Late Show with David Letterman

Late Show with David Letterman

Late Show with David Letterman - Season 11 Episodes

Late Show with David Letterman S11E1
Episode 1

Al Franken, Grant Paulsen

Dave chats with Stephanie about a (supposed) incident that occurred over the weekend; Alan makes a suggestive offer to Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao; Al Franken promotes his new book.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E2
Episode 2

Craig Kilborn, Dave Salmoni, Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon perform their breakthrough hit, "Molly's Chambers."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E3
Episode 3

Gen. Tommy Franks, Rodney Crowell

Biff searches for celebrities on the street; recently retired General Tommy Franks looks back at his illustrious military career.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E4
Episode 4

Nicolas Cage, Alton Brown

"CBS Mailbag," including Stephanie dressed as Batman, "CBS Vice President of Late Night Programming Vinnie Favale," and "George W. Bush" (Gerard).

Late Show with David Letterman S11E5
Episode 5

Whoopi Goldberg, Vic Henley, Ima Robot

Paul's "Stump the Band" losing streak continues; Whoopi Goldberg promotes her new sitcom.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E6
Episode 6

Andy Roddick, Jack Black, Warren Zevon*

Dave welcomes 2003 U.S. Open Men's Tennis Champion Andy Roddick and actor Jack Black. Dave remembers the late Warren Zevon with the Show #1895 tape of Warren singing "Mutineer" on October 30, 2002; Paul and the band play Warren Zevon bumper music throughout the show.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E7
Episode 7

Salma Hayek, Chris Elliott

Rick Derringer sits in with the band; a woman from Staten Island participates in "May We See Your Digital Photos, Please?"; Chris Elliott comments on current events.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E8
Episode 8

Sharon Stone, The Raveonettes

An opera singer performs in the hallway; the recently deceased Charles Bronson declares his candidacy for Governor of California; Dave and Sharon Stone make out.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E9
Episode 9

Regis Philbin, Seal

Steph/Monty dresses up as Don Mattingly for CBS Mailbag; she closes the segment by playing catch with Dave.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E10
Episode 10

Cuba Gooding Jr., Simon & Garfunkel

Dave has a major announcement to make; Cuba Gooding, Jr. promotes The Fighting Temptations; Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel sing "America" and "The Boxer."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E11
Episode 11

Dr. Phil, David Bowie

Miss America 2004 Ericka Dunlap presents the Top Ten List; Dave tells the story of his weekend encounter with a bear at his house in Montana; Dr. Phil gives Dave some parenting tips.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E12
Episode 12

Ben Stiller, Elvis Costello

Ben Stiller talks about his new movie, Duplex; Elvis Costello performs a song from his new CD, North.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E13
Episode 13

The Rock, Lynne Cheney

Cold opening: The Rock shows Lynne Cheney how to apply a "chicken wing" to Paul; New York Giants kicker Matt Bryant attempts rooftop field goals across 53rd Street.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E14
Episode 14

Colin Powell, Jennifer Garner

Late Show with David Letterman S11E15
Episode 15

Joe Pantaliano, Kevin Nealon, Outkast

Stephanie is Peter Pan for "CBS Mailbag;" "Joey Pants" promotes "The Handler;" Kevin Nealon; Outkast sings "Hey Ya."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E16
Episode 16

Denzel Washington, New York Philharmonic

Paul asks "Survivor 7" castaway Ryan "Skinny" Shoulders (who is wearing a Rage Against The Machine t-shirt) if he digs Audioslave; Denzel Washington promotes Out of Time; The New York Philharmonic performs "The Marriage of Figaro" atop the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theatre building.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E17
Episode 17

Tom Cavanagh, Ray Wald, Dido

It's time for "How Many Guys in Gorilla Suits Can Fit Into a Eyeglass Store?" Quote Dave: "I was going to buy a pair of eyeglasses, but the optical store was full of gorillas."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E18
Episode 18

Tim Robbins, Sting

The latest role call reveals that Michele O'Callaghan's five-month-old daughter (named "Zoogie") picks Dave's ties; Dave and Paul are dumbfounded by a pitching machine in a new game called "What Is It?"; Tim Robbins plugs "Mystic River"; Pat Farmer destroys the pitching machine.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E19
Episode 19

Stupid Human Tricks, Lisa Kudrow, R.E.M.

Steph/Monty dresses as a letter carrier for "Know Your Current Events;" R.E.M. performs "Bad Day."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E20
Episode 20

Robin Williams, Summerwind Skippers

During CBS Mailbag, Alan dresses up as Saddam Hussein for his new hidden-camera show "Goof'd!" and gets beat up by several people on the street. Later, Robin Williams comments on the Tour de France.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E21
Episode 21

Jessica Simpson, Rufus Wainwright

Jessica Simpson mentions that she was on Oprah recently, much to Dave's chagrin; fill-in bandleader Todd Rundgren sings "Hello It's Me;" Pat Farmer drops 20,000 ping-pong balls from the roof.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E22
Episode 22

Uma Thurman, Ricky Gervais, Renee Fleming

Late Show with David Letterman S11E23
Episode 23

Amy Sedaris, Tom Dreesen, Anthony Hamilton

Dave calls ousted California governor Gray Davis "a wanker;" Gary Coleman presents the Top Ten via satellite, then falls asleep; Tom Dressen talks baseball.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E24
Episode 24

George Clooney, Merle Haggard

A man from Charlotte, North Carolina plays "Know Your 2003 Boston Red Sox;" ten Hooters Girls present the Top Ten; George Clooney plugs Intolerable Cruelty.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E25
Episode 25

Charlie Sheen, John Mayer

During CBS Mailbag, Alan has an awkward reunion with the first girl that ever kissed him, and "Ah-nuld" (Gerard) has an enlightened conversation with Dave. Later, Charlie Sheen promotes "Two and a Half Men."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E26
Episode 26

Halle Berry, Lance Armstrong

Pat Farmer and an army of stagehands throws a special form of confetti off the roof of the theater; Steph/Monty tells "Survivor 7" loser Burton Roberts an alleged story about a woodpecker nipping her in the butt last weekend; Halle Berry brags that Robert Downey Jr. once broke her arm.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E27
Episode 27

