MacGyver - Season 3 Episodes

MacGyver - Season 3

MacGyver - Season 3

Get ready for good, old-fashioned adventure. Richard Dean Anderson stars as Angus MacGyver - the legendary secret agent whose wits are his most trustworthy weapon. MacGyver is a one-man unarmed force that can find his way out of any danger using only everyday items he's picked up along the way. The third season of MacGyver finds him doing what he does best-confronting dangerous foes, overcoming unbelievable odds, and rescuing innocent victims. It's all in a day's adventure for MacGyver.

MacGyver S3E1
Episode 1

Lost Love (1)

While helping the People's Republic of China secure a priceless national treasure - The Ming Dragon - in a San Diego museum, MacGyver runs into a Lisa, a woman that he had loved and thought was long dead.

MacGyver S3E2
Episode 2

Lost Love (2)

The KBG have Lisa in their grasp, and to free her MacGyver must get The Ming Dragon for them.

MacGyver S3E3
Episode 3

Back From the Dead

Jimmy Kendall, living undercover after testifying against his mob bosses, surfaces when he becomes the manager for a winning baseball team.

MacGyver S3E4
Episode 4

Ghost Ship

MacGyver stumbles upon a seemingly abandoned ship where he ends up finding a runaway girl and a Sasquatch-type creature, while on a trip to map out part of Alaska's wilderness for the Phoenix Foundation.

MacGyver S3E5
Episode 5

Fire and Ice

While investigating a string of jewelry thefts, a long time friend of MacGyver's is murdered.

MacGyver S3E6
Episode 6


MacGyver and Nikki race to recover equipment from an experimental plane downed in the Alps before the Soviets, who are using a psychic to guide them to the wreckage.

MacGyver S3E7
Episode 7

Jack in the Box

MacGyver and Jack Dalton are arrested in Arkansas by a corrupt sheriff who puts the convicts to work in the nearby zinc mine. MacGyver wants to escape, but Jack has other ideas: he wants to find five million dollars a bank robber left in the mine years before.

MacGyver S3E8
Episode 8

The Widowmaker

MacGyver grieves for his long-time friend, who dies in a tragic rock climbing accident. However, the return of an old enemy forces him back into action.

MacGyver S3E9
Episode 9

Hell Week

MacGyver must help deal with his former mentor's son, who feels ignored and becomes distraught after losing a competition at a prestigious university.

MacGyver S3E10
Episode 10

Blow Out

MacGyver teams up with colleague Nikki Carpenter to find out who is behind the attempts on her life. When they find out that the man who tried to kill her is connected to two terrorists who blew up a local post office, they must find out what the terrorists' next target is before it's too late.

MacGyver S3E11
Episode 11

Kill Zone

When a satellite crashes from orbit and animals start dying from a strange organism attached to it, MacGyver must investigate.

MacGyver S3E12
Episode 12

Early Retirement

The Phoenix Foundation takes on the decommissioning of nuclear missiles. When the process goes awry and an explosion kills three people, Pete blames himself for not inspecting their equipment better and resigns from his job out of guilt.

MacGyver S3E13
Episode 13

Thin Ice

While back in Minnesota to fill in as coach for a high school hockey team, MacGyver tries to change the attitude of a callous player who has a shot at playing for the pros. But when this kid's ambition lands another player in the hospital, MacGyver must try and find out what or who is pushing him so hard to succeed.

MacGyver S3E14
Episode 14

The Odd Triple

Jack Dalton wants MacGyver's help in a new scheme. A wealthy woman has just acquired some valuable jewels and wants Jack to fly her back to her home in France, but when they land Jack and MacGyver are arrested and accused of theft.

MacGyver S3E15
Episode 15

The Negotiator

MacGyver becomes infatuated with a woman while conducting environmental-impact studies. However, he doesn't know the woman was hired to use seduction to get him to skip the studies - with a back-up plan of killing him.

MacGyver S3E16
Episode 16

The Spoilers

MacGyver enlists a recluse nicknamed Earthquake to help find a person who is dumping toxic waste and polluting mountain streams, but his flashbacks to Vietnam may hinder his ability to be a credible witness.

MacGyver S3E17
Episode 17

Mask of the Wolf

Jack Dalton and MacGyver help an elderly Indian when two crooks force him to lead them to a rare wolf mask.

MacGyver S3E18
Episode 18

Rock the Cradle

After returning from a flight, MacGyver and Jack Dalton find an abandoned baby in Jack's hangar - bearing the name tag "Jack, Jr." and atop a fortune in counterfeit money.

MacGyver S3E19
Episode 19

The Endangered

After a brush with death, MacGyver visits an ex-girlfriend, Karen, who works as a park ranger at a national park and tries to rekindle their relationship. However, when they fail to stop three poachers, MacGyver and a wounded Karen are soon on the run as the men try to eliminate any witnesses.

MacGyver S3E20
Episode 20

Murderers' Sky

When the head of a American-Chinese shipping company is attacked in his office by a killer, MacGyver and the man's grandson - who is heir to the company - must find out who was behind the attempt on his life.

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