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Mad Men

Mad Men - Season 2 Episodes

Mad Men - Season 2

Mad Men - Season 2

Returning for its second season, the Golden Globe-winning series for Best TV drama and actor will continue to blur the lines between truth and lies, perception and reality. The world of Mad Men is moving in a new direction - can Sterling Cooper keep up? Meanwhile the private life of Don Draper becomes complicated in a new way. What is the cost of his secret identity?

Mad Men S2E1
Episode 1

For Those Who Think Young

Mad Men S2E2
Episode 2

Flight 1

Paul hosts a party at his apartment and introduces someone special to his Sterling Cooper colleagues. Peggy visits her family for dinner. Despite a conflict of interest, the Sterling Cooper agency aggressively pursues an airline account and Duck attempts to appeal to the client using an unorthodox approach.

Mad Men S2E3
Episode 3

The Benefactor

Mad Men S2E4
Episode 4

Three Sundays

A last minute pitch meeting has Sterling Cooper staffers working double time in preparation. Peggy's family hosts lunch for their church's new priest, and Don and Betty have a family weekend together. Also, Roger Sterling is smitten with a client that Freddy and Ken take out to lunch.

Mad Men S2E5
Episode 5

The New Girl

Mad Men S2E6
Episode 6


Mad Men S2E7
Episode 7

The Gold Violin

Don buys a brand new car which befits his image as an executive who has "arrived." Don's secretary makes a grave error, which could spell trouble for Joan. Cooper has a new piece of art in his office that attracts the interest of the employees at Sterling Cooper.

Mad Men S2E8
Episode 8

A Night to Remember

Father Gill convinces Peggy to contribute on a pro-bono church project. To win the business of a foreign beer brand, Duck and Don try to create market appeal to a new demographic. Harry is overwhelmed with the workload in his department and recruits assistance from an unlikely source.

Mad Men S2E9
Episode 9

Six Month Leave

Freddy Rumsen disappoints his team during a pitch. Pete finds an opportunity at the office to exploit while Don proves his loyalty to an old friend. Betty finds a welcome distraction in Sara Beth.

Mad Men S2E10
Episode 10

The Inheritance

Betty visits her ailing father; Paul's girlfriend, Sheila, advises him about his civic responsibilities; Pete's mother tries to put the kibosh on an important family move that he and Trudy are planning.

Mad Men S2E11
Episode 11

The Jet Set

Don takes a business trip to Los Angeles, where he hooks up with some interesting new acquaintances; Peggy's in the mood for an office romance; Duck contemplates the future at Sterling Cooper.

Mad Men S2E12
Episode 12

The Mountain King

Don meets with an old friend. An account hangs in the balance when Pete’s personal life presents problems. Joan brings her boyfriend to the office.

Mad Men S2E13
Episode 13

Meditations in an Emergency

Sterling Cooper is in play and the office scrambles without Don. Betty learns some disconcerting news.

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