John Cusack, Scott Dixon, Hot Hot Heat

For the first time in several years, famed saxophonist David Sanborn sits in with the band; Dave announces he's going to rehab, then demands to have some Dunkin' Donuts; John Cusack promotes Runaway Jury; 2003 Indy Car champion Scott Dixon.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E28
Episode 28

Katie Holmes, Brian Greene, Jonny Lang

Dave congratulates Conan O'Brien on his newborn daughter; ten weightlifters present the Top Ten; noted physics professor Brian Greene tries to explain the mysteries of the universe.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E29
Episode 29

Dustin Hoffman, Jamie Oliver

Ten US Soldiers in Iraq present the Top Ten via satellite; Dustin Hoffman plugs "The Runaway Jury," British chef Jamie Oliver cooks some scallops.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E30
Episode 30

Darrell Hammond, Radiohead

For CBS Mailbag, Steph/Monty dresses up as a soccer player and kicks balls (poorly) into the audience. Later, Radiohead performs "2+2=5."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E31
Episode 31

Kiefer Sutherland, Emmylou Harris

Paul sneezes during the monologue; the band area is remodeled; Biff makes his annual report from the World Series; a 1,030-pound pumpkin explodes (via SFX) outside.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E32
Episode 32

Courteney Cox, Doris Roberts

Dave announces that he's been transferred to Chesterton, Indiana; on tonight's "Meet the Governor," a young Ah-nuld ogles an exotic dancer; Courtney Cox Arquette almost sings TLC's "Waterfalls;" after a one-day rain delay, a real pumpkin explodes.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E33
Episode 33

Keanu Reeves, Sue Johanson

Steph/Monty dresses up as an elf on a rare Wednesday CBS Mailbag; during Mailbag, Rupert takes part in his yearly tradition of watching the coleslaw change colors; Dave is so fascinated by Canadian "sexpert" Sue Johanson that he interviews her twice.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E34
Episode 34

Eric McCormack, Dante Hall

The Slapinski Brothers, world-class jugglers, interrupt the monologue; Dave points out that Rupert was on last night's episode of "Ed"; Dante Hall of the Kansas City Chiefs catches a football on 53rd Street.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E35
Episode 35

Pamela Anderson, Amanda Lollar, Bubba Sparxx

Amongst this year's "New Halloween Costumes": a George Foreman grill, the button on the remote control that you never use, and the "Queer Eye" fab five. Also, Rosie Perez delivers Paul's cape for his weekly, blues-induced breakdown.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E36
Episode 36

Ashley Judd, Richard Belzer, Sarah McLachlan

The 2003 NYC Marathon winners make their annual run through the studio; eliminated "Survivor 7" hopefuls Shawn Cohen (who was voted out) and Osten Taylor (the guy who quit the game) drop by Rupert's; Ashley Judd reminisces with Paul; comedian/conspiracy-theorist Richard "John Munch" Belzer visits; Sarah McLachlan performs solo at the piano; Alan moos like a cow.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E37
Episode 37

Regis Philbin, Amy Brenneman

Dave gives a recap of the events leading up to -- and including -- the birth yesterday of son Harry Joseph Letterman; "Indian Larry" performs motorcycle stunts on 53rd Street; Regis continues his string of appearances tied to memorable occasions; Amy Brennaman chats about the 100th episode of "Judging Amy."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E38
Episode 38

Will Ferrell, Jack McKeon, Lyle Lovett

During Mailbag, Steph/Monty dresses up a police officer, while Dave tries to make some sense out of "Liza Minnelli" (Gerard in fishnet stockings). Later, it is revealed that the winner of the "Guess the Name of Dave's Baby Contest" is Dave himself.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E39
Episode 39

Howard Stern, Iggy Pop with Sum 41

Amongst the "New Catalogs": Harry & David Pre-Owned Fruit, Victoria's Secret for Monkeys, and special edition of California Style in which all the models have been groped by Arnold Schwarzenegger; Howard Stern mentions to Dave that the impersonator that regularly calls into his show is a big fan and meant no harm; Iggy Pop featuring Sum 41 perform "Little Know It All."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E40
Episode 40

Lauren Graham, Paul Tracey, Wyclef Jean

An elf named Perry helps out during "Know Your Current Events"; Bert and Ernie (of "Sesame Street" fame) diss Dave; Lauren Graham talks about a recent parking ticket.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E41
Episode 41

Norm MacDonald, Jack Hannah

Dave announces that Oprah gave him a gift on behalf of the new baby, only to realize that it was delivered by somebody with the same name; throughout the night, weightlifter Willie Wessels demonstrates super-human feats out on 53rd Street; Norm McDonald plugs "A Minute with Stan Hooper."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E42
Episode 42

Madonna, Chris Elliot

Cold Opening: Dave compliments Madonna's latest children's book: "I like the picture of the monkey." Also, Chris Elliott introduces Dave's son Harry, who says his first words: "S***."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E43
Episode 43

Tom Brokaw, Dolly Parton

Late Show with David Letterman S11E44
Episode 44

Russell Crowe, Pink

A sheep herder walks into the theater with his flock along side him; Pink sings "Trouble."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E45
Episode 45

Jessica Lynch, Shelby Lynne

During "Know Your Current Events," a visiting audience member from Liverpool, England is quizzed on his knowledge of Prince Charles. Later, potential Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Al Franken delivers Paul's cape.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E46
Episode 46

Stupid Pet Tricks, Cate Blanchett

As part of his legendary "fashion show" gag, Dave models the lining of his sportcoat; Dave tells a story involving a mother and two sons trying to hitch a taxi this morning; a timeline of Ah-nuld's first day in office as Governor of California is nothing more than a recap of all those "Meet the Governor" clips.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E47
Episode 47

Dakota Fanning, Rocco DiSpirito, Cast of Wicked

An arm-wresting challenge is held at Hello Deli; child actress Dakota Fanning plugs "The Cat in the Hat."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E48
Episode 48

Alec Baldwin, Freddy Adu, Cyndi Lauper

Late Show with David Letterman S11E49
Episode 49

Wesley Clark

Ashrita "Mr. Versatility" Furman balances beer glasses on his chin on 53rd St.; eleven Playboy Playmates present the Top Ten; Dave grills General Wesley Clark about his dismissal from the Army.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E50
Episode 50

