MadTV - Season 14 Episodes

MadTV - Season 14

MadTV - Season 14

This season promises to deliver more of MAD's celebrated "in your face" humor on the Presidential elections with Keegan Michael-Key as Barack Obama, and newcomer Erica Ash as his sexy soul mate Michelle. Check out the late night hilarity anytime right here!

MadTV S14E1
Episode 1

Viva La Cheata

So You Think You can Dance: Presidential Edition

MadTV S14E2
Episode 2

I'll Kiss a Girl

MADtv has its own take on a Celebrity Roast of newlyweds Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi.

MadTV S14E3
Episode 3

Episode #1403

"Albania's Got Talent" and faux FOX News segments on Barack Obama.

MadTV S14E4
Episode 4

Episode #1404

MADtv delivers irreverent sketch comedy every Saturday night.

MadTV S14E5
Episode 5

Episode #1405

Ne-Yo guest stars on MADtv when he plays an amorous anchorman with a penchant for pasta.

MadTV S14E6
Episode 6

Episode #1406

Survivor host Jeff Probst guest-stars and teams up with ?Coach Hines.?

MadTV S14E7
Episode 7

Episode #1407

Tennis sensation and Olympic gold medalist Serena Williams guest stars.

MadTV S14E8
Episode 8

Episode #1408

Eric Price plays ?Gordon Ramsay? in a parody of KITCHEN NIGHTMARES.

MadTV S14E9
Episode 9

Best of Christmas Sketches Spectacularly Special Spectacular

Connie Chung hosts MADtv's Christmas show, and is also there to have a fireside chat/interview with president elect Barack Obama as they showcase the best of MADtv's previous Christmas sketches.

MadTV S14E10
Episode 10

Episode #1410

Bobby Lee plays matchmaker with his castmates and revisits his alter ego, the Blind Kung Fu Master. Also "Al Pacino" and "Robert DeNiro" play sweetheart cops on MADtv.

MadTV S14E11
Episode 11

Episode #1411

MADtv Episode 1411 w/Jerry Springer: Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, Daughters of Legend, What Would You Do?, Workplace Reggae, Show Open: Women's Day, Henibana, Tips, Luann on a Date, Jerry's Final Thoughts.

MadTV S14E12
Episode 12

Episode #1412

Bobby Lee plays matchmaker with his castmates.

MadTV S14E13
Episode 13

Episode #1413

"Barack Obama" (Keegan-Michael Key) and "Connie Chung" (Bobby Lee) host a look back at some fan-favorite sketches.

MadTV S14E14
Episode 14

Episode #1414

MADtv Episode 1414 w/Cheech and Chong: Bobby Confesses Open, New Prank Show, New Everlasting Love, HSN Late Night, Fav 5: Miley Cyrus, Diddy, And Kim Kardashian, Dictionary Words, 24 With Cheech and Chong, Ikeaclasts, Arden Pole Dancing, Johnny's New Cologne.

MadTV S14E15
Episode 15

Episode #1415

Bobby Lee reprises his fan-favorite character ?Johnny Gan.?

MadTV S14E16
Episode 16

MADtv Gives Back

Fred Willard hosts "MADtv Gives Back" in the series finale, which features alumni Alex Borstein, Mo Collins, Will Sasso and Debra Wilson Skelton reprising their popular characters.

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