MadTV - Season 13 Episodes

MadTV - Season 13

MadTV - Season 13

Entering its 13th season, and celebrating it's 300th episode, MADtv continues to dish out the laughs on Saturday nights.

MadTV S13E1
Episode 1

MADtv Ruined My Life: The Outrageous Sketches That Shocked a Nation

Jerry Springer hosts MADtv's Most Outrageous Moments, including: Wizard of Oz - Lost Footage, UPS, Batteries Not Included, Zapruder Home Movies, Parenting Ad, Hot in Here Music Video

MadTV S13E2
Episode 2

Survivor: MADtv

Jeff Probst hosts MADtv's Best of TV Parodies

MadTV S13E3
Episode 3


Perez Hilton hosts MADtv's Best of Pop Culture Parodies

MadTV S13E4
Episode 4

MADtv's Most Wanted

Susan Sarandon hosts MADtv's Best of Characters

MadTV S13E5
Episode 5

Episode #1305

Actor / comedian Carlos Mencia ("The Heartbreak Kid," "Mind of Mencia") makes a guest-starring appearance.

MadTV S13E6
Episode 6

The Band WIth Joey Fatone

FOX's late-night laughs get "in sync" when singer / actor Joey Fatone hosts.

MadTV S13E7
Episode 7

300th Episode Milestone

MADtv celebrates its 300th episode of unrivaled pop-culture parodies and politically incorrect humor.

MadTV S13E8
Episode 8

I Dream of Jeannie

MADtv loads up on late-night laughter when comedian Kathy Griffin guest stars.

MadTV S13E9
Episode 9

Episode #1309

Season 13, Episode 9 – Aired: 2/2/2008

Episode #1309

MADtv Fake Music Video Black Friend 24 Parody Claymation: Auditions I-Chemistry Bobby Lee Auditions for Dragon Hunter II Video Game Prison Break Fake Commercial Fantastico de la Television! Criss Angel Mind Freak: Flavor Flav MADtv Encore: A Helping Hand (#1117) Chinese Toy Inspector Claymation: Auditions II-Fight Scene Sista Revolution: Alphabetology of Love Rice and Beans Tour Part IV Claymation: Auditions III-Love MADtv Classic: Stuart Gets New Shoes (#906) Show Close: Chinese Toy Inspector Outtakes

MadTV S13E10
Episode 10

Episode #1310

Episode #1310: Hannah Montana, Ad Campaign #1, Triathlon, Ad Campaign #2, Johnny Gan, Ad Campaign #3, Tragedy, Bestest Medicine, Gwen Stefani Video, Rice and Beans #5, and Neighborhood Watch.

MadTV S13E11
Episode 11

Episode #1311

Episode #1311: BBC News, Women's Murder Club 1, Auditions: Monsters, Women's Murder Club 2, Lee vs. Wild, Dream Night, A Good Impression, Auditions: Superheroes, Women's Murder Club 3, Rice and Beans #6, Madden Popcorn, Mini-Mart, and A New Boss.

MadTV S13E12
Episode 12


Episode #1312: Juno II, O, Resignation, Bike Ride, Celebrity Rehab #1, Celebrity Rehab #2, PC Description, Mofaz: Hilarity Clinton, American Idol Red Carpet, New Self-Help Book, Real Sports Promo, and Celebrity Rehab Tag.

MadTV S13E13
Episode 13

Wing Woman

Episode #1313: Sensual Opening, The Kardashians, Inside Looking Ahead, New Attitude, One And A Million, Street Kings: Hugh Laurie, Wing Woman Open, Wing Woman #2: Kat Von D, Street Kings: Chris Evans, Investigative Report #1, and Buildings: Office.

MadTV S13E14
Episode 14

Mannequin vs. Mannequin

The Pussycat Dolls: Girlicious Political Smear Ad: John McCain Political Smear Ad: Barack & Hillary Kim Jong-Il & Friends: "Yes, I Can" Mannequin vs. Mannequin Moment of Truth: Maury & Connie Fun with Still Images: VCR Repair Shop #1 Fun with Still Images: VCR Repair Shop #2 Melvin Dufrane: Police Report The Rude Jew Mattress Store Fashion Surprise! Eat Less, Move More Melvin Dufrane: Police Report Fun with Still Images: VCR Repair Shop #3.

MadTV S13E15
Episode 15

Episode #1315

Episode #1315: Albanian Idol, Show Open - Bobby & Dominic Monaghan, Domi-Lost, Star Wars Response, Johnny Gan: Superhero Movie, Barkley/Wade #1, Barkley/Wade #2, Viva La Vote, Barkley/Wade #3, New Fantasy Film, Final Interview, and Dog TV Ad.

MadTV S13E16
Episode 16

Episode #1316

Eric Violette: "The Credit Card Song"

Dr. Phil: The Spears Family

Spin Up!

24 with Bobby Lee: Dave Navarro

Fave 5: Oprah Winfrey

Coach Hines: Paintball Massacre

Fave 5: Simon Cowell

Castmate Elimination Show

Grand Theft Auto - The Board Game

Sesame Street: Economic Depression

Fave 5: Beyonce

Luann Lockhart: The Return

Commercial: Feed the Babies

Closing: Keegan & Cast/Coach Hines Outtakes

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