MadTV - Season 4 Episodes

MadTV - Season 4

MadTV - Season 4

The fourth season of MADtv aired from August 29, 1998, to May 22, 1999, with 25 episodes.

MadTV S4E1
Episode 1

Episode #401

Open- Ms Swan There's Something About Monica Keanu Reeves School of Acting Al Gore: Sex-U-Up Nerve Gas 976-SWAN Sonny's Widow & Cher Show Glen AKA Rusty Funky Walker: Vivica Fox Spy Vs. Spy: Cactus (205) Savante with Usher

MadTV S4E2
Episode 2

Episode #402

Open - Howard Stern Siegfried & Roy: Glitter on the Streets Meatbeaters Marvin Tikvah's Workout Cop on the Beat JC Penny Cookin' with Kenny and James Rocket Revengers The Survivor MADClassic: Gangsta Shop Quartet Trina at the Ob/Gynie Spy Vs. Spy: Guillotine (221)

MadTV S4E3
Episode 3

Episode #403

Steven Seagal's America Virtual Hills UBS Stud Lorraine Runner #1 Dick Van Dyke '98 Omni Bowl Lorraine Runner #2 Stuart Gets Lost MADClassic: Dentist in a Box Lorraine Runner #3 Spy Vs. Spy - Embassy

MadTV S4E4
Episode 4

Episode #404

H90210 Mark & Sammy #1 He Got Gay Nuts Mark & Sammy #2 Donnie & Marie #1 Just Between Us Girls Sir Donnie & Marie #2 Judge Magic Mark & Sammy #3 Pudding Problem Donnie & Marie #3 MADClassic: South Parknuts Spy Vs. Spy: Monkey Business Mark & Sammy - Empty Stage

MadTV S4E5
Episode 5

Episode #405

UBS Open Swan-Notized Sprtiz-a-Mist Talking American: Monica Lily: Dead Body Trina & the Baby Shower Oh, Hercules w/Kevin Sorbo The Negotiator 2 MADClassic: Olsen Twins Spy Vs Spy: Bucket Brigade Horde Now Hiring

MadTV S4E6
Episode 6

Episode #406

KISS Open/Vancome Swan Halloween KISS Action Figures Mad-O-Ween #1 Kenny Duets Mad-O-Ween #2 Mad-O-Ween #3 Stuart Halloween Mad-O-Ween #4 KISS My Parents Mad-O-Ween #5 KISS Vs. Michael Mad-O-Ween Epilogue Li'l Nestor

MadTV S4E7
Episode 7

Episode #407

Open-Coffee Guy Little Hassan Taylor Saving Ryan's Privates Johnson JeoParty Lowered Expectations: Marilyn Manson Intensity Melina & Lida's Beauty Lowered Expectations: Stuart & Mom HMO Old Man Sasso MADClassic: When Babies Attack Lowered Expectations: Bjork Bill & Hilary Aftermath

MadTV S4E8
Episode 8

Episode #408

Open-Nic Cage Vancome Game Show: Tcha, You Know What? Clinton Commemorative Plates Love of My Life James Brown: 1000 Faces Rusty: College Bowl Blades Antonia: Switched at Birth Dad Dance MADClassic: Terms of Imprisonment Spy Vs. Spy: Teatime Love of My Life Reprise

MadTV S4E9
Episode 9

Episode #409

Open-Stuart & Mom One True Impact Thanksgiving Memories --Jaq Kenny & James Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Memories--Lida & Molina Not Another Bite Snapshot Stories Thanksgiving Memories--Ms. Swan Stuart's Thanksgiving Darlene McBride's Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Memories--Sally Kowalski Happy Thanksgiving Misadventure MADClassic: Clops TOO

MadTV S4E10
Episode 10

Episode #410

Open-Shaquille O'Neal Erascists-Middle East Comedy of Riggs & Murtaugh Forgive or Forget Meet Jo' Black Mama Pass It On Rick's Dating Game Comedy of Kenny & Pappy Lowered Expectations: Denise Toby Braga MADtv Classic: Woody Allen Action Flick Close-Pat/Shaq dance

MadTV S4E11
Episode 11

Episode #411

Open-Ellen and Anne Yule Blazers A Very Rusty Christmas #1 Swan-Sharpest Image A Very Rusty Christmas #2 Paul Timberman's Xmas Workshop A Very Rusty Christmas #3 Stuart Christmas Pageant Old Man Sasso-Christmas I Know What You Did Last Christmas A Vancome Carol A Very Magic Kwanzaa Close-Nicole

MadTV S4E12
Episode 12

Episode #412

Open-Jesse Ventura Head of the Family Comedy of Steven Seagal Saturnology Shaunda-Ladies Room Comedy of Keanu Reeves Riggs & Murtaugh-Hospital Dawson's Crib Bris-O-Tine At home with Ellen and Anne MADtv Classic: Swantonia Sally Kowalski-Sports Bar Close-Aries