Robert Downey Jr., Joss Stone

Dave and Paul play "Potatoes or Gavin MacLeod?"; Dave openly wishes that Paris Hilton had not cancelled her appearance on the show next week; Robert Downey Jr. makes his first appearance on the show since early 1996; 16-year-old singer-songwriter Joss Stone performs.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E51
Episode 51

Paul Newman, Clay Aiken

Biff spends a day on the campaign trail with Howard Dean; Gerard stands in for unavailable Survivor loser Rupert Boneham; Paul Newman discusses all things auto racing; Clay Aiken sings "Invisible" from his CD Measure Of A Man.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E52
Episode 52

Tom Ridge, Puddle of Mudd

Cold Opening: Tom Ridge finks on Michael Jackson. Also, Dave has yet another rant about Paris Hilton, claiming that she won't be on because a "no-good weasel, beady-eyed putz publicist" told her not to appear. "He's lower than pond scum," Dave observes, then later he calls him a nitwit and a knuckle-dragging neanderthal.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E53
Episode 53

Mike Myers, Jay-Z

During Mailbag, Harold Larkin tries a new product, then, in honor of Thanksgiving, starts bleeding gravy; Mike Myers plugs The Cat in the Hat.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E54
Episode 54

Tom Arnold, Moby

Dorothy (live via satellite) brags about her five grandkids, ranging between 32 years and one month in age, and again stumps Dave with her apple and pecan Thanksgiving pies; Bill Delace presents "Top Ten Things You Don't Want To Hear From a Guy Dressed as a Pilgrim;" Tom Arnold plugs his book, "How I Lost Five Pounds In Six Years."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E55
Episode 55

Jessica Alba, Wendy Liebman, The Rapture

Felecia makes fun of Donny Osmond during "Stump The Band;" former "Dark Angel" star Jessica Alba plugs Honey; The Rapture performs "House of Jealous Lovers."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E56
Episode 56

Matt Damon, Jack Johnson and G. Love

Rupert is almost omnipresent in the first half of the show, presenting footage of his trip to the Meadowlands for last week's Jets-Titans game, then chats with ousted Survivor Christa Hastie. Also, Matt Damon tells a story about working with Cher in his new movie, Stuck On You.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E57
Episode 57

Danny DeVito, Tim Russert

Dave mentions that his son likes to suck his nose; Biff & staff decorate taxi cabs for Christmas; Danny DeVito plugs Big Fish.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E58
Episode 58

Amanda Peet, Barry Sonnenfeld

During Mailbag, the voices in Alan's head result in the horrific demise of his precious ceramic figure collection. Also, upon reading an article in Time about Oprah's refusal to have Dave on her show, he suggests a "Super Bowl of Love" with Dr. Phil reconciling the talk show hosts.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E59
Episode 59

Kirsten Dunst, Rod Stewart

Late Show with David Letterman S11E60
Episode 60

Julia Roberts, Alkaline Trio

Dave announces that he's been invited to appear on Oprah (at long, long last), while Julia Roberts interrogates Dave for his inability to marry the mother of his child.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E61
Episode 61

Liv Tyler, John Witherspoon, Alicia Keys

It's a Late Show mini-reunion as former Broadway merchants Mujibur, Sirajul, and Joe G. join Rupert in decorating the Late Show Christmas Tree. Also, Dave comments on Saddam's capture, then shows Liv Tyler her Lord of the Rings action figure.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E62
Episode 62

Barbara Walters, Sandra Diaz-Twine

Late Show with David Letterman S11E63
Episode 63

Neve Campbell, Wellwater Conspiracy

During Mailbag, Dave tries to make sense out of "Saddam Hussein" (Gerard), while a reindeer takes a dump onstage. Also, Neve Campbell promotes the upcoming Robert Altman film "The Company," while Wellwater Conspiracy performs "Wimple Witch."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E64
Episode 64

Bonnie Hunt, Dave Matthews

Late Show with David Letterman S11E65
Episode 65

Charlize Theron, Dave Matthews

During "Audience Show & Tell," a man recites the names of all 50 states in alphabetical order in just fifteen seconds. Also, Golden Globe nominee Charlize Theron promotes "Monster."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E66
Episode 66

Steve Martin, Shannon Eis

Dave mentions some strange advice his mother gave him about Harry: "Well, David, I think it would be nice if one day he joined a gang." Also, "The Kalter Brothers" sing "The Little Drummer Boy" without incident, and Steve Martin talks about the burden of being beautiful.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E67
Episode 67

Renee Zellweger, Darlene Love

It's the annual "Holiday Night" on the Late Show: Paul does his impersonation of Cher singing "O Holy Night;" Jay Thomas successfully dethrones the objects on top of the Late Show Christmas Tree; for the nineteenth year in a row, Darlene Love (featuring Bette Sussman and a 26-piece orchestra) performs "Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E68
Episode 68

Jennifer Aniston, Ryan Adams

Dave brings out Biff and thanks him, Paul, the USO and a variety of soldiers for making the Christmas Eve trip to Baghdad possible; in the premiere edition of "Will It Explode?" Pat Farmer throws 18 industrial-size cans of chocolate and butterscotch pudding off the roof; Parents magazine calls Dave "America's Most Moronic Father."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E69
Episode 69

Jennifer Connelly, Christopher Paolini

Late Show with David Letterman S11E70
Episode 70

Eddie Griffin, Marv Albert

Dave celebrate's Steph/Monty's birthday with a cake that reads "Happy Birthday Tammi!" Also, recent baseball Hall of Fame inductees Paul Molitor and Dennis Eckersley present the Top Ten.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E71
Episode 71

Nathan Lane, Ruben Studdard

During his interview with Nathan Lane, Dave suggests to Paul that they should perform together in the musical "The Producers." Also, Ruben Stoddard performs "Sorry 2004."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E72
Episode 72

Billy Bob Thornton

It's time for another round of "Stump the Band," and as usual Paul does his Carnac schtick; ten interns present the Top Ten; Billy Bob Thornton describes his short-lived tenure as the assistant manager of a pizza parlor; The Darkness performs "I Believe In a Thing Called Love."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E73
Episode 73

