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Mama's Family - Season 6 Episodes

Mama's Family S6E1
Episode 1

Mama's Medicine Show

Naomi and Vint read in a magazine how it will cost 168,000 dollars to raise there kid. So they set about coming up with a scheme to make some fast money. Just then Bubba comes home feeling bad, and Mama gives him some of her "Mother Harper's Tonic" and that gives Vint and Noami an idea. They could sell the tonic and make a fortune.

So Noami gets some bottles from the recycling bin at Food Circus and they start to bottle it. It sells fast and everyone wants more. So Bubba takes it to his swim meet and Thelma takes it with her to the Church Ladies League meeting. Everyone samples some and it's a huge hit as everyone including Thelma and Iola get up and start dancing.

Alberta even tells Thelma that she's gonna nominate her for CCL Woman of the Year. Bubba comes home and tells Vint and Noami about what happened at the swim meet, his team lost every race and they sent the Tonic to be analyzed and it came back that it was 35 percent alcohol. Which closes down the family's business.

Mama's Family S6E2
Episode 2

An Affair to Forget

Naomi is feeling the effects of being pregnant and wants to spend some quality time with Vint. Who has to work late again, for the 4th night in a row. A discouraged Naomi tells Mama Vint hasn't touched her in 4 days. Vint says he has to stay late to train his new assistant, whom he neglects to mention is a buxom blonde bombshell. Mama begins to suspect Vint is doing more than just training her to run the store.

Which leads Mama and Iola to make a little trip down to Kwik Keys. Vint and Heather go into the store room to get suppilies when Mama and Iola arrive. They hear some very suggestive dialogue coming from the store room and begin to think that there doing it right there.

Right as they come out Naomi walks in with a picnic for her and Vint. As Mama begins to panic Heather recognizes her old friend Noami. It turns out Heather is Luanne's Sister, a good friend of Naomi's who appeared in an earlier episode.

Mama's Family S6E3
Episode 3

Mr. Wrong

Naomi is so happy to be pregnant at last, she proclaims her life is complete. Which gets Iola to thinking about her life and how she wants to have kids and a family some day. But Mama thinks she's too picky and convinces her to go to some of the singles events in town. But the hayride is the last draw for Mama's plan to get Iola hitched, seems it was a ride for newlyweds and Iola got bumped off and had to walk the 5 miles home.

But to the surprise of everyone, Iola does find a man and they start dating. So Mama invites her and her new beau, Burt Cooper, to dinner, where Iola makes the announcment to Mama he might ask her to marry him and she plans to say yes, if he does. Burt and Iola arrive and Burt tries impressing everyone with his magic and wild stories, but it doesn't work on Mama who can't stand him.

So Mama brings up the subject of living with in-laws, when Burt announces he and Iola are gonna send her Mom and Dad to a retirement home and the cheaper the better. Iola refuses, te

Mama's Family S6E4
Episode 4

Now Hear This

Vint installs an intercom so that they can monitor the baby when it is born. Although Mama wants nothing to do it she lets them do it anyway. One reciever goes out on the front porch, and one each in the upstairs bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, and ofcource in the basement. After testing it out and seeing that it works fine, Vint, Bubba and Naomi retire to the front porch to let Mama do her housekeeping.

Mama gets the idea to spy on them. Unbeknownst to them of course. Mama storms away to the kitchen with Iola after hearing an ear full. When Vint and Bubba get the same idea. It just so happens that Mama and Iola are talking about them and discussing what Mama thinks of all of them and how much they annoy her. Bubba, according to Mama is a pre-madonna, Vint acts like an over grown kid and Naomi is a lazy slug. Getting upset at what they just heard.

It all comes to a screaming head at the dinner table, when it comes out that Mama listened in on them on the porch, but it also come

Mama's Family S6E5
Episode 5

Tri-State's Most Wanted

Iola wants Mama to donate her sofa for the play she is producing for the pepper pot playhouse. But she refuses, until she meets the star of the play itself, New York actor, Leslie LeMoyne. After spending the afternoon with him eating cookies and drinking tea, Mama and Lemoyne make a date for the night of the premiere. Mama promises him some real home cooking.

After kicking out Vint and Naomi, she catches the end of the show "Tri State's Most Wanted" and mistakenly thinks the murderer, the program is looking for is Leslie. So when he arrives she panics and ties him up and calls the police who arrest him. This causes him to miss the play and everyone comes home after the play bombs and wonders where Mama is.

Mama and Leslie arrive home from the police station moments later. Where Leslie had to explain, he was playing the part of the murderer in the re-enactment for the "Tri-State's Most Wanted". Meanwhile, Vint and Naomi decide to try and become Bounty Hunters after hearing about the $20

Mama's Family S6E6
Episode 6

Mama Fights Back

Mama's Family S6E7
Episode 7

A Blast From the Past

Mama's Family S6E8
Episode 8

Psychic Pheno-Mama

Mama's Family S6E9
Episode 9

Take My Mama, Please!

Mama and the family (with Iola ofcourse), spend the night out at the Bigger Jigger, where there having a special $4.99 rib-tickler night. Hosted by Shecky Lewis, a broken down second rate comic as Mama says. Thinking she could do better she accepts his challenge to appear next monday night at the Open Mike Night.