MadTV S4E13
Episode 13

Episode #413

Open-James Brown Spishak Razor Celine Dion #1 Introducing Bunifa Celine Dion #2 Celine Dion #3 Will's Little Sister Snapshot Stories: Nicole Lowered Expectations: Gena Swan ATM Scam Lowered Expectations: Bunifa Charlie Sheen PSA Pimps Say the Darndest Things MADtv Classic: Slingblade II Close-Aries

MadTV S4E14
Episode 14

Episode #414

Open-Keanu Just Dial Antonia Referee #1 Snowflake Antonia Referee #2 Riverboy Antonia Referee #3 Vancome Vendor Kenny's Half-Time Gap Troll Spy vs. Spy-Air Attack MADtv Classic: Cocoa & LeBlanc Close-Will

MadTV S4E15
Episode 15

Episode #415

Open-Kenny Antonia Perfume Randy Newman-Behind the Music Bunifa and the Burger The Artist formerly known as the Prince of Egypt Bret Hart Sketch Gone Bad Stuart Goes to the Doctor Wash Me Odd Couple III Lowered Expectations: Keanu MADtv Classic: C.L.O.P.s III Close- Debra/Bret Hart

MadTV S4E16
Episode 16

Episode #416

Sketches include ""Open-Rusty"", ""Magic PSA"", ""Bunifa's Dating Game"", ""Swan at the Movies #1"", ""Tres Companeros"", ""Swan at the Movies #2"", ""Harrison Ford"", ""Old Man Sasso-Valentine's Day"", ""Rocky Runner #1"", ""Cooking for One"", ""MADtv Classic: Antonia and James"", ""Close: Nic Cage/Rocky Runner""

MadTV S4E17
Episode 17

Episode #417

Sketches include ""Open-Swan Sings Theme"", ""Ally McMeal"", ""Turbohaler"" 1, ""Goodnight Dad"", ""Patch Kevorkian"", ""Turbohaler 2"", ""Threshold"", ""Turbohaler 3"", ""Change of Heart"", ""Blameless in Boulder"", ""Courthouse Steps"", ""Stepmom II"", ""MADtv Classic: Sleaze Lawyer"", ""Close- Michael""

MadTV S4E18
Episode 18

Episode #418

Open-Aries and Nicole Paul Timberman's Workshop Vancome Video Dishing the Dirt Welfare Arm Wrestling Grudge Match Stuart Photographer Son of Dolemite Spy vs Spy: Mirror over Fireplace Close- Mo Wrestling Counselor Roddy Piper

MadTV S4E19
Episode 19

Episode #419

Open-Cher Gap Tyson Todos en la Familia UBS-Jaq Stuart plays Tee-Ball Snapshot Stories: Aries & Mike Felicity Singing Telegram Erascists-St. Patrick's Day Li'l Nestor-Ice Skating Arma Get-It-On MADtv Classic: Lean Bulime Close- Alex

MadTV S4E20
Episode 20

Episode #420

Open-Swan Magic Honeydipper Dan Yassir Arafat's Party Tricks #1 I know What you Need Heroin PM Yassir Arafat's Party Tricks #2 Rusty does a Commercial Catwoman Cable Happy Folger Wedding Yassir Arafat's Party Tricks #3 Yassir Arafat's Party Tricks #4 MADtv Classic: I love Lucy Spy vs. Spy: Headphones Close-Pat

MadTV S4E21
Episode 21

Episode #421

Open-Bunifa Urge-Away My Gay Dad Fired Up Rubberman CLOPS IV-All new CLOPS Coffee Guy: Starstrucks Kenny's Testicle Exam Rocket Revengers-Super German Tammany-the Date MADtv Classic-Klumps Spy vs. Spy: Ants Close-Will

MadTV S4E22
Episode 22

Episode #422

Open-Swan & Springer Estrella Viaje Erascists-Behind the Music Spishak 1 out of 10 Melina and Lida on Springer Rosie & Howard Lorraine buys a Car Shaunda-Holding Tank Bunifa & Springer Close-Andrew

MadTV S4E23
Episode 23

Episode #423

Open-Kenny & James Jeffersons '99 Swan Noir Aussie Hunter-Crocodile Sylvia Aussie Hunter-Shark Snapshot Stories: Debra Rocket Revengers-Atlantica Rolling Thunder Aussie Hunter-Cheetah MADtv Classic: Switcheroo Close-Phil

MadTV S4E24
Episode 24

Episode #424

Open-Stuart Who's Idea was This Anyway? Shhh Snapshot Stories: Mo FANatic Donny Osmond Lorraine at the Market #1 Falconman and Birdboy Lorraine at the Market #2 MADtv Classic: R&B Meeting Lorraine at the Market #3 Spy vs. Spy: Training Camp Close- Debra

MadTV S4E25
Episode 25

Episode #425

Sketches include ""Hey, It's Ice!"", ""Aussie Hunter #4-Gorilla"", ""The Greatest Competitors of All"", ""Spore Attack '99"", ""Aussie Hunter #5-Elephant"", ""Vancome-MADtv Misadventure"", ""Aussie Hunter #6-Ants"", ""An Actor's Nightmare"", ""Lorraine Buys a Car""

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