Patricia Heaton, Kate Bosworth

Dave goes on a rant about Jay Leno's appearance on CBS' "People's Choice Awards" home site, while Dick Gephardt presents the Top Ten.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E74
Episode 74

Jeff Daniels, Isaiah Thomas, The Shins

Late Show with David Letterman S11E75
Episode 75

Bette Midler, Howie Day

Mailbag: Alan gets clobbered by an angry Irishman, George Clarke takes a shower with former basketball star Manute Bol, and Steph/Monty gives heart surgery fun facts. Also, Howie Day performs "She Says."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E76
Episode 76

Dave Chapelle, Carmen Electra

Throughout the night, foreigners tell jokes; Dave and Paul play a new game called "Mars or Nevada?" then come to agree that it's utterly stupid; Al Roker presents the Top Ten; Carmen Electra promotes her new striptease-workout video.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E77
Episode 77

Christina Aquilera, Gary Muledeer

During "Audience Show & Tell," a woman from Texas shows off photos of her Chinese hairless in various costumes; Dave reads a fan letter from someone whose life depends upon "Will It Float?"; Christina Aguilera sings "Walk Away."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E78
Episode 78

Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey, Al Green

Stephanie demonstrates her ex-boyfriend's lackluster dancing abilities once more; John McEnroe does the Top Ten and promotes his new talk show at the same time; Gavin MacLeod makes a guest appearance in "Potatoes or Gavin MacLeod?"; by the end of the show, Steph, Gavin, and John are dancing together.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E79
Episode 79

Ashton Kutcher, Paula Abdul

Singer-songwriter John Mayer sits in; Dave shows footage of Howard Dean's head exploding; in the latest edition of "Pat Farmer's Gaffe Alert," our favorite film-loving stagehand points out that the entire cast of Casablanca is now dead.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E80
Episode 80

Kristin Davis, Joe Simpson

Dave does a really bad Howard Dean impression; during Mailbag, Rupert puts a ruined slice of turkey in the soup of the day; Dave chats with a mountain climber with an epic story of survival.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E81
Episode 81

Matthew Broderick, Jim Garvin

Dave shows several photos that answer the question "What's the Deal with Donald Trump's Hair?;" Howard Dean presents the Top Ten live via satellite from New Hampshire.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E82
Episode 82

Al Franken, Jake Johannsen, Phantom Planet

Al Franken comments on his trip to Iraq; Phantom Planet performs "Big Brat."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E83
Episode 83

Regis Philbin, The Thrills

Dave mentions the passing of influential late night great Jack Paar; Biff introduces his annual "Biff at the Super Bowl" segment; Bill DeLace does another Top Ten remote, this time from a nearby Starbucks.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E84
Episode 84

Harry Connick Jr., Sean Astin

Dave announces that after 22 years on the wagon, he would like to start drinking again, but only during the show. Later, he wishes Oprah a belated happy 50th birthday.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E85
Episode 85

Bill Belichick, Cindy Crawford

Dave mentions that water is not running in the building for the time being; during Mailbag, Pat Farmer tortures a stagehand with a George Foreman Grill; Dave shows a (bogus) clip of Barbara Walters topless.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E86
Episode 86

Hilary Swank, Todd Barry, Nellie McKay

Dave recaps last night's accident on 53rd Street: snowboarder Tara Dakides slid off a landing platform and fell to the pavement. She was taken to New York's Bellevue Hospital, and was treated for injuries. The audience was informed of the incident, and taping for the evening's two shows was cancelled.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E87
Episode 87

Dr. Phil, Tara Dakides, Clip of The Beatles

Dave chats with snowboarder Tara Dakides, whose accident during a demonstration on 53rd Street cancelled the taping of last Thursday's episode. Also, in honor of the 40th Anniversary of Beatlemania, Paul does an Ed Sullivan impression, while Dave shows the entire clip of the Fab Four performing for the first time in this very theater.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E88
Episode 88

Drew Barrymore, Jack Hanna

Rupert selects a 53rd Street Loser to play "What Did Merv Have For Lunch;" Drew Barrymore and Jack Hanna remain clothed during their segments.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E89
Episode 89

Adam Sandler, Eve

Dave tries out a new catchphrase: "Ba da boom, ba da bing." Also, Steph/Monty dresses up a 1980s-era Olympic hockey player, and Dave goes back to calling her "Smitty."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E90
Episode 90

Bill Murray, Jermaine O'Neal

Throughout the night, the CBS Orchestra plays songs by Air Supply; Dave mentions that the continent of Australia has demanded to see that clip of the monkey washing a cat; Bill Murray gets a "Dave" tattoo on his arm.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E91
Episode 91

Alec Baldwin, Sofia Coppola, Kylie Minogue

This week's "Will It Float?" item is a box of chocolates; Alec Baldwin and Sofia Coppola visit; Kylie Minogue performs "Red Blooded Women."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E92
Episode 92

Stupid Human Tricks, Ray Romano, Kayne West

Dave makes fun of a new commercial, and the clip is repeated throughout the broadcast; during "Stupid Human Tricks," a man stuffs his mouth with a tennis ball; Ray Romano promotes Welcome to Mooseport.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E93
Episode 93

Kelly Ripa, Lindsay Lohan

Leon Russell sits in; Dave is still fascinated by a quote from last night's film trailer ("If you need help, here I am") and repeats it several times throughout the show; Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Kelly Ripa both attempt parallel parking.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E94
Episode 94

Ashley Judd, Ben Harper

Mailbag: Steph/Monty/Smitty is dressed up as Dale Earnhardt, Jr., while "Senator John Kerry" (Gerard) brags about the perks of being married to the heir of a ketchup empire. Also, a Mongolian throat chanter performs on "Is This Anything?" but nobody seems all that impressed.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E95
Episode 95

Gordon Geisbrecht, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nelly Furtado

Noted hypothermia expert Dr. Gordon Geisbrecht jumps into a tank of icewater to demonstrate its effects; the US Senate announces that when referring to George W. Bush, "president" will be used in quotation marks; Dave shows the audience a new photo of little Harry.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E96
Episode 96

Amber Tamblyn, Brian Regan, Leona Naess

During "Audience Show & Tell," Dave meets a former White House intern; George Clarke fills in for Kiva "Grinder Girl" Kahl during "Will It Float?"; comedian Brian Regan comments on psychics.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E97
Episode 97

Jeff Goldblum, Norah Jones

Demolition demo (shut down by Hizzoner Bloomberg's office) on 53rd St. turns into Pat Farmer dropping stuff off the roof; Survivor loser Rob Cesternino drops by Rupert's; Jeff Goldblum visits; Norah Jones sings "What Am I To You?"

