in the gym. They think it's like watching porn, but KITT can't see how punching each other is an indirect request for intimacy. When Torres approaches with news of a mission, Billy and Zoe duck out of sight. Perplexed, KITT senses their hormone levels rising.

Knight Rider S1E8
Episode 8

Knight of the Zodiac

In a parking lot, KITT positively IDs the guy who broke into an FBI field office to steal a drive. With an old-fashioned fist fight, Mike takes the guy down, but he's up in a flash, climbing over a chain link fence. KITT deploys a slick of "black ice," taking the guy down once and for all.

Knight Rider S1E9
Episode 9

Knight Fever

Mike must stop the spread of a nanovirus that infects KITT and threatens total global meltdown.

Knight Rider S1E10
Episode 10

Don't Stop The Knight

A deranged terrorist has kidnapped a foreign ambassador, sending Michael and KITT out to the rescue.

Knight Rider S1E11
Episode 11

Day Turns Into Knight

As Rivai clings to life by a thread, the team races to stop a bomb-building maniac, who is holding an African ambassador captive.

Knight Rider S1E12
Episode 12

Knight To King's Pawn

In the wake of Graiman's death, Torres dismantles the SSC and uses KITT's AI to re-activate evil renegade KARR.

Knight Rider S1E13
Episode 13

Exit Light, Enter Knight

After a tough mission, everyone on the team sleeps, except for KITT, who rolls through the city in the early morning hours. When Mike wakes up, he insists that he'll need some coffee to keep pace with KITT, so KITT pulls into a coffee stand across the street from a bank. When Mike spies several men with body armor and assault weapons approach the bank, he tells everyone to get down.

Knight Rider S1E14
Episode 14

Fight Knight

When Jack Burber, a drill sergeant from Mike’s past is killed, Mike and one of his Army buddies begin to investigate. They discover that Jack was part of a fight club, which spurs Mike into joining the club to find out what happened.

Knight Rider S1E15
Episode 15

Fly By Knight

Mike and KITT are running out of time to help a kidnapped young boy before he is killed.

Knight Rider S1E16
Episode 16

Knight And The City

Mike helps out an old friend whose bar business mysteriously becomes dangerous after the untimely death of her father.

Knight Rider S1E17
Episode 17

I Love the Knight Life

Mike and KITT must find an experimental serum that maximizes physical strength before the bad guys sell it on the world market.

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