Major Dad

Major Dad

Major Dad - Season 2 Episodes

Major Dad S2E1
Episode 1

Safe at First Base

The second season opens with the family's arrival at Camp Hollister, where Polly and the kids greet their sparse new surroundings with a "semper fi" and a collective sigh.

Major Dad S2E2
Episode 2

Welcome to Hollister

The Major (Gerald McRaney) must prepare Camp Hollister for a refueling stop by Vice President Quayle. With John Cypher and Shanna Reed.

Major Dad S2E3
Episode 3

Get a Job

The Major (Gerald McRaney) is caught between his wife and his boss (Jon Cypher) when Polly (Shanna Reed) is hired by the base newspaper.

Major Dad S2E4
Episode 4

The Goat

A reporter mistakenly identifies Robin (Nicole Dubuc) as the player responsible for her softball team's defeat. With Gerald McRaney and Shanna Reed.

Major Dad S2E5
Episode 5

First Anniversary

When the Major's (Gerald McRaney) first wedding anniversary plans go awry, his co-workers arrange a celebration getaway. With Shanna Reed and Beverly Archer.

Major Dad S2E6
Episode 6

Wetting Down

Holowachuk's (Matt Mulhern) promotional celebration is subdued because of a promise he has made. With Gerald McRaney and Shanna Reed.

Major Dad S2E7
Episode 7


Casey (Chelsea Hertford) acts like a disciplined Marine to gain the Major's (Gerald McRaney) attention.

Major Dad S2E8
Episode 8

Birthday Ball

Camp Hollister makes elaborate plans for the Marine Corps' 215th birthday celebration.

Major Dad S2E9
Episode 9

Wish You Were Here

The Major (Gerald McRaney) attempts to be spontaneous by taking the family on a trip to Hawaii. With Shanna Reed.

Major Dad S2E10
Episode 10

Love on the Run

Polly (Shanna Reed) arranges a blind date (Julie Donald) for Holowachuk (Matt Mulhern), which results in a marriage proposal.

Major Dad S2E11
Episode 11

Operation Fun Run

A hospital visit prevents the Major (Gerald McRaney) from completing a Navy Relief fund-raising project. With Matt Mulhern and Beverly Archer.

Major Dad S2E12
Episode 12

Gift of the Major

The special gift Casey (Chelsea Hertford) wants for Christmas is sent to charity. With Gerald McRaney and Shanna Reed.

Major Dad S2E13
Episode 13

Flying Solo

The Major (Gerald McRaney) anticipates a relaxing weekend when Polly (Shanna Reed) takes the girls (Marisa Ryan, Nicole Dubuc, Chelsea Hertford) shopping.

Major Dad S2E14
Episode 14

A Bird in the Hand

The Major (Gerald McRaney) wants Gunny (Beverly Archer) to express her anger after he destroys her favorite possession. With Shanna Reed.

Major Dad S2E15
Episode 15

Learning to Drive

During a driving lesson with the Major (Gerald McRaney), Elizabeth (Marisa Ryan) hits the general's (Jon Cypher) antique car.

Major Dad S2E16
Episode 16

The Name is Over Here

The Major and his family (Gerald McRaney, Shanna Reed, Marisa Ryan, Nicole Dubuc, Chelsea Hertford) react to the start of the Persian Gulf War.

Major Dad S2E17
Episode 17

Valentine's Day

The Major (Gerald McRaney) is embarrassed by Polly's (Shanna Reed) valentine tribute to him in the base newspaper. With Marisa Ryan.

Major Dad S2E18
Episode 18

Sins of the Father

The Major (Gerald McRaney) tries to make amends for stealing a watch as a boy. Guest star: Eric Christmas. With Shanna Reed.

Major Dad S2E19
Episode 19

The Possible Dream

The General (Jon Cypher) performs a special act in the annual talent show. With Gerald McRaney and Nicole Dubuc.

Major Dad S2E20
Episode 20

Private Affair

Elizabeth (Marisa Ryan) is shocked when her ideal date (Matt Nolan) turns out to be a Marine. With Gerald McRaney.

Major Dad S2E21
Episode 21

Polly's Choice

Polly (Shanna Reed) is asked to collaborate on a book with her former boyfriend (guest star Jameson Parker). With Gerald McRaney.

Major Dad S2E22
Episode 22

Silent Drill Team

The Major (Gerald McRaney) realizes his dream of performing with the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team. With Shanna Reed.

Major Dad S2E23
Episode 23

Elmo Come Home

Gunny (Beverly Archer) reluctantly dog-sits a homeless puppy the Major (Gerald McRaney) hopes to adopt for Casey (Chelsea Hertford).

Major Dad S2E24
Episode 24


The Major (Gerald McRaney) is charged with writing a speech welcoming troops home from Saudi Arabia. With Shanna Reed and Chelsea Hertford.

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