Make It or Break It

Make It or Break It

Make It or Break It - Season 2 Episodes

Make It or Break It - Season 2

Make It or Break It - Season 2

In the second season, the girls must face the consequences of going against the U.S. Gymnastics National Committee while dealing with the arrival of men's Olympic champion Austin Tucker. Their future is threatened when the National Gymnastics Organization suspends their coach Sasha.

Make It or Break It S2E1
Episode 1

Friends Close, Enemies Closer

After defying the National Committee by inviting and beating the Chinese gymnastic team at a club meet, our girls have been labeled the “Rock Rebels.” The girls participate in a photo shoot for a magazine cover that embodies a new rock and roll look for Emily, Kaylie, and Lauren. Ellen Beals, head of the NC appears at the photo shoot to inform the girls that they have been suspended from the National Team until further notice and will not be going to the French Invitational. Sasha tries to assure the girls that Ellen is bluffing, but with France being such an important meet in order to go to Worlds, the girls decide to go behind Sasha’s back and seek forgiveness from Beals.

Make It or Break It S2E2
Episode 2

All or Nothing

The Rock girls are preparing to leave for Calais, France and Chloe points out to Emily that she can't believe Emily is not going to make an effort to see Damon who is touring only an hour away in Paris. Emily explains she can't risk losing her scholarship. Lauren tries to apologize to Kaylie for the way she revealed her relationship with Carter, but Kaylie is determined not to let Lauren get under her skin. Upon arriving at the hotel, Kaylie notices Austin Tucker (Zane Holtz), the bad boy Gold Olympic male gymnast, flocked by a bunch of girls. Austin mistakes Kaylie for a fan and blows her off.

Make It or Break It S2E3
Episode 3

Battle of the Flexes

The girls are back from competing in France and Payson is not up to going to the Rock since her petition to be back on the National Team was denied. Sasha informs Payson that she has to reinvent herself as an artistic gymnast, but Payson is having little faith in her ability to do so.

Make It or Break It S2E4
Episode 4

And the Rocky Goes To

Chloe surprises Emily with a sleek custom white leotard with metallic silver and rhinestones she purchased with the first check from the private endowment group sponsoring Emily. Emily has never had anything so nice and is in tears.

Make It or Break It S2E5
Episode 5

I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me

Sasha announces to the girls that the National Committee is two months away from picking the team that goes to worlds and that Kaylie, Lauren, and Emily’s floor routines must be flawless. He informs Payson that he is going to continue to work with her as well and she needs to refocus her floor routine with a lyrical opening. She has to tell the world that she is an entirely different gymnast, one that is beautiful, graceful, and artistic.

Make It or Break It S2E6
Episode 6

Party Gone Out of Bounds

Lauren catches Chloe leaving the Tanner house after spending the night with Steve. Lauren tells Summer that Chloe is setting the wrong example for her by displaying that premarital sex is okay.

Make It or Break It S2E7
Episode 7

What Are You Made Of?

Sasha and Summer prepare the Rock to host the National Teams last practice before the team is narrowed down by the committee for Worlds.

Make It or Break It S2E8
Episode 8

Rock Bottom

Lauren is angry with Steve for funding Emily’s scholarship.

Make It or Break It S2E9
Episode 9

If Only...

Razor and Chloe pick Emily up from jail after she is detained for stealing seizure medication from the pharmacy for Brian.

Make It or Break It S2E10
Episode 10

At the Edge of the Worlds

Ellen Beals calls a meeting to discuss Sasha‘s fate now that the kiss with Payson has been revealed. The NGO decides to suspend Sasha until further notice. With World Team trials days away, the girls freak out, but Beals informs the group that she will be taking Sasha‘s place as their coach.

Make It or Break It S2E11
Episode 11

The New Normal

Emily, Lauren, and Payson, are all preparing to go to a gymnastics exhibition in Denver while Kaylie is living in a eating disorder rehab away from her teammates and family.

Make It or Break It S2E12
Episode 12

Free People

Kaylie is frustrated with her stay in Rehab, and wants more than ever to get back to training at The Rock. Maeve begins to coach Kaylie on what to say to get out of rehab quicker.

Make It or Break It S2E13
Episode 13

The Buddy System

Payson and Lauren continue to be snippy with each other, much of its due to their co-captain status and the playful attention Max can be seen giving Payson.

Make It or Break It S2E14
Episode 14

Life Or Death

Damon is having a writing and singing block in the studio at Kaylie‘s house. Kaylie secretly dealing with the loss of Maeve finds herself singing with Damon.

Make It or Break It S2E15
Episode 15

Hungary Heart

After the Rock‘s embarrassing lost to Pinewood, the lowest ranked team in the country, Payson, Emily, and Lauren are headed to compete in Hungary with a more stern Darby as their coach

Make It or Break It S2E16
Episode 16

Requiem for a Dream

Emily visits the doctor with Chloe and finds out that she‘s six weeks pregnant.

Make It or Break It S2E17
Episode 17

To Thine Own Self Be True

Payson convinces Kaylie to fight for her spot on the team and prove Sasha wrong. Austin, Max, Payson and Kaylie, all sneak into the gym.

Make It or Break It S2E18
Episode 18

Dog Eat Dog

While taking a jog, Max and Payson discover an abandoned puppy which they decide to hide until they find a new home for her.

Make It or Break It S2E19
Episode 19

What Lies Beneath

Sheila, Kelly Parker's mother continues to have an overbearing presence at The Rock including blaming her daughter for allowing Kaylie to land the Healthy Bar endorsement deal. Sheila tells Kelly that she must expose Kaylie's eating disorder now that Kaylie has made the World Team.

Make It or Break It S2E20
Episode 20

Worlds Apart

Kaylie, Lauren, Payson, and Kelly Parker, arrive to compete at Worlds in Rio. The girls are feeling the pressure and it's showing in their performance. They continue to harbor personal grudges with each other that also affects their performance. Sasha encourages the girls to get over their troubles in order to beat Genji Cho and Ivanka.

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