Mad About You

Mad About You

Mad About You - Season 7 Episodes

Mad About You S7E1
Episode 1

Season Opener

Paul tries Viagra and spends the day hiding the obvious effects while he searches for Jamie, who is stuck on the streets of New York wearing nothing alse then a towel.

Mad About You S7E2
Episode 2

A Pain in the Neck

When Paul gets his tonsils taken out, his pretty nurse makes Jamie jealous. Meanwhile, Mabel says her first word.

Mad About You S7E3
Episode 3

Tragedy Plus Time

Jamie's ex-boyfriend dies and leaves everything to her. Debbie has second thoughts about marrying Joan.

Mad About You S7E4
Episode 4

There's a Puma in the Kitchen

To satisfy her need to mother, Lisa adopts a cat with attitude. Jamie learns the benefits of a "nooner."

Mad About You S7E5
Episode 5

The Silent Show

To help their communication problems, Dr. Sheila recommends that Paul and Jamie not talk to each other for the rest of the day.

Mad About You S7E6
Episode 6

Weekend in L.A.

Paul and Jamie go to L.A. to try to get superagent Gardner Malloy to represent him. The life of luxury makes them reluctant to go back.

Mad About You S7E7
Episode 7

The Thanksgiving Show

Jamie and Paul have a full house for Thanksgiving dinner. Meanwhile, Mabel may be allergic.

Mad About You S7E8
Episode 8

The Buried Fight

When Paul inadvertently injures Hal, he hires the nurse who attended to him after his tonsil removal. Jamie hates her, which leads to a fight. To end the argument, Hal suggests the British tradition of burying the fight.

Mad About You S7E9
Episode 9

Farmer Buchman

Mr. Wicker goes out of town and asks Paul and Jamie to tend his rooftop garden. Mabel loves another baby's rare toy.

Mad About You S7E10
Episode 10

Win a Free Car

To save the store, Ira plans to give away a car to the person who keeps their hand on it the longest. Since he can't afford it, he wants all of the contestants to be ringers.

Mad About You S7E11
Episode 11

The Honeymoon

Dr. Lee helps Paul and Jamie get away to a much-anticipated honeymoon while Lisa cares for Murray.

Mad About You S7E12
Episode 12

Valentine's Day

Paul and Jamie spend an unsettling trial night in the suburbs.

Mad About You S7E13
Episode 13

Virtual Reality II

The couple learns that Jamie will be in bed with Mark McGwire via virtual reality.

Mad About You S7E14
Episode 14

Uncle Phil Goes Back to High School

Uncle Phil goes back to high school. Lisa gets breast implants.

Mad About You S7E15
Episode 15

Murray at the Dog Show

Sheila declares Paul and Jamie cured. However, Murray is still traumatized by the earlier puma attack, so Paul and Jamie enter him in a dog show.

Mad About You S7E16
Episode 16

Millennium Bug

Jamie's dress is ruined by a dry cleaner who is unwilling to make restitution. Paul has a dream where Einstein gives him a partial solution to the millennium bug. He needs to have the dream again, so he can get the rest of the solution.

Mad About You S7E17
Episode 17

Separate Beds

Paul and Jamie discover the extra comfort of sleeping apart. Marvin is wrestling part time and Ira becomes his manager.

Mad About You S7E18
Episode 18

Stealing Burt's Car

Ira finds a note in some old pants that remind him of a date made twenty years ago but he doesn't remember with whom. Paul and Jamie steal Burt's decrepit car so they can ditch it, since he won't sell it.

Mad About You S7E19
Episode 19

Paved with Good Intentions

Paul accidentally runs over Jamie's mother. While she is in the hospital, her estranged husband visits.

Mad About You S7E20
Episode 20

The Dirty Little Secret

When Debbie compiles Buchman and Stemple family trees, she learns that Paul and Jamie are actually cousins.

Mad About You S7E21
Episode 21

The Final Frontier (1)

Mabel's first real film is a biography, looking back at her family's twisted history.

Mad About You S7E22
Episode 22

The Final Frontier (2)

Mabel's first real film is a biography, looking back at her family's twisted history.

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