Law & Order

Law & Order

Law & Order - Season 2 Episodes

Law & Order S2E0
Episode 0

Law & Order: The First 3 Years

Law & Order S2E1
Episode 1


Detective Max Greevey is murdered, and his partner crosses the line to find the killer.

Law & Order S2E2
Episode 2

The Wages of Love

Assistant D.A. Ben Stone has before him the case of a woman who is accused of having killed her husband and his girlfriend.

Law & Order S2E3
Episode 3


A young actress dies from a drug overdose when she realizes that her mother is trying to run her career.

Law & Order S2E4
Episode 4


A homeless man's murder conviction is threatened by questions on the extent of the Fourth Amendment and search warrant rules.

Law & Order S2E5
Episode 5

God Bless the Child

Parents whose religious beliefs forbid medical treatment are on trial for letting their daughter die of a strep throat infection.

Law & Order S2E6
Episode 6


The mugging of a pregnant legal secretary leads to a case involving her lover, her boss and charges of fetal murder when she loses the baby.

Law & Order S2E7
Episode 7

In Memory Of

When the remains of a boy who disappeared 31 years ago are found in an old building being renovated, the question is which of the tenants killed him.

Law & Order S2E8
Episode 8

Out of Control

A female college student, dressed in a Halloween costume, collapses in the street, is picked up by the police and claims she was raped by two men she knows.

Law & Order S2E9
Episode 9


A student kills his teacher's husband in order to continue an affair with her.

Law & Order S2E10
Episode 10


A deadly arson fire in an illegal night club uncovers a scam involving phony green cards for illegal aliens.

Law & Order S2E11
Episode 11

His Hour Upon the Stage

When the body of a long-missing Broadway producer turns up, it leads the police to a drug conspiracy.

Law & Order S2E12
Episode 12

Star Struck

An obsessive fan is charged with attempting to murder a soap-opera actress and his lawyer enters a plea of temporary insanity.

Law & Order S2E13
Episode 13


Stone faces an old rival in court as he tries to link a hit man and three murders to a sleazy lawyer and a powerful man behind bars.

Law & Order S2E14
Episode 14

Blood is Thicker...

An apparent mugging ends in the death of a wealthy woman but the case comes to hang on a silver pin that may have been in the victim's possession.

Law & Order S2E15
Episode 15


A youth claims to have killed a friend accidentally but this is not his first incident with a gun.

Law & Order S2E16
Episode 16


The parents of a murdered woman contest Stone's prosecution of her killer so that he can be extradited to their home state, where the death penalty still exists.

Law & Order S2E17
Episode 17

Sisters of Mercy

Cerreta and Logan investigate the accusation that a nun in charge of a shelter for teens molested a young addict.

Law & Order S2E18
Episode 18

Cradle to Grave

The discovery of a dead baby leads to a case involving a slumlord who would not provide any heat and who defends her actions by blaming the rent laws.

Law & Order S2E19
Episode 19

The Fertile Fields

The brutal murder of a Jewish jeweler appears to be a hate crime, but the investigation soon leads back to the man's brother and his shady business deals.

Law & Order S2E20
Episode 20


When a Chinese-American honors student is killed, the investigation uncovers a racist mother whose son was competing with the victim for the same scholarship.

Law & Order S2E21
Episode 21


A politician opposes the prosecution of his son's murderer because it might mean revealing that his late son was gay.

Law & Order S2E22
Episode 22

The Working Stiff

The murder of a Wall Street legend begins a case involving an ailing union worker and a former governor and old friend of Schiff's.

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