Lidsville Synopsis

Lidsville was the Krofft's third show.

It involves a boy (Mark) who goes to see Merlo the Magician at Six Flags over Texas. He is so interested by what the hat can do, he decides to sneak back-stage to find out the secret. When it starts to grow, he climbs on the brim and falls in. After a nightmarish trip through the hat, he lands in Lidsville, the land of living hats. Every kind of hat is there. There is an opera hat, which is a top hat with huge side-burns. There is a cowboy hat that looks like the old twinkie mascot, and many more. There is also Hoo-Doo and the bad hats. To help Mark out is Weenie the Genie (Billie Hayes in a good guy role). But Hoo-Doo shook her up so much, her magic constantly goes wrong.

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Lidsville Gets DreamWorks Animation Adaptation

Lidsville Gets DreamWorks Animation Adaptation

Sid and Marty Kroft's 1971 TV series will be turned into a new animated movie about a rebellious kid who discovers a world of talking hats.
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