Louie - Season 1 Episodes

Louie - Season 1

Louie - Season 1

Louie is an edgy comedy series filtered through the observational humor of comedian Louis C.K. A blend of stand-up routines and offstage vignettes, the series revolves around Louie's hectic life as a successful stand-up comedian and a newly single father co-raising his two daughters with his ex-wife. Louie's experiences as a forty-something man back on the dating scene after years of marriage creates an endless supply of hilarious, and often disastrous, results.

Louie S1E1
Episode 1


Louis goes on a date as well as a field trip with his daughters. Both go badly.

Louie S1E2
Episode 2

Poker / Divorce

Louis and his friends play poker; his divorce is final.

Louie S1E3
Episode 3

Dr. Ben / Nick

Louis goes to the doctor and argues with an old friend.

Louie S1E4
Episode 4

So Old / Playdate

Louis' age is an advantage, and he sets up a playdate.

Louie S1E5
Episode 5

Travel Day / South

Louis goes on a trip. Louis plays the South.

Louie S1E6
Episode 6

Heckler / Cop Movie

Louis reluctantly acts in a movie.

Louie S1E7
Episode 7

Double Date / Mom

Louis' brother has a weird request. Louis deals with his family.

Louie S1E8
Episode 8


Louie encounters a neighbor.

Louie S1E9
Episode 9


Louis remembers his sexual education.

Louie S1E10
Episode 10

Dentist / Tarese

Louis attempts to branch out. Louis visits the dentist.

Louie S1E11
Episode 11


Louis explores religion.

Louie S1E12
Episode 12


Louis tries to get healthy.

Louie S1E13
Episode 13

Night Out

Louis goes out for the night.

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