Love in the Wild

Love in the Wild

Love in the Wild - Season 2 Episodes

Love in the Wild - Season 2

Love in the Wild - Season 2

"Love in the Wild" returns for the show's second season with new host Jenny McCarthy, a new location in the tropical paradise of the Dominican Republic, and even wilder adventures chock-full of surprises and dramatic twists. More hearts will be broken and catfights will abound when the new crop of singles embark on their journey to find true love.

Love in the Wild S2E1
Episode 1

Season 2, Episode 1

The adventure dating series "Love in the Wild" returns with new host Jenny McCarthy ("Singled Out") and fourteen new singles who bring more drama, more conflict, more laughter and more tears to the jungle--with an ultimate goal of finding true romance. The fourteen men and women are initially paired up but in a shocking surprise, seven additional men are brought in to kick off the adventures as trios. The trios are immediately thrown into a challenge that forces them to navigate rough waters and crawl through a snake-infested well. The premiere episode concludes in an emotional elimination ceremony that will break up some teams and strengthen others. Seven singles will be sent home, leaving the rest of the teams still searching for love in the wild.

Love in the Wild S2E2
Episode 2

Season 2, Episode 2

The newly formed couples set out on their first challenge as a duo to navigate the Dominican jungle. Emotions are heightened and fears emerge when they face a 40-foot cliff jump into murky waters. After an emotional Couple's Choice Ceremony, one man and one woman are eliminated. However, the episode doesn't end there and before the couples return to their accommodations a surprise twist has them rethinking the connections they have made.

Love in the Wild S2E3
Episode 3

Season 2, Episode 3

The newly formed trios are shackled together to endure a rigorous challenge through the jungle and into a smoldering bat cave. The winning trio enjoys a romantic sailboat cruise, while the emotional Couple's Choice Ceremony brings surprise rejections and sends six women home without finding love in the wild.

Love in the Wild S2E4
Episode 4

Season 2, Episode 4

The couples set out to barter a plethora of coconuts in order to advance through a horseback-riding, machete-wielding challenge in the jungle. Some couples remain strong, while others experience heightened fears and emotional breakdowns. In the dramatic Couple's Choice Ceremony, alterior motives are revealed and an unexpected couple is sent home.

Love in the Wild S2E5
Episode 5

Season 2, Episode 5

The drama spills over from Couples' Choice Ceremony where a potential relationship was torn apart. The remaining couples' patience is tested, as they are challenged to construct an outrigger that leads them into choppy sea waters. The teams then trek through swampy mangroves and experience a close encounter with spooky tarantulas. Many contestants try to cling on to budding romances while others could not want to be farther away from each other.

Love in the Wild S2E6
Episode 6

Season 2, Episode 6

After a shocking Couples' Choice Ceremony that sent four singles home, the final three couples begin an intense adventure that will lead them through a scorpion filled hut. The couples get down and dirty on this challenge as they encounter a giant pool of quicksand and also have to dig for buried treasure. When a set of sore losers comes in last on the challenge, they also come dangerously close to losing each other. A surprise quiz at the Couples' Choice Ceremony gives an advantage to one couple hoping to make it to the finale.

Love in the Wild S2E7
Episode 7

Season 2, Episode 7

The three remaining couples mount unruly horses, scale waterside cliffs and wrestle rough waters to piece together a map that will lead them to the gold, and ultimately the finish line. Jealously flares and the competition heats up as each couple fights to compete in the final challenge. At the intense Couples' Choice Ceremony, the fate of one couple rests in the hands of the challenge winners who will choose who must leave the jungle.

Love in the Wild S2E8
Episode 8

Season 2, Episode 8

The final two couples embark on their last challenge, an overnight quest that will test their endurance, strength, resolve, and more importantly, their relationship. This extreme journey forces them to rely on their communication skills by leading them through swampy rice fields, choppy waters, and ultimately to the finish line. The couples have built strong bonds but both experience setbacks as they struggle to finish the race. The winning couple will receive a romantic first class trip around the world.

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