Late Show with David Letterman S11E98
Episode 98

Edie Falco, Steven Bailey, Edie Brickell

It's "Steve and Edie" night on the Late Show: Edie Falco promotes the upcoming fifth season of "The Sopranos;" Dave meets Steven Bailey of "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé" fame; Edie Brickell (making her first LS appearance in nearly 10 years)promotes her latest solo album.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E99
Episode 99

Diane Sawyer, Benjamin McKenzie

Stephanie/Monty/Smitty is in dentist garb (and Dave-ordered model posture) for "CBS Mailbag;" Diane Sawyer gushes over Oprah Winfrey's 50th birthday party; Benjamin McKenzie ("The O.C.") visits.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E100
Episode 100

Stupid Pet Tricks, Tim Robbins, Evanescence

Dave shows an (bogus) political ad in which Dennis Kucinich announces he's marrying Lorenzo Lamas; in an all-dog edition of "Stupid Pet Tricks," one canine says hello to Dave; Ernest Borgnine presents the Top Ten.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E101
Episode 101

Bill Cosby, Toby Lightman

On "Audience Show & Tell," Dave make his contribution to an audience member's collection of gum chewed by celebrities; "Will It Float?" sinks a tray of billiard balls; Bill Cosby does stand-up; Lou Reed capes; Toby Lightman sings.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E102
Episode 102

Anne Heche, Cee-Lo

The studio audience votes Dave off the show, so Gaines orders Paul to take over during "Survivor Loser." When Dave reappears during Paul's interview with Richard Hatch, Paul goes to a commercial. Later, a miffed (and naked) Hatch walks into the backdrop during Anne Heche's visit.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E103
Episode 103

Turkey Callers, Julia Stiles, Jessica Simpson

National Turkey Calling champs are trotted out; Ryan Seacrest presents the "Top Ten Catch Phrases Ryan Seacrest Rejected Before 'Seacrest Out!'" (via satellite); Julia Stiles visits; Jessica Simpson sings.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E104
Episode 104

Ben Stiller, Robert Rudolph and The Family Band

During Mailbag, Biff goes to bed with a guy named Cameron Diaz; George Clarke fills in for Anna Jack on hula hoop; Alan admits to a $1000-a-week addiction to Vicodin; Robert Randolph and the Family Band brings the house down with "Going In The Right Direction."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E105
Episode 105

Viggo Mortensen, Sting, Bill Murray

Dave announces that he's on steroids, then shows before-and-after photos to prove his point; Biff goes on a cruise; the outside cam finds Bill Murray lying in the gutter, a desperate and broken man; "Oprah" (Pat Farmer) interviews "Beyonce" (Kenny Sheehan).

Late Show with David Letterman S11E106
Episode 106

Charles Grodin, Chloe Pang

Twelve-year-old piano prodigy Chloe Pang plays Bach's "Goldberg Variations." Dave is almost brought to tears by the performance, declaring it one of the show's best.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E107
Episode 107

Jim Carrey, Steve Winwood

Dave points out that for the nineteenth year in a row, the WMDB/CBS Orchestra will be the house band for the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies; Dave and Les Moonves chat via telephone; Jim Carrey and Dave attempt a "talk show without talk" that only lasts about 47 seconds.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E108
Episode 108

Kate Winslet, Bruce McCall, The Vines

After two weeks of plugging their product, Dave shows a single Shick Quattro razor the company sent, and reads a very peculiar letter to Gaines from someone in the company; the Top Ten is now sponsored by; Canadian satirist Bruce McCall promotes his new book; The Vines perform "Ride."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E109
Episode 109

Courtney Love

Late Show with David Letterman S11E110
Episode 110

Tom Hanks, N.E.R.D.

Cold opening: Tom Hanks gives Harry Letterman an Oscar, and Dave accepts it on his behalf. Later, the Ladykillers star gives the absentee infant a $50 savings bond, while Congressman Dennis Kucinich presents the Top Ten.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E111
Episode 111

Jamie Foxx, Al Franken

All-American basketball player Andre Barrett throws various items off the roof, aiming towards a basketball hoop at ground level, the misses the basket on all six chances. Also, Al Franken promotes his upcoming liberal-friendly radio network.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E112
Episode 112

Ricky Gervais, Blondie

Mailbag: George Clarke's attempt at surgically losing weight is thwarted when some guy steals his clothes. Also, Blondie performs "Good Boys."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E113
Episode 113

Janet Jackson, John Mayer

Throughout the night, Columbia University professor and 1999 Nobel laureate in economics Dr. Robert Mundell tells lame redneck jokes; Bill DeLace presents another hidden-camera remote Top Ten; Janet Jackson is grilled at length by Dave on her "wardrobe malfunction" at this year's Super Bowl.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E114
Episode 114

Matthew Perry, Lou Reed

After weeks of shilling their product, Dave finally receives a thousand Schick Quattro razors in the mail, then promises to give them out to the audience. Unfortunatly, Gaines and Laurie Diamond tell Dave that the staff has already taken their fair share of the razors. Later in the show, he compensates by having Rupert, the Hi-Ho girls, and a British guy giving candy and razors to the audience.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E115
Episode 115

Johnny Knoxville, Sahr Singh, The Walkmen

Late Show with David Letterman S11E116
Episode 116

The Rock, Liz Phair

A minor controversy that started earlier in the week is resolved by a very apologetic CNN anchorwoman (see recap). Also, Dave congratulates Craig Kilborn on five years at CBS.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E117
Episode 117

