Mannix - Season 2 Episodes

Mannix S2E1
Episode 1

The Silent Cry

A lip reader "overhears" a murder plot.

Mannix S2E2
Episode 2

Comes Up Roses

A missing wife is wanted by the mob.

Mannix S2E3
Episode 3

Pressure Point

An injured client disappears.

Mannix S2E4
Episode 4

To the Swiftest, Death

Mannix enters a race in which a driver is killed.

Mannix S2E5
Episode 5

End of the Rainbow

A dead ex-con has Mannix's name on him.

Mannix S2E6
Episode 6

A Copy of Murder

Part of a manuscript gone missing holds the answer to a homicide.

Mannix S2E7
Episode 7

Edge of the Knife

A doctor's son is kidnapped to force a failed surgery.

Mannix S2E8
Episode 8

Who Will Dig the Graves?

A missing wife, reported dead, is a difficult quarry.

Mannix S2E9
Episode 9

In Need of a Friend

Mannix finds new evidence in the case of an embezzler he sent up the river.

Mannix S2E10
Episode 10

Night Out of Time

A young heir wakes up bloodied and minus a grlfriend.

Mannix S2E11
Episode 11

A View of Nowhere

On a helicopter trip, Mannix thinks he sees a murder being committed.

Mannix S2E12
Episode 12

Fear I to Fall

Mannix is called to testify against an ex-con he sent up, but his time suspects a frame.

Mannix S2E13
Episode 13

Death Run

An old pal asks Mannix for help; when he arrives at the man's rural town, there's murder afoot.

Mannix S2E14
Episode 14

A Pittance of Faith

A model's suicide proves doubtful.

Mannix S2E15
Episode 15

Only Giants Can Play

A political campaign and the death of a small-time crook.

Mannix S2E16
Episode 16

Shadow of a Man (or, Killjoy)

A attempt on his life forces Mannix into a complex search.

Mannix S2E17
Episode 17

The Girl Who Came in with the Tide

An old foe's girlfriend dies suspiciously.

Mannix S2E18
Episode 18

Death in a Minor Key

Peggy's boyfriend goes on the lam.

Mannix S2E19
Episode 19

End Game

A court-martialed soldier has plans for revenge.

Mannix S2E20
Episode 20

All Around the Money Tree

Scotland Yard is after millions from a robbery, and they're not the only ones.

Mannix S2E21
Episode 21

The Odds Against Donald Jordan

A missing contractor leads to mixed motives and a doubtful case.

Mannix S2E22
Episode 22

Last Rites for Miss Emma

Peggy's boyfriend is suspected in a drug case.

Mannix S2E23
Episode 23

The Solid Gold Web

A newspaper publisher's daughter is implicated in the death of a mobster.

Mannix S2E24
Episode 24

Merry Go Round for Murder

A boarding school marked for demolition sets off a mystery involving a corpse and a quarter-million.

Mannix S2E25
Episode 25

To Catch a Rabbit

Mannix cooperates in a police investigation.

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