Originally deciding not to go, until she hears the entire congregation from the church will be there, she then must then work up an act. So she buys a one liner and put down joke book. Although Bubba suggests she do imitations and Naomi suggests some lymrics. Mama decides to use the book and works up a good act by the time the show comes around.

So good in fact that the guy right before her uses the same jokes and scores a big hit. Which causes Mama to have to completely scrap her act and try to fake her way through. But she hits on the idea of telling about her family and their strange habits and the whole house is soon laughing.

Mama's Family S6E10
Episode 10

Bubba's House Band

Mama's Family S6E11
Episode 11

Mama Takes Stock

Mama's Family S6E12
Episode 12

War of the Roses

Mama is tending to what she hopes will be the winning entry in this year's flower show. Her "Herbert Hoover" is growing right next to Iola's "Dainty Bess".When Iola discovers that her flower is several different colors,meaning it's been cross-pollinated with Mama's.She gets mad,gives it to Mama and leaves.

Meanwhile,Vint and Naomi are off to spend their anniversary of their first date at the cafe on Route 5, but they return from the cafe,in the middle of a fight.It seems Vint made a comment to the waitress about her being small and Naomi took exception to it.So to make up for it Vint tries to write Naomi a peom, until Bubba advises him to get her a present instead.

Mama wanting to get every advantage she can,tries to pick the brain of Mae June,who's won the flower show so many times she's banned from entering.But when she chooses Iola's flower as the real winner,Mama pretend's it's hers (actually it is now). Until Iola finds out and says she never gave it to her,and it erupts into a h

Mama's Family S6E13
Episode 13

Mama Takes A Dive

Mama needs money for a new oven and decides to take Iola's advice and go to the bank for a loan. But they turn her down and on the way out she slips on a roll of pennies that a little boy was playing with. Bruising her back side and her pride.

Vint, Naomi and Bubba convince her to sue and they call Sam Small, a sleazy lawyer they saw on tv. He visit's Mama and convinces her to sue for 3.2 million, after he determines her injuries are more severe than even she knows. So to pull off the ruse Mama ends up in a neckbrace and arm sling. She does such a good job she even convinces Iola that she is really hurt.

The bank sends an investigator to verify Mama's injuries are real. As Vint buys and brings home Mama's new walker and Iola comes over to visit. Vint, Naomi and Bubba get Mama to walk a few steps for the investigator, trying to convince her, when Iola walks in. She calls Thelma "Mother" as she tries to get her to sit down, which sets Mama off. Wanting everyone to know she's not really h

Mama's Family S6E14
Episode 14

Mama Gets Goosed

Christmas memories are brought flooding back to Mama when she recieves a letter from her Cousin, who's sending her a present. She starts telling stories of what it was like when she was young and everyone decides to have an old fashion christmas this year. When the present arrives it's a Goose, which is to be the main course for Christmas dinner.

Unfortunately for Mama though, Vint, Naomi, Bubba and Iola befriend it and try to make a pet out of it and are dead set against killing it. Mama refuses to give in and continues to fatten it up. Christmas eve draws near and time for the slaughter has come.

The family leaves, not wanting to be around for the kill and returns to find the table all set and dinner ready. As it turns out Mama couldn't kill it and decided to fix a vegetarian meal instead, with the Goose as the guest of honor.

Mama's Family S6E15
Episode 15

The Big Nap

Mama's Family S6E16
Episode 16

Pinup Mama

Mama's Family S6E17
Episode 17

Guess Who's Going to Dinner

Mama's Family S6E18
Episode 18

Look Who's Breathing

Mama and Iola are busy preparing for bingo that night when Vint and Naomi come in, with Vint dressed like he's pregnant. It's all for a class he and Naomi are taking on transitional breathing, it's gives the husband the feel of what it's like to be pregnant. But right as they are about to leave, Vint's boss at Kwik Keys calls and needs him to come out to the motel and help him out. With Vint not able to go, Naomi needs a new breathing coach, so after some begging and pleading Mama finally agrees to go with Naomi and be her coach.

Mama, who is in a big hurry to get to bingo, tries to rush things along, but first the teacher's late, when she attends the birth of one of the other classmates. Then they watch a long boring movie, which Mama keeps fast forwarding to get through the "dirty parts" as she calls them. Then as she's ready to leave, Naomi tells her it's time for the breathing exercises and this is the part she needs a coach for.

Not wanting to wait any longer Mama decides to deliv

Mama's Family S6E19
Episode 19

There Is Nothing Like the Dames

Vint and Naomi finally get their own place, but it's far from what Mama or the family was hoping for, they buy a run down motor home. They plan to fix it up and move to the trailer park out on Route 5. While Mama plans a fancy luncheon to earn a spot in a high-standing social group and Bubba gets the lead in a play his fratermity is taking part in. Bubba's lead role though forces him to dress like a girl.

Mama decides to have the party in the backyard, The Dames arrive early though, and Mama forces Vint and Naomi to stay in the motor home. Telling the dames she's gonna fix it up and give it to charity. She then tells the Dames Iola is her maid. But problem is things quickly go from bad to worse.

First her planned dinner of BBQ chicken wings is frowned upon by the Dames, so Mama changes it to blackened meat loaf. Then Vint and Naomi's trailer starts shaking and Mama fears the worse (Vint was trying to gimmy the leg back into the broken table). Then Bubba shows up in his dress and says h

Mama's Family S6E20
Episode 20

Bye-Bye -- Baby!

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