Tyler Crotty, Michael Imperioli, Jim Gaffigan

Audience Show & Tell: a husband and wife tandem demonstrates a neat trick involving a yo-yo and a shiny quarter. Also, Dave chats with Tyler Crotty, the tired pre-teen who has been at the center of a minor controversy on the Late Show for the last week. For appearing on the show, Dave gives Tyler several cans of Red Bull. Also, very tall man(Paul Olkowski) gives Dave a one arm hug before he shows a "glory day" highlight from 12 years ago when he sank a full-court shot on ESPN.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E118
Episode 118

Bruce Willis, Renee Askins

The Top Ten list is now sponsored by, while Bruce Willis shows off his new, stealthy, Trump-style hairpiece.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E119
Episode 119

Jimmy Fallon, Anne Hathaway, Usher

Late Show with David Letterman S11E120
Episode 120

Billy Crystal, Alex Rodriguez

Alan brings a video of celebrity well-wishers for Dave's 57th birthday (just a tape of a fleeing Regis); it's "More With Les," as Dave phones up CBS-TV head honcho Les Moonves; Billy Crystal plugs his new children's book; "A-Rod" chats, then jacks a few balls with Dave on 53rd Street.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E121
Episode 121

Chris Rock, The Upside Down Act

Biff makes his annual trip to Spring Training, where he for the second year in a row, he and Hideki Matsui perform Abbott & Costello's "Who's on First?" routine; Jerry turns Dave upside down to preview Kai Leclerc's gravity-defying juggling act; "Dwight the Troubled Teen" makes another visit to Alan's booth.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E122
Episode 122

Amy Sedaris, Damien Rice

Mailbag: After noticing that a letter-writer misspelled his name, Paul comes with a homonym for his moniker, resulting in a rival homonym from Biff. Also, Dave kisses a donkey, while Ruben Stoddard presents the Top Ten.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E123
Episode 123

David Duchovny, Chris Russo

In the "season finale" of "Trump or Monkey?," a dancer from the musical Hairspray wins an alleged trip to Acapulco; David Duchovny discusses his son's linguistic skills; after getting bumped twice in the last year, NYC sportscaster Chris "Mad Dog" Russo is finally grilled by Dave.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E124
Episode 124

Phil Mickelson, Kathryn Morris, Patti Smith

Phil Mickelson brags about his victory at the 2004 Masters; James Lipton delivers Paul's cape.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E125
Episode 125

Megan Mullally, Eli Manning, Diana Krall

al-Qaeda takes responsibility for Derek Jeter's batting slump; Dave resurrects his two favorite Cold Mountain sound clips; stuntman "Magic Brian" eats a lightbulb.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E126
Episode 126

Andy Richter, Davy Rothbart, Mary Chapin Carpenter

Dave declares that the new mission statement for the Late Show will be "We are here for you. We'll make things better." Also, Rupert hosts the debut edition of "Stop the Pump," a game involving pumping fuel at a gas station on the corner of 44th and 10th in Manhattan.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E127
Episode 127

Julianne Moore, Robert Klein, Todd Rundgren

Dave announces that he's going to be "more dynamic," resulting in spasm-like movements by him and Paul; to accompany Steph/Monty/Smitty dressing as Amelia Earhart for Mailbag, Dave repeatedly orders to hear airplane SFX inbetween letters; Julianne Moore tells Dave what it's like to kiss Barbara Walters.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E128
Episode 128

Kelly Ripa, Jennie Finch

The theater audience is given the option of either having Tom Hanks drop by or watch stock footage of a camel on skis. Dave claims the camel tape won. Also, Dave thinks he's addicted to Bexstra, claiming "the inside of me itches."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E129
Episode 129

Hillary Clinton, The Roots

An audience member turns her hand 360 degrees; Hillary Clinton discusses her husband's book and the war in Iraq; The Roots perform "Don't Say Nuthin'."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E130
Episode 130

Stupid Pet Tricks, David Spade, Loretta Lynn & Jack White

Late Show with David Letterman S11E131
Episode 131

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Adam Brody

Nobel Economics Prize winner Robert Mundell tells "Yo Mama" jokes; a woman off the street pretends to be in an earthquake with Rupert; Survivor All-Stars loser Shii-Ann Huang presents the Top Ten.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E132
Episode 132

Kate Beckinsale, Sue Johanson

Late Show with David Letterman S11E133
Episode 133

Diving Dogs, Tina Fey, Morgan Spurlock

Late Show with David Letterman S11E134
Episode 134

Kelsey Grammar, Orchestra Baobob with Trey Anastasio and Dave Matthews

Ten celebrity moms (including Dorothy and Gerard as "Betty Lou Roberts") present the Top Ten, and later the faux mother of Julia Roberts delivers Paul's cape.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E135
Episode 135

Amber Brkich, Regis Philbin, Black-Eyed Peas

Dave announces that motorcyclist "Johnny McCoy" will be performing a very dangerous and complicated stunt out on 53rd Street, but it ends up getting cancelled; Dave makes Jerry play the airplane SFX again; it turns out Johnny McCoy can't even ride a motorcycle; Dave, Regis, and Paul weigh themselves.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E136
Episode 136

David Hyde Pierce, David Byrne

Late Show with David Letterman S11E137
Episode 137

John McCain, Tom Dreesen

Late Show with David Letterman S11E138
Episode 138

Stupid Pet Tricks, Hugh Jackman

Late Show with David Letterman S11E139
Episode 139

Amy Sedaris, Modest Mouse

A special edition of the show taped in the middle of the night. Dave arrives on horseback; vermin expert Robert Sullivan searches for rats; Dave shows footage of Eric Stangel trying to call Bob Borden from his apartment/hotel room; ten nighthawks present the Top Ten; Amy Sedaris takes a tour of her West Village neighborhood.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E140
Episode 140

Antonio Banderas, Alanis Morrisette

Late Show with David Letterman S11E141
Episode 141

Charlie Sheen, Jack Hanna

Chef Emil Castillo makes a $1000 frittata (read: omelet), and when completed, Dave smothers it with ketchup; Dave pays tribute to Tony Randall, who passed on that morning; Dave resolves a tickle in his throat with a bottle of Tanqueray.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E142
Episode 142

Kiefer Sutherland, Incubus

Dave gives Steph/Monty/Smitty another weird nickname ("Gunther") while baseball star Randy "Big Unit" Johnson presents a perfect game-themed Top Ten.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E143
Episode 143

