Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 9 Episodes

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 9

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 9

Dick Wolf's third installment in the "Law & Order" franchise, follows the Major Case Squad as it investigates high profile crimes. The cases often revolve around homicides, serial killers, VIP's, government officials and figureheads from the business and creative worlds. Unlike typical procedural dramas, "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" focuses on the criminal psyche.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S9E1
Episode 1

Loyalty (Part 1)

An incident in Somali waters has ramifications for the Major Case Squad as they investigate the death of a thrill-seeking millionaire whose shady dealings bring the feds into the mix.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S9E2
Episode 2

Loyalty (Part 2)

An incident in Somali waters has ramifications for the Major Case Squad as they investigate the death of a thrill-seeking millionaire whose shady dealings bring the feds into the mix.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S9E3
Episode 3

Broad Channel

The murder of an NYPD detective brings Nichols and Stevens to a sleepy seaside town, ruled by one of Nichols’ old foes – an Irish mob boss with a reputation for eluding justice.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S9E4
Episode 4


Nichols and Stevens investigate the death of a ballerina at a prestigious New York conservatory; a place where a love of art and beauty collides with the harsh reality of murder.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S9E5
Episode 5

Gods & Insects

What appears to be a mob hit soon leads to a secret world of high class escorts and the gods of finance. Det. Nichols andStevens soon find themselves in a high stakes game where loyalties are abused, and people will do anything to get what they think is coming to them.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S9E6
Episode 6

Abel & Willing

Happily married couple, LINDA and TED, are leaving the marina where they spent the day renovating their boat. As they pack up the car before heading home, they are assaulted and sedated by a masked assailant. Ted later emerges in a forest, confused and traumatized. When some park workers discover him, he says that he may have just killed his wife.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S9E7
Episode 7

Love Sick

RACHEL's boyfriend JAY refuses to get out of the drug-dealing business. When he is beaten-up by ANDRE, a rival dealer, Rachel takes a blow to the face. She visits a medical center and, after fending off advances from RANDALL, accepts an invitation by nurse's aid MAYA to crash at her place. The next morning, Rachel is found dressed as a prostitute, dead.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S9E8
Episode 8

Love On Ice

Check out a scene from tomorrow’s all new episode, "Love On Ice"! See you at 10/9c on USA Network. Four men who have been friends since high school discover they're being blackmailed over the death of another childhood friend. When one of the four turns up dead, it's up to Nichols and Stevens to uncover the truth behind a 22-year-old mystery. Guest starring William Mapother!

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S9E9
Episode 9


Inset Magazine has survived a series of upheavals in the publishing industry. CONNOR JAMES, the magazine's editor-in-chief, has not. His body is discovered the morning after a party celebrating Inset's 50th anniversary. Known for his blunt criticism and abrasive personality, it's no surprise that the list of potential suspects is a long one.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S9E10
Episode 10


Back when she lived in Chicago, Detective Serena Stevens brought a vicious serial killer named Elvis Howell to justice. Though he was given the death sentence, Howell's execution brought her little comfort.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S9E11
Episode 11

Lost Children Of The Blood

SARAH PRICE is a promising college student from a good family. She works hard and has a bright future. But Sarah harbors a secret - she and her boyfriend KYLE have found themselves immersed in a world of underground fetish clubs. One morning, Sarah's body is discovered in her dorm room, completely drained of blood. Sarah's father, a congressman, wants to know why.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S9E12
Episode 12

True Legacy

Ryan Foley is an enterprising young man who runs a popular local food truck. Ryan has two problems. The first is his bitter feud with the owner of a rival truck. The second is the secret affair he's carrying on with ANGELA CALDERA, a married woman. When Angela returns to JFK from a tryst with Ryan in Miami, she's greeted by a courier who hands her a key. It unlocks the trunk of a car in long term parking area where Angela discovers Ryan's dead body.

Detectives Nichols and Stevens realize that someone is trying to send Angela a message. But who? Was it NIKHIL FAYED, owner of that rival food truck? Or does it involve the Caldera family? VICTOR CALDERA, patriarch of the family and Angela's father in law, is a charismatic senator in the midst of a brutal campaign. His wife, MARTA, supports him at every step. Angela's husband RICK turned out to be quite a disappointment, a cuckold with few aspirations.

Nichols and Stevens tread carefully as their investigation takes them deeper into the corridors of power, where people will do anything to secure their legacy.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S9E13
Episode 13

The Mobster Will See You Now

Several years ago, two doctors struggled to realize their dream of owning a hospital. In order to secure financing, DR. JOEL SILVERSTEIN and DR. SHELTON SPRING were forced to turn to a friend - HENRY DI PIANO, entrepreneur and son of a renowned mob boss. Henry, in his own desire to become an honest businessman, convinced a group of retired mobsters to invest in the endeavor.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S9E14
Episode 14


PALMER ABRIGAILLE was a collector of rare books, an obsession which he clung to at the expense of all else. His estate had fallen into decline when a grifter named DYLAN WELD started to blackmail him over some ill-gotten books. When the money wasn't enough, Dylan set his eyes on LENORE, Palmer's daughter, a troubled young woman. This pushed Palmer to the breaking point.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S9E15
Episode 15

Inhumane Society

DANNY FORD is an up and coming boxer. He's young, he's hungry... and his trainer, SAL BIAGGI, believes he has a real shot at the title.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent S9E16
Episode 16


In their careers, Detectives Nichols and Stevens have been faced with many heinous crimes, but few as gruesome as the murder of HILDY GLAZER, a successful real estate agent.

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