MacGyver - Season 7 Episodes

MacGyver - Season 7

MacGyver - Season 7

The final season of MacGyver has our hero moving from his houseboat into an inner-city neighborhood and his adventures take on a more domestic than international slant. Jack and Murdoc return as well as the Colton brothers. In the series finale, MacGyver's son is introduced.

MacGyver S7E0
Episode 0

MacGyver: Lost Treasure of Atlantis

MacGyver S7E0
Episode 0

MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday

MacGyver S7E1
Episode 1

Honest Abe

MacGyver's trip to a bus station to pick up his godson Jeffrey's grandfather, arriving for Jeffrey's Bar Mitzvah, turns into a wild international caper involving Caribbean terrorists and a stolen helicopter.

MacGyver S7E2
Episode 2

The 'Hood

After his houseboat was destroyed in a fire, MacGyver moves into a new part of town and helps rescue one of his new neighbors after she overhears two hitmen discussing a job.

MacGyver S7E3
Episode 3


While supervising security for a dictator undergoing trial in the United States, an overworked MacGyver is the only one who believes that his nemesis Murdoc is trying to kill the dictator. MacGyver's obsession soon puts his and Pete's jobs at risk.

MacGyver S7E4
Episode 4

The Prometheus Syndrome

MacGyver assists the Arson Squad in their investigation to hunt down a serial arsonist known as Prometheus.

MacGyver S7E5
Episode 5

The Coltons

The Colton brothers--with a little help from their mother and bulldog--seek out a witness to a murder in Chinatown.

MacGyver S7E6
Episode 6

Walking Dead

Mama Lorraine enlists MacGyver to help rescue a student activist who's been captured and entranced by Haitians working for a priest of voodoo.

MacGyver S7E7
Episode 7

Good Knight MacGyver (1)

MacGyver's investigation of his family tree leads to a head injury's transporting him to Arthurian England, where he must find Cecilia, defend Merlin from charges of harming King Arthur, and stop Morgana's attempted ascension to power.

MacGyver S7E8
Episode 8

Good Knight MacGyver (2)

With the honor of his family name at stake, MacGyver and Merlin seek to free Cecilia and stop Morgana's rise to the throne.

MacGyver S7E9
Episode 9

Deadly Silents

MacGyver tries to help an old silent film star retrieve the only existing prints of his work from a pair who come up with some special effects of their own to try and trap MacGyver.

MacGyver S7E10
Episode 10

Split Decision

MacGyver's friend Earl Dent looks to him for help when he fights to retain custody of his teenage daughter while preparing for a boxing comeback that bookmakers want him to throw.

MacGyver S7E11
Episode 11

Gunz 'N Boyz

MacGyver and the Challenger Club try to help a boy prepared to take the rap for another boy murdered by weapons dealers exploiting the fear and suspicion in the neighborhood.

MacGyver S7E12
Episode 12

Off the Wall

MacGyver battles a callous slumlord when a young graffiti artist asks for help when his grandmother faces eviction from the apartment where she's spent her life.

MacGyver S7E13
Episode 13

The Stringer

MacGyver learns that a young photojournalist named Sam is his son while investigating Chinese smugglers who are illegally importing goods manufactured in dissident labor camps.

MacGyver S7E14
Episode 14

Mountain of Youth

Jack Dalton, with MacGyver's help, searches for the Fountain of Youth in a land that appears to be the mythical Shangri-La, but also harbors a base to facilitate H-bomb construction.

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