Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 8 Episodes

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 8

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 8

The eighth season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent premiered on the USA Network in the United States on April 19, 2009. It consisted of sixteen episodes, and concluded on August 9, 2009. The day following each episode's broadcast on television, they are made available to purchase and download from the iTunes Store. Law & Order: Criminal Intent is an American police procedural television series set and filmed in New York City. It is the second spin-off of the long-running crime drama Law & Order, and was created by Dick Wolf and René Balcer. Law & Order: Criminal Intent follows the New York City Police Department's Major Case Squad, which investigates high-profile murder cases.

Season eight starred Vincent D'Onofrio as Detective Robert Goren, Kathryn Erbe as Detective Alexandra Eames, Julianne Nicholson as Detective Megan Wheeler, and Eric Bogosian as Captain Danny Ross. Jeff Goldblum joined the cast as Detective Zack Nichols. The season was executive produced by the following teams: Walon Green and Michael Chernuchin; Ed Zuckerman and Tim Lea; Dick Wolf and Peter Jankowski; and Norberto Barba, Diana Son, Julie Martin, and Arthur W. Forney.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S8E1
Episode 1

Playing Dead

The drug-addicted daughter of a city politician survives a hit by black-mailing, dealer-boyfriend, isn‰'t lucky. Goren and Eames uncover a trail of deception that leads all the way to City Hall.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S8E2
Episode 2

Rock Star

When a young hipster is found stabbed in an ethnically charged neighborhood, Detectives Nichols and Wheeler enter the world of aspiring artists with big dreams.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S8E3
Episode 3

Identity Crisis

Two young brothers endure the insanity of their mother until she dies under questionable circumstances in a bathtub. Twenty years later, when the elder brother is confronted with the reality of a life he has sought to leave behind, he kills his brother. Detectives Goren and Eames follow the clues that lead them through a multitude of assumed identities.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S8E4
Episode 4

In Treatment

Wall Street hustler Archie Beuliss, is a captain of the financial industry, leading Beuliss Securities, one of the nations most successful hedge funds. He is the honorary speaker at a gala dinner when the place erupts amid news reports that Beuliss Securities is under investigation by the SEC for fraud. When Beuliss Securities CFO Frank Hatcher is found stabbed in the men's room, Nichols and Wheeler step into the world of high finance to catch an unlikely killer.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S8E5
Episode 5


When a devout, celebrity doctor is murdered, Goren and Eames enter the unexpectedly steamy world behind the pulpit.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S8E6
Episode 6

Astoria Helen

A lonely, single mother is targeted by a charming con man in an effort to hit an armored truck carrying millions of dollars. When one of his partners gets killed weeks later, Nichols and Wheeler are on the case.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S8E7
Episode 7

Folie a Deux

A missing girl, left alone in a hotel room while her parents dined, leaves Goren and Eames sorting out a completely dysfunctional family and hangers-on to determine her whereabouts. Elsewhere, Eames spends time with her sister.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S8E8
Episode 8

The Glory That Was...

Nichols and Wheeler find themselves on the world stage, untangling the dark politics behind the Olympic Site Selection Committee.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S8E9
Episode 9

Family Values

When a flier from a local Catholic high school drama production connects three murders, Goren and Eames must understand the psychology of a religious fanatic before he claims another victim.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S8E10
Episode 10

Salome In Manhattan

It's double the CI, double the fun next Sunday as USA brings not one, but two brand-new episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. So no matter if you're a fan of Goren and Eames, or Nichols and Wheeler, we've got a new episode for you!

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S8E11
Episode 11

Lady's Man

With the banks failing and public discontent high, aging revolutionary Axel Kaspers believes the time is ripe to galvanize public reaction and spark a populist uprising. With his radical daughter Birgit and disciple Mel, Axel orchestrates the kidnapping of Continental Bankcorp president, Peter Evans.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S8E12
Episode 12


Egocentric poet Jacob Garrety would do anything to keep his poetry journal, The Village Quarterly, afloat. While Jacob enjoys the advances of arts patron Sandra Dunbar at a poetry reading, his assistant Lauren carries out his wish, and winds up dead on the street. Detectives Nichols and Wheeler discover the deadly passion that exists behind the arts.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S8E13
Episode 13

All In

Poker genius Josh Snow loses $80,000 in a card game and bookie Lou Cardinale forces him into collections to work off the losses. When Josh goes to collect from Kip McGonagle, he fires the gun expecting a blank, but a real bullet kills Kip dead in the street. Detectives Goren and Eames enter an elaborate game where they must join in the play, or be played.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S8E14
Episode 14

Major Case

For the first time, Nichols and Eames team up in pursuit of a young girl's killer.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S8E15
Episode 15

Alpha Dog

A hunky posterboy with a million-dollar torso has what others crave: sex appeal. When he shows up dead after a night of sex and drugs with an elusive woman, detectives Goren and Eames uncover the sexual paranoia behind the murder.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S8E16
Episode 16


With the banks failing and public discontent high, aging revolutionary Axel Kaspers believes the time is ripe to galvanize public reaction and spark a populist uprising. With his radical daughter Birgit and disciple Mel, Axel orchestrates the kidnapping of Continental Bankcorp president, Peter Evans. However, the carefully planned carjacking goes bad, leaving Detectives Nichols and Eames to pursue a surviving member of the radical gang.

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