Kate Hudons, Outkast

Late Show with David Letterman S11E144
Episode 144

Ellen DeGeneres, The Strokes

Dave claims he has a rare form of tuberculosis, and that a Dave stand-in is waiting backstage for when the time comes; Kiva "Grinder Girl" Kahl reports from her apartment in Brooklyn to discuss a recent leg injury; Gary Mintz fills in for Kiva during "Will It Float?"; The Strokes perform "The End Has No End."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E145
Episode 145

Nicole Kidman, Avril Lavigne

Dave's stand-in is still waiting for his cue; Dave demands to hear the airplane and Cold Mountain SFX again; the stars of The Sopranos perform the Top Ten; Nicole Kidman makes her first appearance on the show in three years.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E146
Episode 146

Dennis Quaid, Velvet Revolver

Dave congratulates Sid McGinnis on becoming a grandfather; karate expert Leif Becker attempts to break 500 boards in a minute, but ends up tying his personal record of 415; ten NBA legends present the Top Ten; for the fourth show in a row, the credits roll over footage of Alan presenting flowers to an unknown woman.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E147
Episode 147

Mandy Moore, Nate Erwin, Counting Crows

Mailbag: Steph/Smitty/Gunther is dressed up as Rahal/Letterman racer Buddy Rice; the upcoming cable channel "Logo" declares the Late Show "the gayest show on television;" Dave is interrupted by "Gerry the Cicada" Mulligan, who attempts to dance the Lambada. Later, Gerry is invited back onstage to eat actual cicadas with Dave, Paul and bug expert Nate Erwin.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E148
Episode 148

Darrell Hammond, blink-182

Dave announces that he's had another falling-out with CBS, which may or may not give him the justification to mock the network again; hundreds of sailors walk onstage for "Is This Anything?"; Darrell Hammond performs his best impressions, plus a new imitation of Senator John Kerry.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E149
Episode 149

Andy Dick, Bob Woodward

A 1 1/2 pound Porterhouse steak is subjected to "Will It Float?" and despite Dave's scientific argument that a dead animal would more than likely float in water, the meat sinks. Also, Bob Woodward discusses his new book and recent interview with George Bush.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E150
Episode 150

Bill Murray, P.J. Harvey

Dave brags about his Indy 500 win last week; Alan's recap of the first game of the NBA Finals turns into a striptease; Bill Murray announces that he's now moonlighting as a circus clown, wearing an outfit to prove it.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E151
Episode 151

Bette Midler, David Tidmarsh

In honor of one of tonight's guests (a spelling bee champ), Dave mentions that the most commonly used word in the English language is "biscuit"; a new game called "Cicada/Secada" is botched by Rupert's revealing of the game-board; Bette Midler promotes The Stepford Wives and discusses the joy of bowling.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E152
Episode 152

Buddy Rice, Christopher Walken, Kid Rock

Dave and Paul have a heated discussion over who would win a fight- "badass" Kid Rock or "nerves of steel" Buddy Rice; during Mailbag, Biff goes to Wisconsin to help out a law student, and ends up smashing a bottle over the kid's head; Dave tries on a racing helmet given to him by 2004 Indy 500 winner Buddy Rice.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E153
Episode 153

Matthew Broderick, Jamie Cullum

In honor of his death earlier that day, Paul and the band performs Ray Charles' "What'd I Say"; Dave sends Matthew Broderick outside to get hosed with water; jazz pianist Jamie Cullum performs "All at Sea."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E154
Episode 154

P. Diddy, Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan comments on married life and becoming a father for the first time. Also, Paul Anka delivers Paul's cape for this Friday night James Brown homage, then in honor of the retirement of the long-standing gag, performs a parody of "My Way."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E155
Episode 155

Paris Hilton, Patti Scalfa

Dave shows us another photo of Harry; Paris Hilton discusses The Simple Life and her now-infamous sex tape; Patti Scialfa (Mrs. Bruce Springsteen) performs "23rd Street Lullaby."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E156
Episode 156

Ben Stiller, Beastie Boys

To further promote Popeye's Green Beans, Dave and Paul eat Popeye's chicken and give fun facts; Ben Stiller attempts to break windows across the street with a dodge-ball, but ends up falling off the building.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E157
Episode 157

Chauncey Billups, Dana Carvey, Wilco

Late Show with David Letterman S11E158
Episode 158

Vince Vaughn, Margaret Cho

Late Show with David Letterman S11E159
Episode 159

Michael Moore, Jennifer Hawkins, Los Lobos

Michael Moore discusses his infamous speech at the 2003 Oscars and promotes Fahrenheit 9/11; Dave tries on Miss Universe's sash and tiara; Los Lobos performs "Charmed."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E160
Episode 160

Larry Brown, Sean Hayes, Phish

Throughout the night, George Clarke eats fish sticks on the roof to honor a certain band performing on the marquee; for the third night in a row, Dave shows (well-edited) footage of a guy cheating on Jeopardy; Phish performs "Scents and Subtle Sounds" and unwittingly stops traffic in the process.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E161
Episode 161

Kevin Kline, Nicole Richie

Dave announces that he and Paul will be in this weekend's Gay Pride parade; past contestant Jennie Ford plays "Super Trump or Monkey;" Ken Griffey, Jr. presents the Top Ten; Nicole Richie (reality star and adopted daughter to Lionel Richie) tells Dave how she conquered heroin addiction.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E162
Episode 162

David Alan Grier, Britton Keeshan, the Von Bondies

Late Show with David Letterman S11E163
Episode 163

Kid Inventors, Shawn Wayans, Secret Machines

During a "New Products" segment, Dave sinks his teeth into some charcoal briquets, which he swallows with mouthwash. Also, The Secret Machines (in their TV debut) perform "Now Here to Nowhere."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E164
Episode 164

Bonnie Hunt, Dylan Moran

"Know Your Current Events" is played for the first time in over six months; Dave spills coffee on his lap, and Paul suggests hydrogen peroxide to clean it off; "Dwight the Troubled Teen" breaks character to remind people not to download illegally.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E165
Episode 165

Piedmont Bird Callers, Kirsten Dunst, Chris Robinson

Dave admits that after spending all weekend watching documentaries about building motorcycles, he wants a hog for himself. At the end of the show, Dave forms a motorcycle "gang" with Paul, Dave Dorsett, and Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E166
Episode 166

Keira Knightly, Joseph Wilson

A husband and wife combo plays the "Late Show Bill Clinton Memoir Challenge," in which they must find the name "Monica" in his new book within thirty seconds. Later, Pat and Kenny recreate Oprah's recent interview with the former president.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E167
Episode 167

Ethan Hawke, Jon Heder

Dave turns on the hose-cam again, shooting water at unsuspecting passersby; during Mailbag, Dave shows footage from the new Spiderman movie (actually the classic 60's cartoon) of Doc Ock torturing Spidey with a clip from the Late Show; Jon Heder promotes Napoleon Dynamite.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E168
Episode 168

Will Ferrell, Dashboard Confessional

Two lumberjacks compete against each other out on 53rd Street, while Will Ferrell shows Dave a home movie of his four-month-old "baby" (a sports car).

Late Show with David Letterman S11E169
Episode 169

Christina Applegate, David Sedaris

The musical talents of Paul, Felecia, and Bruce are laid to waste once more on "Stump the Band"; "Fat Spider-Man" (George Clarke) presents a remote Top Ten; David Sedaris reads an except from his new book, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E170
Episode 170

Kristin Davis, Ali G

In the debut edition of "Where They Would Have Gone For Their Summer Vacation," Biff tells Dave that Charles Bronson would've gone to Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut; Jeopardy! super-contestant Ken Jennings presents the Top Ten; Dave admits to Kristen Davis that he was "watching hard" while viewing Sex & the City reruns on TBS.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E171
Episode 171

Will Smith, Jet

Dave continues to discuss motorcycles; Alan's baseball commentary is interrupted by the return of that guy who used to beat the daylights out of him several years back; to prove some sort of point, Will Smith sticks his butt in Dave's face.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E172
Episode 172

Hilary Duff, Jonathan Ames

Dave compares President Bush to Porky Pig; during Mailbag, a young, fairweather Letterman fan is thrown out of the theater; Hilary Duff promotes A Cinderella Story.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E173
Episode 173

Cedric the Entertainer, Laird Hamilton

Late Show with David Letterman S11E174
Episode 174

Julianna Marguiles, Bob Sarlatte, Ashlee Simpson

Audience Show & Tell: Dave chats with a meteorologist from Connecticut who was once mentioned on "Know Your Current Events." Also, Dorothy celebrates her 83rd birthday with a Dave stand-in and a refrigerator full of Red Bull and vodka.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E175
Episode 175

Denzel Washington, Jim Rome

Dave gloats over Rahal/Letterman Racing's visit to the White House earlier in the day; three stagehands attempt to smear a camera lens with sunscreen from 90 feet above street level; Denzel Washington promotes The Manchurian Candidate.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E176
Episode 176

Halley Berry, Maria Mena

In honor of the 35th anniversary of the moonwalk, it's time for a new game at Hello Deli called "Would You Like to Plant a Flag on the Moon?" Rupert brings in a contestant from Yukon, Oklahoma, and Dave gives her a hard time about it.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E177
Episode 177

Sharon Stone, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Late Show with David Letterman S11E178
Episode 178

Matt Damon, Carmelo Anthony, The Hives

We watch news footage of Pete Rose's restaurant being looted of everything except a Late Show t-shirt; while addressing the Sandy Berger controversy, Dave unwittingly spits on Tony; The Hives perform "Walk Idiot Walk."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E179
Episode 179

Brittany Murphy, Paula Poundstone

An audience member from Cincinnati suspends a grape in air by blowing on it; Dave comments on Krispy Kreme's new doughnut shake, followed by a fake ad for Burger King's new liquid Whopper; Britney Murphy and Dave pinky-swear; troubled comedienne Paula Poundstone jokes about her time in detox.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E180
Episode 180

Holly Hunter, US Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team

Late Show with David Letterman S11E181
Episode 181

John McEnroe, Zach Braff

With the Olympics approaching, Dave reminds the audience that he's on steroids; a standby audience member calls up Regis and tells him to shove it; Biff makes his second report from Boston; Dave scratches his chin in a borderline-offensive manner.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E182
Episode 182

Bob Newhart, 213 with Snoop Dogg

A remarkably ornery Dave attempts to apologize to Regis via telephone but hangs up on him, then answers every question on CBS Mailbag with a resilient "who cares?" Also, Bob Newhart discusses the statue built in honor of him in Chicago and then does a fairly decent impression of Dr. Henry Kissinger.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E183
Episode 183

Natalie Portman, Ambulance LTD

Biff tries unsuccessfully to interview Michael Moore; Natalie Portman talks about sleeping with her dog Charlie; Ambulance Ltd. performs "Primative."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E184
Episode 184

Rosie Perez, Greg Giraldo

Anton (still filling in for Paul) plays "Will It Float?" for the first time; Rosie Perez tells a funny story about an actor who spits when he speaks; Alan Kalter asks Dave to talk about his latest love of his life, then gets beaten up by the women's brother.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E185
Episode 185

Pamela Anderson, Al Franken

The guest chairs are replaced and Dave's desk has been altered; during "Who Asked For It?" an audience member vaporizes himself; Pamela Anderson brags about having sex without dating.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E186
Episode 186

Bill Clinton, Natalie Merchant

Former President Clinton discusses a wide variety of topics with Dave, then signs a copy of his book for Harry. Also, Natalie Merchant performs "Sally Ann."

Late Show with David Letterman S11E187
Episode 187

Tom Cruise, Dax Shepard

Michael Bearden and Anton continue to fill in for Paul, prompting Dave to ask Anton how Paul would respond to some of his comments tonight; during Mailbag, Pat Farmer determines the length of a "New York Minute" but ends up getting robbed and beaten instead; "Tom Ridge" (Gerard) discusses homeland security, then breaks into song; Tom Cruise promotes Collateral.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E188
Episode 188

Gerard Mulligan, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jessica Simpson

Dave bids farewell to longtime writer Gerard Mulligan with a sitdown interview and a clip montage heavy on NBC-era footage.

Late Show with David Letterman S11E189
Episode 189

Tommy Franks, Greg Giraldo

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